Scrapmetal reprocessing idea

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Like some of the pve players out there I loot all the stuff from rat wrecks. most of the loot I reprocess into minerals but noticed that its always 50 % without the scrap metal reprocessing skill ( which sets it to 55%). still it looks not much considering the boost the ores and ice reprocessing bonuses gained from refinery structures and implants, I think the scrap and modules reprocessing needs to get some love too, Rather it is a bonus to the skill itself, structures or modules that increases it, that would be greatly appreciated.

Considering how much effort CCP put in limiting supply of minerals. They won’t boost gun mining.

The relative value of scrapmetal reprocessing has jacked up immensely - there is literally no need to boost them further.


You used to be able to get much higher yields from reprocessing mods and loot. So much so that it detracted from actual mining.

It makes sense that the primary source of materials in the game be mining itself. Couple that with the desire to restrict the sources of some minerals to certain areas of the game, your proposal would actually run counter to the direction CCP want to take the game by making all minerals accessible everywhere, again.

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I am skeptical of this. Mining is the worst part of Eve. It would be nice if it could just be removed.

It doesn’t have the depth of other gameplay, but I like mining. It’s semi-relaxed gameplay that puts players in space where they can be shot. I feel the same about hauling.

Reprocessing loot drops just became the only way to locally acquire the full range of core minerals without player trading.

And you want it buffed?

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yes :smiley:

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