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What’s up,

I’m a returning Vet (been out cold for two+ years). I’m about to reactivate my main and an Alt.
Background, I used to be quite heavy into PVE, dabbled in mining, and Trade. Both my alts are specced for these trades.

I haven’t really gone too deep into trading. Although I wouldn’t mind going back to the PVE/Mining grind, I’m curious about the trading. I’ve liquidated my junk, and have about 1.5 bill to work with and a dedicated (trained) Trading alt.

Although the game has moved forward since I left, I’ve noticed that the changes are mainly UI - Gameplayloop - UI. But the underlining principles of EVE are still the same, so my skills and past knowledge of the game are still relevant.

Would you recommend the Trading route over PVE/Mining?

Thanks for the feedback,

Fly Safe

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For what?
Like, what is your end goal here?

I would suggest you use the ISK to buy ships, get into a fleet and blow up some “enemies” and get blown up yourself.


New experience (learning opportunity), while making ISK
I don’t mind it being passive.

Either then. Like, that’s such a vague response I don’t know how to help you.

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OP, I definitely recommend trading over mining, although you might want to supplement that with a bit of PvE income. Low-sec anomalies in a dead area or abyssal sites are good options.

The beautiful thing about trading is that there’s no limit to how much you can scale up your income. Mining has a very set amount you can make per hour. Combat PvE has the potential for nice drops, but your overall income is in a range. But trading is limitless.

Definitely avoid mining, though. Just go ahead and extract all that useless SP and put it into something more useful, like support skills and prerequisites. Unless you can AFK-mine on an alt while doing more interesting things on your main, of course. Just make sure to use a barge with a LOT of EHP.

While generally speaking that is something everyone should do to at least some extent, it doesn’t really help the OP in terms of sustainability. He will buy ships, lose them, and not have any money left. Then what? Mining in a Venture to build back up? There has to be balance involved.


If you go the mining route, make sure you always have a valid mining permit and follow the Code.

I’m not sure how viable trading still is since the 0.01 ISK changes are gone.

I would recommend to not engage in any of that though and actualy play the game by shooting some players.

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Once again…

Very few players are on a level where they can actually turn a reasonable profit from PvP. Even at the peak of my mercenary and extortion career (which isn’t particularly viable anymore), I still only made a moderate amount of money, despite a very high efficiency level.

Ganking aside (which is an alt activity anyway, and heavily competitive these days), how’s the OP supposed to fund being able to shoot other players?

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Damn, you guys still alive and kicking. Good to hear.
aven’t been ganked by CODE (yet)… always ran high EHP with remote rep when i used to mine full time.

Was never “Important” enough for the high caliber God_Gank fleets.


Thanks for the input!

yes, I’m leaning more in more towards the trade route

Not melting my mining alt tho, too much history… besides, at 120 mill SP, all my support skills are already up hehe, and that includes my mining and tade alts.

there’s a corp which is more of a service, without joining their corp, to run PVE missions to help raise standings for other pilots…

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Agree with what you are saying, that the majority of players have to PvE in order to PvP. I think what most of the critical posts here are trying to get at, is that if all the OP is concerned about is mining and trading, he’s just going to get bored and take another break inevitably. Sooner than later.

I PvP on the side bud, no worries :wink:
But it needs to be sustainable… this is EVE afterall

Hiring Mission Runners ★ 50-150M+/hr ★ Can Stay In Current Corp ★ Newbie/Alpha Friendly @Faxtarious check this out, join the discord and have a chat and see what you think? Can make upwards of 100-150 mil an hr.


Oh wow…
thanks mate, gonna check em out!

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save your soul

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He sees to have quite the funds. If you use reasonable ships or even join a corp with SRP you never have to grind anymore.

save your soul”

Look at me…

I’m the Captain now

I tend to be more of a lone wolf, but I have joined some pvp groups throughout the years…
I will take the time to acclimate a bit before deciding to join a group.

My Corp has SRP… :wink:
But I have to manage it