Eve rubbish

I cannot believe I have been here this long , I also haven’t spend a week where I didn’t think, what am I doing in this game, everyone is politely hostile and sarcastic , I cannot ask a serious question without having some guy who’s just there to trigger me into a tyrade , the games population mentality really escapes me , most games peoples try to help eachother against a common goal or foe , here its more like you joined with people who are gonna try to get you banned ,blocked or just make the game impossible for you to overcome , just so they can laugh about your issues , really not for the normal person who enjoys helping their friends , the fact that some players have had death threats is no supprise really. you’ll loose all respect for being human , you will also loose tons of money as well as your own self respect ,I am almost 100% sure if you enjoy this game , you are what is wrong on the planet and no amount of religious blood could compensate for your existence.I cannot stress it enough this game only achievement towards mankind is that it has managed to keep all the wow assholes out of that game and made it better than eve in the process well done ccp

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2 posts, both whining…but ya, it’s everyone else.



You can always just go find a safer game for your fragile ego.

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The fact that you were not even able to break that ranting into properly written paragraphs with the appropriate punctuation clearly proves it’s everybody else who has a problem here…


good riddance

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What are your questions then?

Yes, in a video game where we try to kill each other, death threats are no surprise. Infact, it’s considered polite to inform your opponent that you are about to kill them.

So you’re like a blood raider or something?

Has there been an increase in the number of poorly worded and formatted tirades in the forums over the last couple of months? We have always had a baseline number of people venting, but usually in a semi coherent and organized method. Letely, however, there appears to be in uptick in the ammount of posts which appear to be the equivalent of just screaming incoherently at the world. What is going on?

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maybe the alpha offer allows some people to come here and try eve, without any idea about what sort of game it is. Those people, who are used to playing “classical” non-sandbox mmos, are surprised because in eve there is no npc to congratulate them, no epic quest to follow and prompt them to think that they are very good and the savior of the (insert the name of the mmo universe).
When there is no alpha/free trial offer, before paying something, people usually read some informations about the game they are about to suscribe to. And only those who think that they could like this game will actually pay.


I enjoy the game. I beg to differ from your conclusion.


I agree with all the rest. There is the SOE epic quest and an epic one for every empire faction and some pirate ones.

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