Scrap metal processing

(Inovrin Tain) #1

This skill needs a serious buff, especially considering its onerous prerequisites (I’m looking at you Metallurgy V). I understand the historical reasons for not having 100% reprocessing efficiency vis-a-vis high-sec to null-sec ore moving, but a maximum possible 55% is not reasonable. At least doubling the bonus to 4% per level would, in my opinion, be a reasonable buff given the training time required. A maximum possible 60% efficiency seems more reasonable to me. What do you all (including devs) think ?

(Memphis Baas) #2

This skill has been nerfed in the past, specifically to reduce the quantity of minerals produced from reprocessing junk loot. Turns out it was a problem; mission runners and 0.0 ratters generated so much mineral wealth, that nobody was mining. Also, with level 4 missions giving random loot, and certain loot reprocessing to zydrine / megacyte, High-Sec manufacturing no longer needed 0.0 ores to be mined at all.

CCP nerfed the skill to where it’s not even worth training now, and also at the same time nerfed the loot drops to give a lot more Metal Scraps, rather than “junk” meta 0 - 2 loot. I guess they felt strongly about the issue.

It’s been a few years and no revision to the loot system, so I guess they still feel strongly about it.

(Zircon Dasher) #3

If 55% is not reasonable then what are the reasons for it being more? What, in the grand scheme of things, would 60% do that 55% does not do?

(Max Deveron) #4

55% is fine as it is…

On a daily basis i can get 10k-13k zydrine out of rat loot…
Off the top of my head i dont remember the megacyte levels

(DeMichael Crimson) #5

Let’s not forget they also nerfed the amount of wrecks holding loot on top of that.

(Dinsdale Pirannha) #6

This was part of CCP’s acquiescence to the RMT cartels’ demands to wipe out high sec income. The other part was buffing null sec income to insane levels.

Clearly, that plan has worked out beautifully. Have you seen the cratered PCU?

(Inovrin Tain) #7

I’m just shocked at all the skills and training needed (reprocessing V, reprocess efficiency V, metallurgy V) to then finally train the one skill (scrap metal processing) that actually improves things and it’s a 5x with only gaining an extra 5% (absolute, not relative) at lvl V. I analyze numbers and trends all day, and I really think an extra 10% absolute is more reasonable and fair. 60% final maximum reprocessing yield is, for lack of a better term, psychologically important. I strongly believe it’s a reasonable and fair and modest improvement.

(Eternus8lux8lucis) #8

OP has a point. But not on the repro levels, those are fine but on the training time multipliers and skill time needed to get that through prereqs and skill time. They arent justifiable any longer since the nerf and should be addressed.

Dropping the prereqs would help a lot, even metallurgy L4 would do the trick rather than L5 as well as repro eff L4 only. Wouldnt need to reimburse skill points or anything. They did it for the anchoring/POS gunner and for the weapon upgrades/adv weapon upgrades. That sort of a change wouldnt inconvenience those that have it and would make training even a few more % bearable.

Would drop the entire skill tree to a few days to a week to get into the skill. But still a month and a half to max.

(Chainsaw Plankton) #9

The base reprocessing rate is 50% Having Scrapmetal Processing at 5 gives a 10% bonus to that bringing it up to 55%. And typical loot is meta stuff which doesn’t reprocess for much anyways. To move quantities of minerals you can use ore compression. I don’t really see any reason for a change.

Highsec still makes a ton of money, and anyways loots so worthless would it really make a difference? yall need some tinfoil hats

(DeMichael Crimson) #10

Actually brother, you need to take your tinfoil hat off. High sec doesn’t make crap for ISK now. I remember being able to easily make 75 to 100 mill per hr in high sec. Now you’re lucky to even make 1/4 of that.

For years I’d always loot and salvage all wrecks, at least 3/4 of the wrecks always contained loot and my Noctis would do double trips to clear the field. Then scrap metal was added, then meta 0 mods were removed, then other mods were replaced with scrap metal, then the amount of wrecks holding loot was reduced. Over that period of time I started bypassing small hull wrecks and only concentrated on mid and large size wrecks.

Now only 1/3rd of the wrecks hold loot and out of those wrecks only 1/4 of them actually contain modules. I no longer loot and salvage all wrecks anymore. I only clean up large mission sites now and since there’s rarely any loot available, my combat ship can gather it all into cargo while Salvage Drones work. Now my Noctis mostly sits in station collecting dust thanks to CCP nerfing that profession 6 feet into the ground.

Over the past half decade CCP has basically killed off all of the non combatant specialized professions that were once viable career paths in this game. No wonder the player log in numbers keep dropping.

(Ramona McCandless) #11

What a pile of woe-is-me toss.

(DeMichael Crimson) #12

Yes you are indeed.

(Eternus8lux8lucis) #13

That CCP has repeatedly nerfed many lines of professions in high sec is very true. Theyve tried to push people to null for the “experience” and all. In the end its their game, not ours, to do with as they please. We vote with our wallets in the end and our time.

Tbh I still find all areas of space to be highly profitable. But not if you stick with only a few things or worse yet one thing. Then you end up feeling the nerf bat soon enough. Ive always enjoyed playing because I enjoy it, not cuz I can multibox 50 rorquals and make super rich isk, or print 200mil ticks in supers. Sure a lot of isk is nice but not that nice.

I had a convo with an old friend of mine. He asked me how much isk was too much/enough? I answered theres is a point beyond which I dont want nor need more, he disagreed and was of the mind that no amount of isk was enough. Ive never been that way even in real life and still shake my head at the thought that people need to have so much all the time. I want to be a kid; I run because I want to and love it, I stop because I choose too, I dream and play because its fun and I stop when its not. To dream and dare and play because of the pure joy of playing. For me this is what games, and as an extension, life is about. Joy.

Most wont see it that way. I understand that. I lament it. I laugh at CCPs nerfs and buffs. I laugh at players whining and complaining and praising of said. I laugh at the arguments and try to enjoy it all for if only a drunken moment before my ship explodes. And then I laugh some more.

I need another beer… u get off easy today!!:smiling_imp:

(c4binfever) #14

I have scrapping on my list of skills I want this year, and I agree the requirements are too high. I have to put a bunch of SP into refining skills just to unlock scrap metal. This is the only thing I would like to see changed.

I dont think the skill needs a buff or anything It’s pretty generous at 55%.

(Dracvlad) #15

This is totally spot on and a fact based post and anyone referring to it as tinfoil or defining it as whining or moaning needs to look at themselves. I used to do belt rats in Stain, would gather up the modules and also salvage and this stopped that dead, as well as killing it for mission runners in hisec which I also used to do.

(Ramona McCandless) #16

Given I’m not the one crying about something I know nothing about that would seem unlikely.

Which came first, the Noctis or the Scrap?

(Dracvlad) #17

Stop trolling! And it is pretty obvious you know nothing about this…

(Ramona McCandless) #18

Awk. You always spoil my fun.

Though I am pretty sure scrap DID exist before Nocti.

(Dracvlad) #19

I am pretty sure that scrap metal did appear before the Noctis too, but still, what he says is right in terms of the attitude of CCP, though this was also based around the additional materials they added to stop people making profit out of mineral requirements for certain ships. and of course people using certain items to move minerals easier. But they really screwed over people like me who did that sort of thing for fun, used to have some nice conflict over prime ratting belts in Stain and that went…

(Ramona McCandless) #20

And all messing aside, I agree.