How to stop the death of Eve

if new ppl are the life blood of any game and your game is dieing then maybe stop killing them with NPC in frigats in high sec when they are OMEGA in an ORCA dead game. 1 month gone to Frigates? in high security space where alpha can spend 1mill to kill a 250mill ship… intresting a game where some one can use 10 acounts or more to kill anyone they want in any security space… and yall wonder why your game is dieing??? Basicly your game is dieing because yall never listen in the first place and just followed the hype to line your pokets… yeah im salty that after playing on and off since 03 and all the time i put in this game when im finally having a good time and fun its stripped away by a machinc that is old and no one uses becuase everyone avoids those systems like the plague in High sec??? Your game is dead unless you remove all the dumb ass coding that is made to make is so high sec life is hell to push ppl into lowe sec… that may not have been yall but thats how CCP killed thier game and if yall are new owners either pull out the code that kills off all your new player base when they join the game or your game dies i hope your game dies becuse im salty as ■■■■ right now. I cannot play a game becuase the part of the game i play is broken and has been for years i just now felt the pain of it and can say with out a dought this game has lost TONS of ppl to dieing to NPC rats in high sec… Eve online unless you directly email saying sorry and that yall took this ■■■■ out of the game im never coming back and i know others are not either… You can have ppl pay for something and have them not be mad when you take it away from them… this is why religion has you give money so you buy into it its like an occult thats why some of us get so angry when you take something that we pay for away you ■■■■ us over with your ■■■■ coding because you can’t think ahead how it will effect ppl you just want MONEY and all you show is your want MONEY why then would i give you my money if your not going to give me anything for it… please die

The game isn’t dying, but it seems you are.

Care to share the killmail that caused this wall of text?


Character from 2003 posts in New Citizens Q&A… :confounded:

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Eve is dying for 18 years now.

Looks interesting: Orca | Chimairian | Killmail | zKillboard
Another recent one: Orca | Abros Set | Killmail | zKillboard

But newbros who fly Orcas before knowing how to handle NPCs have to learn it the hard way, I’m afraid.

Learning lessons the hard way sucks. But the real loss is failing to learn from your mistakes and failing to grow as a player. In fact, that’s probably the reason you’re having difficulty. You’re too busy blaming the game instead of asking yourself what you can do to get a better outcome.

No P2W

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your right i didn’t have everything t2 and 2 other ships with 5 drones of thier own out pew pew pew im salty becuase i new have no skills and died in high sec to battle ships flowen by real ppl

your right i should have never given money to a game and bought into it like my religion

Lol, he shot at a Diamond Rat.

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no one shot at them they attacked me

since i don’t shoot rats and just put out drones to protect myself since im a miner and don’t activly looking to kill rats its odd they came for me and that the game yeah your right i blame the game for a machanic where over time i lose standing simply defending myself in high sec oh wow HIGH sec where concodrd will merk players but if NPC attacks you unprovoked they don’t care… its the coding of the game destroying the game

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Oh no, a challenge in high sec? How terrible!

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oof the challenge was dealing with all the real ppl who destoryed all my ships to that point. To the points that i should be in big enough MINING ships that i won’t have to die to rats in high sec… you know like an orca. The challenge was trying to just live and now that i dunno can fully t2 a big ship i would say that in HIGH security space FRIGATE rats shouldn’t be able to scratch it.

basicly its having content shoved in your face

‘Big enough that you won’t die to rats’, how did that work out?

No ship is immune to getting killed.

Read up on Pirate Forward Operating Bases. Pay attention to your free intel tools, like the Agency, your overview, and D-Scan. CCP gives players every opportunity to be aware of the NPC risks in any section of space; it is up to players to actually use that information to avoid blowing up.


Stopped reading here. New players don’t fly Orcas. Dead Orcas are a veteran issue, no hand holding needed.

ISDs please move this thread out of new player area.

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to hide the fact that there is no middle ground in this game? You need to have a point where your like finaly i got out of the horrible area have low skills and not being able to protect myself against everything… and as a miner later in the game that still has problem with frigate rats in high sec mining the crappiest ores to just make stuff … its more or less hey no matter how long you play this game at the end of the day even in high sec no matter your skill or ship size it still pops but to NPC frigates… how is that suppose to make me want to play this game where i already lose ships to ppl in high sec? thats understanble usally my fualt for bad fits… this is a game machanic that takes place in HIGH sec and concord doesn’t do anything then where is the time you have gotten any where in the game if at anytime even if you can afford to lose what you fly is there anymotivation to keep playing when litraly everything is trying to take all your stuff thru shady deals or just status change effect becuase your defending yourself from the game machanic or because concord will not protect you in HIGH sec against rats that can kill you… so at the end of the day if im not PVPing and plexing there isn’t a game for me here to play which sucks becuse ive invested so much time and money… its basicly hey new ppl fun game stayed with it since 03 but tired of the punishment just trying to have fun not get beat on every moment of my “playing” time

sorry had a dream about to open an internet caffe wanted to get ppl into eve online try and build a corp with RL ppl then once i found some land and built a bigger spot on that make a bigger corp and with that kinda have events basicly feeding my store off of eve and getting more ppl to join eve then put out like Plex prizes and different real life events to get ppl motivated back into eve… I have a decent mount of BPOs i was already using to help drive down the market but far enough away from any hub that it would also help get the hualing going more. I spent 2 bill on a bpo and with my medthod made that back by the time i woke up the next day… Others where already making millions of my efforts while i was also making money so it was starting to produce fruit i then started having my liquid isk start doubling so i knew i was on the right track to have the in game set up for my outside game set up to get ppl coming in… I just so salty because of all the plans i had laid out that incorperated a game i do love but a game that hates me…

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