I'm new and trying to climb this steep ladder

So i’ve got a few days here on this game and i’m having a rough time making isk
I am mining with my friend but the estimated isk is nothing like what i sell to (usually 1/3 out of estimated)
I am focusing on trading, manufacturing and hauling - industry mainly - and i really want some input on becoming succesuful especially with hauling/trading. Also i was thinking about contracts for courier. Atm i have a bestower fitted to 13k m3 . Can i do anything with it?
I am Amarr and curently at Conoban VIII and about 450k SP. Help a man out thx.

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Good choice :+1:


Sooooooo… my advice would be to make friends.

No, seriously.
Even though you technically have nothing to offer other, more experienced players, you would be surprised by how helpful some other people can be. Even your competitors.
As long as you ask nicely, make some jokes, and play the “social game.”

Some will say, “come mine with me.”
Do so. It will break up the monotony and maybe you can learn some things from people.
You may want to run solo… but remember that you are a relative newbie and need to know how things work in EVE. What you see is only the surface.

Others will say, “stop doing that! Just quit mining and do something else.”
This is not coming from a bad place necessarily.
Mining is essentially “minimum wage work” in EVE and won’t rake in that much money unless you can build things up to a reasonable scale (either by recruiting others or by getting alt accounts to work alongside you).
Do what makes YOU happy!

And still others will say, “come join me in PvP and try this out. I’ll even give you some free ships!”
You may have lacking skills… but you should TRY this at the very least.
Why? Because these people are testing you. To see if you have the mental and emotional fortitude to hang with them.
Understand: PvPers need to make money too. And they want someone who they can make money with AND shoot with. If you can hang with them, they will show you shortcuts to making money.

But as always, use your best judgement and beware of scam artists in EVE.
They aren’t hard to spot. if they don’t offer you anything (either in terms of friendship or knowledge or protection) then you are best finding another group.


@Xuxe_Xu Thx lol i saw an oportunity in trading but my marketing skill irl doesn’t quite fit well with this interface​:joy::man_facepalming:t2:

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@ShahFluffers Thx man really apreciate the input. I’ll try to keep that in mind about scammers. This really is a sandbox game huh lol

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Mining in Eve is undergoing a renaissance as CCP is imposing a period of scarcity. While not (yet) a road to riches, it’s a lot better than it used to be!

The highest value will be achieved by compressing your Ore and selling it in (or near) a major trade hub. For example: if you move (3 jumps) to Nishah you’ll find 13 asteroid belts and an Astrahus where you can compress your ore. From there you’re 3 jumps to Amarr where compressed veldspar is currently selling for 3,200 ISK/unit. If you don’t want the hassle of managing sell orders you can sell directly to buy orders for 2600 ISK. If you’re nervous about getting ganked in Amarr - go to the Port Royal Sotiyo next door in Ashab. For compressed scordite the numbers are 3,600 sell and 2700 buy in Amarr.

Mining income will improve substantially if you join a fleet that offers boosts - there may be public fleets but, usually these are offered to their members by industrial corporations. As @ShahFluffers pointed out - Eve is a social game. You can play solo but joining a corporation with veteran players who already know what you need to learn can really flatten the learning curve!


@Do_Little That’s nifty info right there thx a bunch man. Really apreciate it :tada:

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ShahFluffers gave very good advices

  1. don’t focus on earning isks. Isks are not a goal, they are a mean to found the activities which provide you some fun. Eve is a game, not a job.
    If you like mining, go for it. But try also explo, missions, etc

  2. join a corp, to get friends, advices, help, aims, etc


Firstly, Welcome to New Eden.

@ShahFluffers and @Do_Little have already given good advice, so I’ll try not to duplicate it.

The price you get when you hover the mouse over that nice stack of Ore is a “market average” price, with all the wonkiness that you get from such a a thing. The buy order (so, orders wanting to buy ore) is normally less, the sell (orders people have put up offering to sell to a buyer) are normally higher - but it is possible to rig and play silly muppets with the “average” to make something look good or bad.

Mining is a nice social activity - especially in a fleet, systematically mining out a belt and gently chatting in the fleet chat is quite a nice relaxing bit of Eve. A well structured fleet will have the miners, a mining command ship providing bonuses through Mining Foreman Command Bursts, and a hauler to help get the ore to a station - because even a large mining command ship will fill quickly if the miners are good and plentiful. A mining fleet commander can be quite a busy little soul.

A good pricing tool is https://www.fuzzwork.co.uk/ore/ likewise, for current market details https://evemarketer.com/ is normally where I look. A full Venture of veldspar is currently about 1.2m ISK on the Amarr EFA market - that feels quite good. To be honest; I mine to relax rather than just to grind ISK - my other industrial activities earn me more than enough for casual play.

As @Wyk_Bathana says: ISK is not a scoring mechanism - you can not “win” Eve, its not that kind of game. As in the real world, you can happily live a relaxed life with friends and interests on a low income, or grind yourself silly, not have time for fun but a really nice looking bank account. And I’m sure the piece of paper with the numbers on it isn’t more satisfying than friends and interests - unless you have a strange numerical fetish. A Ferrari is not a better car than an old VW Camper if you like seeing the world, going to strange places and meeting people.

Hauling: OK, I like the Bestower, but in common with all the T1 ships it has relatively poor defence - about 8k EHP (the typical amount of incoming fire that is needed to kill it). Now, if you are attacked there’s a chance that some of your cargo will be left intact for the attacker to loot - so after losing their ship to CONCORD for attacking you, if your cargo is valuable, then they may make a profit on the attack. That’s piracy for you. It’s never safe, but you can fly and do things to minimise the risk (I have been ganked, I know why, I don’t do that anymore - lesson learnt). The Eve University rule of thumb is 3m ISK per 1k EHP to make ganking inefficient (Piracy is ruthless business!) - so you’d be wise to keep your cargo below about 20m ISK. I work on half that, but I have a low risk appetite.
For hauling, the contracted hauler (you) is normally required to put up some collateral to be lost if you fail to deliver. It keeps you honest by making theft expensive, also watch out for scams such as over large collateral amounts (where you are ganked for the collateral). Have a look in Courier contracts to see what the going rate to haul is and what the numbers look like. Remember: only fly/invest what you can afford to loose.
I’ve got a need for some hi-sec hauling from Amarr which I can make into Bestower sized loads - I’ll pay a fair price for a competent job. Mail me in game if you are interested.

There are a lot of activities in Eve that can earn more than just mining in a Venture - but they can be riskier or involve a little more activity than idly mining. Exploration is a good one - you can learn the basics from a career agent and get an initial T1 exploration ship - a Magnate since you are Amarrian. Wormholes are worth a visit, don’t get greedy, keep alert, know how to use d-scan (frequently and with paranoia) and you can do quite well. Eve University has good guides as to sites and difficulties.

Use your first few weeks in Eve to learn the basic mechanics, try a few things and areas of life, before specialising too much - the basic ship and fitting skills are useful for most activities. Then reach out to groups that may interest you, but don’t be afraid to try a few before settling.

Feel free to contact me in game if you wish - I’m normally around the Amarr area (but for some strange reason I’m in Caldari space at the moment - hence the haulage need!).



@Paul_Schmidtt followed through on the haulage offer.

I am happy to say he did a prompt an efficient job. I will happily use his, and his corporation’s, services again.


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