What Eve is like for a new player

I just want to post a couple major issues this game has and why I’ve quit it after only a few weeks of playing.

  1. This game is not about skill it is 100% about key binds, If you face an enemy exactly the same as you, the first to get fully combat ready wins, Like 4 key binds turns you into a pro on this game it isn’t hard or difficult.

  2. It does not matter how much played time you have on this game. I can buy omega 2 times and train all of my skills offline, buy plex 4 times and sell it to buy things I can now use with the skills that I learned. No missions completed no reason to play the game.

  3. The story is non existent when you join the game. There is no motive by the game to join you with other players. The missions and agent careers are stale and feel like a cell phone game. The only purpose in this game is ISK and i can buy that with real money so why would I play the game.

  4. Playing the game as a new player is impossible. Unless you want to farm high sec areas for things that will get you little to no ISK making the game more a helpful sleeping aid rather then fun, you are 100% going to die if you enter lower sec areas. I die every single time I log on by something I do not even know what it is. I have died by things the moment they warp to my area. I have died by things so fast I have no time to even react. Dying in Eve does not feel fulfilled it feel destined. Unable to control your destiny is boring. Because there is an extremely obvious difference between somebody with skills trained and not trained there is LITERALLY no way to be good at this game unless you wait the time on training, or spend hundreds on plex for isk for skill points. scam alert scam alert.

  5. All of the careers in the game are boring because none of them feel important. The only reason i’m murdering people or stealing items is for money. But I can buy the money why do I need to play the game for it? very boring.

  6. The players are not interested in me. Not a single player wanted to play with me because I didn’t understand the game or have the equipment to join them, I joined a couple corps and all of them felt more like scams then actual communities of players.

  7. The money trap that is Omega. The game allows you to play as an alpha clone that is 100% pointless at the end of the game. skills take longer to learn, dreadfully longer to learn. Every single player with Omega will kill you with no problem at all. Omega is the only way to play this game the alpha is just a starter pack that expects the players to upgrade once completed which takes however as long as the skills take to train, not to actually play the game. I understand this game is meant to be hardcore but the creators obviously are the biggest pirates of all. Calling a game hardcore but requiring zero brain power to play is ironic.

Farewell, Eve Online is possibly the biggest disappointment I have ever run into on an online game. I really wanted to like this game. It looks beautiful, the ships are amazing and it reminds every gamer of the space game they want. But sadly Eve is not that game.


It’s not really that bad, man.


It sounds like you installed EvE with a totally different idea to what the game was compared to what you experienced. What is it you are looking for?

How do you ninja salvage using only keybinds? Scan? Play the market?

Missions are not the reason to play the game. Though what are you comparing it to that has interesting missions/quests?

If all you want to do is farm, then you get exactly what you aspire to; boredom.

What is important to you? Why would a scripted sequence provide something important to literally everyone?

Not really suprised with your attitude

In what way were they like scams? Did you apply to corps you liked, answer want ads in the corp finder or accept offers from others?

Yes, the game is a Subscription based service. Alpha is your free trial.

Until you learn the skills to avoid being killed. Note these are not Skill Point skills.

What is it you want in a game? You havent suggested what you feel the game lacks, only criticising its (admittedly bad) questing system.


You say who ever gets combat ready first wins, and you dont need any skill to take part in the game… Then at 4, you list all the ways you died because you lacked the skill to survive. You need real life skills, situational awarness for one, to survive in EVE.

EVE is not for everyone, but in the right social group, and with the right expectarion, any rookie can go on to be a skilled killing machine, amazing interceptor pilot, market manipulator or ore grinder. Its an MMO after all.


Which is never…

SP and skill/knowledge are not the same thing…

It’s a MMO…go play X4 or My Little Pony if a story is what you want


…and wrong yet again…

Maybe it’s just you?

Yep it’s you…

Don’t please go away…

EVE players like smart people so…err…

There is no end…

Says the one that dies all the time and doesn’t know why…

Bye bye…I don’t want your stuff…it’s too hard to get the loser smell out of a ship.



Sorry to hear you say that. I think you would have really liked this game the way it was back in 2008 to 2013.

Anyway, at least you gave it a few weeks. Just know that you’re not alone, there’s a lot of other new players who actually quit this game in less time than you.

Statistics released by CCP in May, 2019.


Everything he is whining about was the same or worse back then…it’s not EVE, it’s him…


Not true.

I’ve played off and on from 2005 to 2014 and much of what he says is very true.


Bullsh*t, there was a lot more social interaction happening back then, plenty of people looking to Fleet up and help other players.


Such as?

Well I’ll give you that but only because the numbers were higher. People still bitched about finding the right corp, being gamed into NS, etc…Fleeting-up with randoms was rolling the dice back then just as it is now…probably more so then. But listen to what he is complaining about the social ascpect…it’s all about HIM and not what he actually tried to do…

Some of number 3 were the same back then, but not all of it, IMO that is.

Eve offers more than most games and if you are chasing the instant win, it might be found by high sec ganking afk mining ships.

Chaos Era (Don’t AFK & Mine)


I think our lines are crossed…I fixed a typo I made…

Sometimes your thread replies make me laugh and other times I just want to listen to my iphone alien ring tone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GitYco8F6i4 to help calm my nerves.

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Sorry but you got it backwards.

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You need this…


Ah ok…fleeting up with randoms was a safe thing back in the day…ok thanks. You’re the pro.


show me a game you can’t buy in game currency in with RL cash.

I’m not sure what you expected when you joined the game.

yet you joined, gave it a couple of weeks and here you are quiting on us already.

how come you didnt’ reach out for help on the forums instead of whining and shooting the game down?