In what case do players attack each other?


The only place you should leave the ship you are not flying, inside a structure. And to be even more safe, inside a NPC structure.

EVE does not have instances, every spot in the universe is accessable to others if they put in effort. That ship, unmanned, floating in space is just 2 clicks away (eject own ship, board yours) from changing ownership. And yes, it is that easy, ask me how I know :wink:

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Just to emphasize, CONCORD punishes, it doesn’t protect. Just like real life police force, they will not prevent crime completely, but they will punish those who do commit it.

Unlike the real police force, they do have a 100% chance of being caught :wink:

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As you can see from the answers, you will get attacked eventually. You are bound to lose ships like all of us, the best of us included. So, the real question should be “how do I adapt to attacks and losses?” IMHO. The losses part is the crucial one. Cutting the cost of failure is the answer.

Try to mitigate the cost of your loss by:

  • Flying a ship only if you’re able to buy a second one immediately.
  • Never carrying all of your assets/loot etc. in one batch. Split your gains or use external services like Red Frog etc. for logistical purposes.
  • Never getting frustrated. It’s pointless. Instead, check if you had the right ship and/or the fitting, and improve on it next time (check Eve Uni/ask people).

Good luck!


Oh OK, so that’s why EVE is so dangerous.

While a very good advice, I don’t completely agree with the last word.

Only fly what you can afford to lose or are willing to accept the fact that you can lose it.

If you lose a ship and are find to work a couple of days to replace it, still an acceptable risk.

Another good tip:

Contact the person that killed you. Ask politely what happened, why it happened and how you can improve. Most will take the time to help you become a better player


Oh yeah, you are so smart. luckily, I never leave high-sec amarr space so I should be safe. CONCORD will always protect me.

CONCORD does not protect you. It punishes those who break the rules of aggression in highsec. You can (and will) lose your ship in highsec as well. The only safe place is being docked.

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And this is wrong.

CONCORD punishes, it doesn’t protect.

People can (and eventually will) kill you, even in hi-sec. The only difference, between hi-sec and the rest. CONCORD will destroy their ship too, but that doesn’t magically make yours reappear.

The only way you can negate ship losses in hi-sec:

  • Stay docked :wink:
  • Have enough tank to outlast CONCORD response time (the higher the system sec level, the faster they are on the scene)
  • Have situational awareness and don’t be where the gankers are.

Also… as my zKillboard attest to… Don’t shoot at yellow flashing characters. many people believe that a frigate invading your mission and stealing your loot is an easy kill for a battleship. It is not.

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I don’t quite understand what you mean by that. like what yellow flashing characters? and why can’t a battleship kill a frigate? how tough can a frigate be??

It is the suspect mechanic. Basically you go into a players mission in highsec steal from his mission loot which makes you flash yellow. Even better if you take a person mission item required to complete the mission.

The hope is that the mission runner then shoot at the suspect because the suspect is now a valid target for all of EVE for 15minutes.

Frigates used competently can take down a battleship easily. A person using a battleship competently can kill a frigate easily. It is all very circumstantial but in general a ship fitted for PVE is not going to take down a ship fitted for PVP.

Not tough enough for several BS volleys. So you have to avoid volleys, and that’s quite easy with some knowledge: You have to be fast, you have to be close, you have to be small, you have to move all the time in non linear directions. Then you stand a good chance against a ratting BS, esp. when it’s already damaged.

Like a mosquito you don’t see but only hear.

If a frigate can orbit you faster then your guns can turn, your guns can never effectively shoot you. The frigate however has no problem hitting you.

In EVE bigger doesn’t always mean better.

oh so people will go into your mission location and STEAL your objective??

and PVE fit can not defeat a PVP fit? what’s the difference? isn’t it just a bunch of guns, some EWAR and a bit of armour and healing?

Among other things, yes.

The idea is not to steal anything. It is to get you mad enough that you engage them.
And once you engage someone who has stolen something from you they can engage back.

A general tip I can offer is this: A player will generally pick a fight when they think they have a reasonable chance of winning.

So if a Frigate has stolen some loot / objective from under you… it is because the Frigate thinks they can take you on.

The answer to this is… complicated.
More than any one post.

IN GENERAL… the difference between a PvE ship and PvE ship is:

  • Performance vs Endurance
    – PvP-fit ships are all about putting out as much damage as possible, as quickly as possible, while absorbing lots of damage in a short time frame and being highly mobile.
    – PvE-fit ships are optimized for dishing and absorbing a consistent amount of damage over a long period of time with a minimum of investment.
    – Since the PvE ship needs to be more consistent over a longer period of time it will often sacrifice raw performance and speed.

  • Modules
    – PvP ships are often equipped with specific modules to ensnare a target ship (to prevent escape) and/or debilitate a target ship (to make the target easier to engage).
    – PvE ships have no need for the same kinds of modules as NPCs won’t “run away” and there are often too many NPCs to focus a single EWAR on. Instead, there is a greater focus on firepower and defense

  • Min/Maxed Stats
    – PvE ships tend to optimize towards being highly resistant towards a specific NPC using specific tanks and tactics. This gives them greater endurance with less modules, allowing the ship to be fit with other stuff. However doing this will leave BIG holes in ship defenses and reduce flexibility to unforeseen situations.
    – PvP ships generally don’t know what they will engage ahead of time. So they will go for “omni-resistance” against all damage types and opt for more speed (which gives them greater ability to dictate the terms of a battle).

I suggest you read up on PvP mechanics and fits.
Even if you only want to do PvE, it is good to know how someone might try to attack you and in what kind of ship or fit.

Here is a recent thread regarding combat mechanics:

And another thread that references tanking/defense of a ship:

General questions about death in EVE:

More general questions:


mmm are you sure you read a bit before joining eve? google “eve concord” will bring you there
where the very first sentences say " It’s important to realize that CONCORD isn’t there to defend you, they are simply there to enforce the consequences of breaking the law. As such, people are able to break the law at any time of their choosing, as long as they are ok with the consequences.

This distinction is paramount to understanding how EVE works and why suicide ganking is valid game mechanics. The loot and consequence mechanics help serve as a self-regulatory risk vs reward system,"

once again, you should really join a corp

Oh oops I sure didn’t realise that. ok thanks for the teachings. I’ll make sure I read more and learn more.

Also watch youtube, there are some tricks I got aware of while watching other people’s screen. There’s much reading and learning at the beginning, but it’s rewarding.

ok thanks

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