You ante getting rich (mining)

(Piugattuk) #1

So there’s been some discussion about mining and profitability, just spent ~7 hours of mining and this is my numbers;

Orca + boost + mining drone II ×5
Procurer (defense fit), no mining drones

7 hours of mining Plagioclase, Pyroxeres, Veldspar =109,000,000 ISK~ market value after compression.

This works out to 15,571,478 + change ISK per hour
Or 259,524 ISK per min (60 min ÷), does not take into account each time you burn a booster charge ~725 ISK per min which while not a lot does count.

Cargo mission lvl 4

Badger (cargo fit)
3 × cargo expander rigs
4 × type D inertial stabilizers
Mids to taste.

189,000 ISK pay
795 LP
139,000 bonus time pay
= 328,000 ISK + LP use LP for Caldari BY-1 Nexus chip…500 LP, sell to market in Jita 574,999 ISK (lowest priced), highest immediate buy 250,000 ISK =578,000 ISK
Depending on mission this 1 jump mission took 1:45 sec undock to dock, as an alpha clone your best opportunity for ISK instead of mining is to work your way up to lvl 4 cargo missions.

(Nana Skalski) #2

That is what bots already do in high sec, instead of mining.

(Piugattuk) #3

Definitely, I see bots docking and undocking all the time, but that is CCP’s thing to deal with, I just do my thing in game and not worry about my neighbors.

(Karl Poljus) #4

Joining null corp and salvaging after vexors/carriers or joining FW and plexing beats both. And you need much less time and effort for that too.

(Piugattuk) #5

Absolutely, I agree, did this because just wanted to point out that mining isn’t buffed to crazy ISK, there are better ways to ISK then mining, people mine for their own reasons.

(Do Little) #6

Before Ascension I used to mine with 2 Skiffs. One pilot has a mindlink so I got a 15% passive boost and both had T2 mining drones so I was getting 4 loads/hour/ship - roughly 25 million ISK/hour. With an EHP just under 100K I wasn’t too worried about gankers - there are lots of easier targets. I used the minerals in my business and because mining really doesn’t require maintaining high situational awareness, I was able to multitask and get a lot of my other industry work done at the same time. It worked well for me.

With Ascension, we lost the passive boosts and I haven’t undocked a mining barge since.

(Nana Skalski) #7

Because you had to jump into rorquals with all alts you could muster for that. Like CCP designed.

To then nerf them.

(Max Deveron) #8

I have said it before, and I will say it again…

mining and just mining alone for profit…is a fail and 1 of many ways to play EvE wrong, unless your a bot

(Piugattuk) #9

Well there are quite a few who think otherwise sadly, as foghorn leghorn says I keep pitching em and they keep missing.

Honestly I cannot believe that others are that obtuse, I think it’s just people looking to ruin things for others.

(Coralas) #10

You are all packed into highsec mining the same overfished resources.

As an aside, I used a covetor and a porpoise to mine 1b isk of loparite in a bit over 4 hours.

(Piugattuk) #11

Excellent, and I absolutely wish you the best, we all go in game where it suits us best, so if you are making 1 billion + and I doing 109 million in 7 hours that means I’m not even doing 1/10 what you make in dull space, no need to nerf high sec mining I’d say.

(Kathern Aurilen) #12

I seen calculations that show 2 Producers out mine 1 and an orca

(Max Deveron) #13

Yep, ok…i made 13 Billion on Friday…with mining in highsec :slight_smile:

(Mayhaw Morgan) #14

Bots are smart.

(dave3NG) #15

ante is not aren’t, but cool story bro

(Agondray) #16

yeah but I can never find work on my alpha because the supers clean their own messes ontop of their 200m+ ticks

(Karl Poljus) #17

It would actually reduce their tickrate so i seriously doubt that.

(Khan Wrenth) #18

I’m going to guess the cleanup is done with a dedicated salvage alt; not the character sitting in the capital. In that event, it’s perfectly reasonable for someone to salvage behind themselves. The money paid out from the ratting would easily cover the plex-ing cost of a salvager alt many times over.

(Rocket Hellfire) #19

Rorq with T2 indy core. Alone, you will piss in your pants when you see the ISK flow… no, avalanche in.

Add a few hulks fit for yield… you will piss in your corp mates pants, and after a month you will be playing Eve for free for life.

(Karl Poljus) #20

What’s the point though? They have to spend a lot of time salvaging with that alt to compensate its plexing alone, not to mention profitability.