Reprocessing ships!

I want the CSMs to ask CCP what HECK they have done to reprocessing ships!?

If you reprocess battlecruisers you no longer get megacyte, zydrine, nocxium or isogen from reprocessing them!

I would like a very clear answer from one of the CSMs or CCP.

@Brisc_Rubal @Mike_Azariah

I’ve noticed a similar effect on the reprocessing of capital components and ships. I guess for those CCP didn’t want you to be able to print the newly required parts?

When did this change?

@Brisc_Rubal I am not sure, I checked today and I could not longer get all the minerals on Battlecruiser. I know I got all the resources before the BPO changes as I reprocessed about 6K ships in the week leading up to the BPO changes.

I am pretty sure this is how this has been since April, and the change was part of the industry rebalance, but I’m trying to confirm.

@Brisc_Rubal if CCP meant for this happen, why would the other minerals still be needed to build battlecruisers?

I think CCP has over looked something or changed something last minute.

The last time you reprocessed was months ago, right? That’s when the BPO changes went through. I’m pretty sure this was intended, but I am asking the guys to look at it to make sure nothing changed recently.

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The spreadsheet for the industry patch in April clearly shows no high end minerals for BC. It does have them for Cruisers and BS, so it may be a mistake - Brisc and I have asked, but for now it is working as intended and as communicated in the dev blog for the April patch.

@Kenneth_Feld if you can not reprocess BC and get all the materials. Then why do you have to use those materials to build it?

@Brisc_Rubal Yes it would have been right before the BPO changes. So the day before the BPO changes went live.

The same reason when you build all kinds of stuff you don’t get the stuff you put in it back…reprocessing stopped being 100% in 2016

CSM has been told this is working as intended - it matches what was in the dev blog and patch notes.

That would only make sense if he was trying to reprocess something that needed one of the mineral though, since the rate is supposed to be 50% base and round down.

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This was a concious decision based on the answer we got when the CSM (Brisc and myself) asked CCP and in game it clearly shows the reprocessed materials. As to why they chose BC to not give back high ends - I do not know.

Look either CCP needs to remove the other minerals to build the BCs or give us the other minerals when we reprocess the BCs or CCP needs to PUT A HUGE note on the Scrapmetal Processing skill.(oh this skills works on everything but BCs because we want to screw you over)

I am getting really tired of CCP’s BS. They are not being clear about why things are happening or every what is the driving force behind these changes. I am tell you that CCP is driving players from this game with this BS.


Nothing is balanced right now. They have set up the game in such a way that materials are meant to be draining out of the game.

The only thing CCP has drained is players wanting to be customers. I hope that CCP has also drained their wallets with all this BS. I personally am getting tired of CCP BS after two years of it and nothing positive.

Scarcity is what got me back into the game. It had been close to a decade since I had ccp doing something positive for the have knowing it would be negatively revived by large numbers of the players.

Then they went and change the skill and character ui that no one asked for and everyone begged them not to push through the second we saw it on sisi.

Well they got you in the game and lost 18-25% of the player base.

Time to start talking with our wallets.

yes a predictable outcome. Like I said it was something I had to respect. The risked a good deal of money in order to ensure the health of the game in the long run. Somethin I had thought CCP forgot how to do.

CCP were INCREDIBLY clear - the reprocessing was clearly listed on the spreadsheet during the patch and in the dev blog and also clearly listed on the item in game.

I get that you don’t like the “Feature” or the materials given back for reprocessing - but that is a FAR FAR cry from CCP not being “CLEAR” in this case they were Crystal Clear.