CSM Update Oct 5

Why are you hung up on hull repairers? If somebody is knocking down your hull then shield and armor repairers will work just fine.

hey mike, hope things are good in the csm, thanks for the update.

I do happen have a question though, I made a post to discuss the idea of a ship aura for reaching mastery V with a hull back in feb 2019 (Holistic Ship Mastery, the GOLDEN GLOW of PROWESS, and you)

I was wondering if thats something you could comment on? I thought the aura effect would be better as it ideally would stack with a skin, so we can use a skin we like and still have the glow/aura. I also imagine some folk would like to have it so they can turn it off, or not show it, as it would indicate a high level of skill of a ship when they might want to bait someone into a fight.


I truly do not envy your job, Mike.


He probably enjoys the respite caused by people yelling at CCP directly about the changes instead of at the CSM.

I guess the devs keeping you guys in the dark allows for easier “plausible deniability” by the CSM, although I’m sure you are getting a lot of " screaming" in both emails and chat channels.

Meh, the only thing worse than the glare ( yea its bad) was the old dude in the top left corner… really??? Ew?? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

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which corner would you prefer him in (correct answer is ‘yours’)


Hmmm, an interesting observation by you Mike, on the significance of three to the Trigs (the clue is after all in the name), and, more pertinently, that 27 is three to the power of three. Which just happens to be the number of Final Liminality systems. The point being is that this gives the lie to the idea that somehow the outcome of the invasion was “in the hands of the players”. That might have been true for individual systems - could Niarja have been saved, if only HS carebears made an effort, blah, blah - but it does rather confirm that at the higher plane, the messaging was a load of bovine excrement. 27 systems were going to go, whatever.

Hey ho.

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If you mean to imply that I was slow to realise, then you misunderstand. I strongly suspected that their messaging was BS - the whiff was unmistakeable - but the magic 27 puts the issue beyond reasonable doubt. Suspicion becomes conviction :wink:

@Mike_Azariah off topic but some random questions for you:

  1. Does or will EVE Echoes get representation on CSM? Has CCP indicated they will get their own CSM-equivalent specific for EVE Echoes?
  2. To what extent, if any, are Serenity players represented and/or Serenity data analyzed in CSM (eg. economy, etc)?
  3. What’s your favorite Pokémon?
  4. Why hasn’t Brisc lived up to his promise of addressing the Red Dot menace?
  5. Hi
  1. Shared IP, not universe, so no. As to if Echoes will follow suit? would be best to ask that team.
  2. I know they pay attention to it, to what extent or how exactly I do not know.
  1. toss up between Gyrados and Onyx
  2. He does address it, todays meeting with CCP was unusual in that @Brisc_Rubal did NOT mention it. First time for everything, I suppose.
  1. 'lo



So, how are the CSM meetings going? Are you and Brisc loving the bond you now share with CCP?

I taught for 30 odd years (some of them very odd)

I am a survivor of staff meetings and professional development and parent teacher conferences. I was a union rep for the our staff for many years. The meetings are just that, meetings. At times we discuss upcoming changes or the effects current changes have had.

Some CSM have personal crusades that they champion (for me it is, of course, the NPE) and they ride out to do battle whenever possible. Others may not have a specific cause but they give good advice and commentary from their various viewpoints (the CSM do not always agree on which view is correct, mind you)

They are meetings. We discuss the game and I keep trying to help make it better, in my own way. But to tell the truth it is, at times, just like any other meeting. Focusing on minutiae or trying to see the overall plan and what the future holds.

My biggest fear is that the world wide pandemic will preclude the summits completely for this term. SO MUCH gets done in those few days of face to face meeting with teams and the evenings social gatherings. Face to face is always better. Even for meetings.



I make my living flying around the world to have meetings. 2020 has been very weird for me, just staying home and having calls. The only reason it has worked is because I had all those meetings last year, so I still have a good idea of who I am working with.

You have my deepest respect. I just don’t know what else to say…

Sometimes it feels like the CSM is entirely focused on improving the game for a specific kind of player – lowsec PvP fanatics, Nullsec alliances.

I just returned from the game after a 6 year hiatus, and found that a) there has not been a single PvE mission added in the last ten years, b) Triglavian vs Edencom PvP events make formerly safe systems lowsec and c) the worst “Halloween event” I’ve ever seen makes all the gankers come to highsec, effectively locking me out of the game for a week.

I wish CCP and the CSM would occasionally, for a minute, think about casuals and carebears, and not focus exclusively on making the game more enjoyable for the highly specific kind of players who are likely to be interested in things like a CSM. (Or, if you don’t want us to keep playing, just ■■■■■■■ say so. Plenty of the elitist pirate morons have told me “you have to PvP in Eve, else you can GTFO”; returning to the game and seeing the PvE content unchanged and all this new crap added makes me suspect that “PvP or GTFO” is now CCP’s official design policy :frowning:

CSM doesn’t get to tell CCP what to work on. They can only try to make player priorities and concerns known. Of course, a CSM dominated by one particular play style will probably advocate more for the concerns of that play style, than for others. But better representation is another can of worms.

Regardless, CCP has casually mentioned doing a complete rework of the missioning system. So, my guess is that they don’t want to add content that might get scrapped later.

Well, you could get in on the fun. But even if you only want to PvE, you still don’t have to turtle up. You can:

  • Fit all T2 (or a minimal amount of bling) in order to keep your potential loot drop as low as possible
  • Fit an extra tanking mod in order to increase your buffer (i.e. an extra plate or LSE). Yes, you might lose a little efficiency, but it can go a long way towards making you an unatractive gank target
  • Fly a HAC with an Assault Damage Control (new item that can only be fit on HAC’s and assault frigs. Passive resists are slightly less than a regular damage control, but can provide 40% resists for 13.5s when activated. Might not seem like a long time, but will make a huge difference to the number and isk cost of the ships required to gank you).
  • Avoid systems and regions with high ganker activity.
  • Stick to higher sec status systems when possible

You could get frustrated and log off when faced with an obstacle, or you could look at it as a problem to be solved and a challenge to be overcome. Personally, I think there’s more fun and profit to be had in the latter option.

The opinions of those idiots are not representative of many players, the CSM, or CCP. Personally, I think casuals and carebears are extremely important to the game, and I’d bet money that CCP thinks the same. And, if nothing else, they want to keep you around because you give them money. All that being said, this is a PvP centric game. If you are fine with that, then keep playing. If not, then maybe you should look for a PvE focused game, or a game with PvE focused servers.

CCP has actually made a crap ton of PvE changes and additions. Unfortunately , you missed invasions, and I’m not sure you’ll care for many of the other changes, but you might like the Abyss.