PvP vs bullying


I’m interested in your opinions on the matter.
Where, in your opinion, pvp ends and bullying starts and vice versa in regards to EvE gameplay?
Can term ‘bullying’ be applied to EvE as so called ‘pvp’ focused game?
If yes, can you share definition of term ‘bullying’ you applied?
If no, can you share, what activity player should perform in regard to EvE gameplay, in order for this activity to be called by term ‘bullying’ by you.

I’m curious.
Please don’t turn this thread into “ONE OF THOSE” threads :slight_smile:

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In this case I’m going bully your alliance or corp in the game.

PVP does not = bullying.


There is some boilerplate in the EULA on ingame harassment.

But chasing people away and blowing their stuff up is a valid ingame tactic for trying to secure the benefits of a certain area of space for yourself. As is wardeccing or other measures to gain recompense for ingame slights or other e-honour factors.

That being said, EVE is filled with many corporations and alliances that are very welcoming. You can always look for greener pastures. If in doing so you consistently run into issues then perhaps PEBCAK.


Any pilot should be ready to rebuild what he loses.

Anything else is illogical.

The EULA and TOS are pretty clear outside of that.


OP, before we can have an actual discussion, you need to clearly define what you mean by “bullying”.

To some people, just engaging in aggressive combat might be considered “bullying” and to other, “bullying” only occurs when someone engages in prolonged harassment over the course of several days. If we don’t know what you mean by “bullying” then we’ll all be talking about various things that seem like bullying to us, but we won’t have a good starting point to begin from.

Please let us know exactly what you mean when you say “bullying”.

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Bullying in this game would be more along the lines of none PvP activities meant to try and cause harm such as constantly sending hateful in game mails and creating a new character when you get blocked to continue doing it. Blowing up you space home isn’t though, it’s just PvP.


Have you ever noticed that you can wage war on strong people, but you can never bully them?


There is no bullying. There’s only a difference in the effort people have, or are willing to, put in to doing well in this PVP sandbox.


you did that when you hit submit post.


So every PvP game is bullying? Or does this only apply to eve?


No because you consented to PvP when you joined the game.

But losers calling the winners bullies is a great example of a sore loser.


As I see it, bullying in EVE is where the game mechanics stop and social harassment starts. Shooting someone’s ship is acceptable in any part of the game. In fact, it’s encouraged, explosions are good!

PvP is a part of the game. If someone kills you over and over, that’s fine. If someone bumps you to stop you from warping away for a long period of time, that’s fine. If someone stays up day and night to hunt your ship whenever you log in and won’t let you mine/rat/whatever, that’s all part of the game.

Bullying through chat is a different story. If people harass you there, ignore the person, report them or screenshot it and post it on reddit or something.

Just remember that no actions of PvP in a PvP game should be considered bullying. That would be similar to playing a first person shooter or moba and being surprised when someone kills you. PvP is what you sign up for when you undock in EVE.


The Eula defines that clearly. Example, I search one particular player and kill / disturb him/her over and over again, despite he tries to avoid me. This does not apply to groups of course.

In short, if it’s getting too personal, stop. Everything else is fair game.


There is no “bullying” in a video game you voluntarily play. The fact you can log out and make the bad space pirates go away means you have agency and you are not being bullied.

No. Well, no except in EULA-breaking edge cases where players take the game into real life via doxxing, real-life harassment or other such unacceptable behaviour.

As above, none. Harassment of the persistent sort that prevents a player from enjoying the game crosses the line, and I completely agree with the EULA that prohibits it. That said, that isn’t “bullying”. Labeling it such devalues the term and is disrespectful to real victims of bullying who can’t escape their tormentors by just logging out.

That said, others have different opinions. I suggestion you looking for a different view on the matter here:

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There is no bullying in EvE gameplay.

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You don’t play PvP to intimidate or harm anyone else.

It’s competition. There sure is something wrong with you, if you think anytime anyone does anything PvP related (in any game or competition) they actually seek to harm and intimidate their opponent.

Also, why do these forums so often end up with people arguing over definitions of terms? :smiley:

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OMG, how come my kills never whine like that :rofl:


This is like the quarterback claiming the defensive line is bullying him :rofl:

Die Care Bear!! :slight_smile: