On the topic of discussion/ politeness and understanding

I just got another simple topic when you’re speaking in with people of a community of Eve online especially for those who are the virtual reality. I have some people of the streamers and things of people who I know. and some Canadian people are pretty cool. what is the issue with the people who go around making such insults and other things and saying what is this gibberish and all this and not being very positive at all like they’re ready to cut you down and no consideration for the person just trying to work with a community on the forum?


Basically the reason Marcus is that the majority of the individuals that you will come in contact with on these forums, in game and in the virtual world in general are beta type personalities. Legends in their own minds as it were, they elevate themselves not by achievement but by attempting to make others look smaller, dumber and/or inferior. You are quite literally doing two things with an honest question such as this on this venue, you are classifying yourself as a caring person from the onset which basically chums the waters for the bottom feeders to rise up and ridicule you. You are painting a target on your back Marcus, you would be better off just identifying those here who exhibit less vitriol and than the rest and ignoring the others completely.
You will not change the nature of the beta by showing empathy, it merely exposes your under belly my friend. Good luck to you, although unfortunately your first inkling of the level of caring is when this thread is moved from “general discussion” to “out of pod experience”.


Report post if they are being ‘toxic’. Try to show some discretion and learning the difference between harsh critique and toxic.

Saying your idea is dumb isn’t toxic, calling you dumb for having the idea might be.

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Your reply being a perfect example.


While there are some trolls around, whether people decide to troll you or not, usually depends on how you reply to them.

For example, if I criticize someone’s idea because it has some flaws, I’m not being toxic, but I argue my point of view. It is the same when people argue PvP vs PvE. When I say that PvP is healthy to the game, I am hardly toxic, however some people will label me as such.

Anyway, I think I know why you wrote this post. I believe people sometimes have a hard time understanding what the hell you are trying to say. Let’s just be frank here, your English is subpar and that sometimes makes your posts hard to understand.


Because the individual section of this forum changes by itself. It gets moved either by a moderator or however I don’t know but thank you for your considerations and response I am a caring person but I also am like a scorpion. In Thailand and reality my name is white tiger


I in no way tried to elevate myself or intended to demean Marcus, I genuinely felt sorry for his predicament and feel empathy towards it Ramona. For the record I’ve always found you to be an exception to my description of the masses.


I think taking extra time to review any post you make to check for message and language clarity solves many of the triggering points for a less than polite response. Being specific in voicing a concern regarding gameplay or any other aspects of EVE reduces misinterpretation or “reading into” a post, while a generalized complaining or whining about something just usually leads to derision. The added difficulty of translating across 2 languages increases the chance of your message’s focus and intent to fail; it tends to create frustration/ annoyance in the reader if care is not made to make sure the translation is as clear as what the originator intended. When conversing across a language barrier, keep the message simple.

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Thank you for the compliment. I replied because I also dont like seeing people believe they are better than others, and your reply certainly made it sound like you considered yourself superior. Calling others “Beta” for example.


Not at all, I typically just read these forums daily and shake my head at the amount of abuse that is hurled at people. I makes me sick to my stomach.


As do I, and I am not going to use this conversation to high light who or why I get involved.

But I recognise at my worst I am as bad as them, and they do not hesitate to point this out.

Does responding in kind make me any better? No, which is why I dont criticise anyone’s character, only what they say or believe.

I know why you are saying what you are saying, and I know you mean well, but automatically making a line between “them” and “us” does nothing to improve that situation.


There is no such thing as a “beta type personality.”

I think the best way to converse is to be honest about what you mean, and speak in such a way as to promote discussion instead of flame. It’s ok to disagree on matters, but that’s when you should strive to understand each other without being a dick about it.


Gibberish isn’t English, that is your problem.


Dearest OP:



Well I can’t speak for the rest of them but I’m just a bit of an arsehole to be frank with you.

Less so in game (believe it or not i was usually fairly polite about murdering people to death) but the forums have a certain beat and rhythm to them that takes a while to pick up on.

The short of it is , yeah were all a bit hostile here but that’s part of the charm.


@Ralph_King-Griffin is rightly right.

Our mockery should be lightly sprinkled with a pinch of salt. We rarely mean what we say, unless we say it. Then we probably mean it, and if we don’t mean it we’ll probably say so. Or maybe not.

In other words, it’s just banter and shouldn’t be taken seriously. Anything we want taking seriously will normally be posted by our alts.


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A bear sits patiently by the falls on the River Fodder, waiting for a salmon to swim by. The fish swims up and asks the bear why he is mean to fish.

The bear eats the fish.


Meanwhile a man sits patiently in his hide on the shores of the River Fodder, while the bear is fishing the man is loading his boomstick.

Stuff happens and bear steak is served, accompanied by side dishes of salad and chips (fries for the Americanese speakers amongst us), some bread and cold beer.