CSM Presentations

In the CSM 17 Meeting Summary post, it is noted that there was a CSM presentations regarding Indy and Ecosystem.

Is there any chance that CSM or CSMs could put these out for public viewing?

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My entire presentation was:

“Roll all the industry changes back to 2019. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.”

That is literally all I said.


The best, and most informative TED talk ever!


But if they do, they need to kill of all the mined null sec/low sec gas or else it will obliterate the drug market for years.

But if they do that and killed off my stockpiles which I have mined specifically for drug production, they would kill me.

Yay for this can of worms that Rattati and Psych created for no good reason other than CCP’s laziness.

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Angry and Kenneth had a more extensive topic that most of us gave the nod on.

I specifically asked for isogen to be out of t1 frigates, especially the venture, so that you can mine all frigate materials in highsec.

I also asked for high value ore anomalies to be returned to all space. These were the random spawning ones that people would have to chase for little jewels in space.


seems a plan!

go for it

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