My current feelings on why people dont stay after starting

Currently everything in EVE is a massive amount of time. That isnt the issue… the issue is the amount of half finished, forgotten or poorly implemented events, projects and things in game. Let us start with the newest thing…

WHY do we need another race, that is SUPER powerful and from some “unknown” region of space. Why couldnt it be a new development by the Drifters? Or some new technology discovered by one of the 4 main factions? Instead we get a rip off of something from Destiny down to the helmets and the glowing orb things. Now they couldnt be from wormhole space because that would be content for the wormholers… which have been left to rot in their little holes, while NEW “wormholes” aka Abyssal dead space pockets have been discovered.

Then we have the forgotten about Drifter invasions… the Sansha Incursions, and gasp… Faction Warfare.

You, CCP have too much for the average new person to take in. And when they see that half to 75% of it is half finished concepts that had GREAT potential but just lost steam or had a sudden change in direction that made NO sense.

I would love to see CCP actually finish something. Before adding “new” content from other markets. Need I even bring up T3 ships… of which we have 2 classes, Destroyers and Cruisers… LOL that is it.

And for the love of god can we get 1 more drone on the Vigil.


Interesting thoughts. Would you happen to have the data that suggests Triglavians are the reason that most new players are quitting after they first start?

I expected it to be other things, but I haven’t done enough research to know for sure.

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This is a good post but I think you are off the mark. The problems with EVE/CCP you mention are bang on but the retention issues is the same as always and that cannot be changed. That is just the fact of this niche game and we all need to accept that or risk seeing EVE turn into something most do not want: a theme park with a new attraction rolled-out every 6-12 months.

  • Fix FW
  • Fix the current AI races and grow them if needed (as you suggest)
  • Fix the bloody economy
  • Fix the WarDec system
  • Fix Bounty Hunting as god damn it I want that

That is the issue!

As solo pvper iv always needed to jump 20+ jumps to ”maybe” find a fight.
As soon as you jump in somebody’s local in null sec… they will dock up and won’t breathe till ur gone!
That brings us to another big issue…
Local… what is this? Legal hack?
No skills or ship equipment needed, just keep ur eyes on local chat and ur good!

There is way too many small things in eve that can be fixed today! And the game would be so much better!!
But f*** it! Iv already gave up…
Still checking forums times to times in hope to see some logical change!


Can I got your stuff?

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I think its because there’s no humour in this universe except what we the players inject.

Its all oh oh oh millions dead wah wah wah blood raiders drank my children boo hoo hoo the Triggies are coming

Lighten up, CCP


There are so many reasons people don’t stay. I don’t think it’s fair to blame it all on bad design or unfinished ideas. I probably shouldn’t defend ccp because I’ll be burned at the stake, but if you like player driven markets and weird spaceship combat then there are few choices.

I’ve met a few new and returning players in the last couple weeks and they are having a good time.

Do you know a player that left the game recently?


Hey guys,
I’m a new player.
To be honest I don’t think this events are the reason why people leave.
New players realise rather quickly, there’s a big gap between them and players that have been playing the game for a long time.

It’s difficult to be competitive in this game when new.
Having said that, I’m still enjoying being blown on my little frigate :stuck_out_tongue:


Just take small step, learn as much as you can as you go and never fly anything you can’t replace a few times over…you’ll be fine.

People that think that they should just be able to walk into a complex game and fly titans on day 1 are not the players EVE needs anyways…

Remember its not the size, or how many turrets, its the girth and speed.

I mean what you do with it.

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i think perhaps its none of the above but the lack of choice at the start, perhaps it would be better to have better specs for a mining toon; and an npe specifically tailored to that?

And pve combat…

And yes a pvp npe, not so hard; just have facwar ‘npc’ starter type corps that start near each other - and maybe ask the player base (with proven track records) to help “train” folks.

All could have tailored rewards and different alpaca skills.

I think the main issue is one of generalisation; people are different and they do like choices - and it would seem to me when there was a choice behind the character creation we appeared to keep more players.

Also, having ran through the npe recently i must say its very nice… very… hmm… colorful; but ultimately boring af and you would probably be better off linking a video of how to probe scan than the way the career agent goes through it.

Mind you im after a bit of a challenge in the games i play, some interest, exploration of the game world and its denizens - i dont want to be shown what everything looks like first.
Also, skill training - what ever happened to the faster training time you got when you first started?

In essence as an alpha slow training time is fine but as a starte, for the first time in… its a hell of a slog and everything pushes you into making tons of isk or spending lots of £££; again not bad but let people find their feet first eh?

npe is boring and long winded as are the career agents with lots of unneeded fluff, skilling time is ‘slower than your average little chef waitress’ for a trail its not great (cant you like, set something up that recognises IP’s so you know if its a true starter?)

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That went the way of the Dodo when learning skills were removed and all new characters got better starting attributes.

but now i think they have worse, and slower skilling times; its a long time from 2007 when i started though.

And better attributes mean nothing when your skill training time is halved anyway lol

Alpha players definitely have a slower skill up time, the change occurred before Alphas were even thought of; new Omega players/subscribers, which was the status quo when the change went live, are better off in terms of how long it takes to train stuff than before the change.

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Let’s say I’m a PVP guru. Why would I spend hours training newbies who might leave any second. And if I am teaching them am I not getting an advantage to recruit them all to my Corp if they show any promise.
How can you do it that doesn’t both give me too much reward and too much advantage without making it not worth my time.

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Ask the people from the past, who cared about the game. They’d tell you that it was fun to teach them and growing your corp with capable members was always a good thing. Your … uh… question? correctly implies that most people don’t actually give a ■■■■ about the game anymore.

No, instead let’s farm it to death until the next game baits us into switching over.


It is different to teach people who have come to you and you’ve already chatted with than sitting in a newbie coaching dead space spot and taking whoever comes through something.
Trying to claim they are equivalent is just silly. You aren’t dumb so please don’t insult the rest of us by stooping to such arguments.

Seems we’re not actually on the same page here. Back then people used to “find” new players in belts and mission pockets. Nowadays I guess it’s all about shitty newbro corps. All about mass, not about class.

I agree that teaching new players like it’s a job is stupid, but I guess CCP knows better than us.

anyone can leave at any second; but why dont you ask the people at eve uni? or brave? or CAS? or many other places…

and? whats the issue?

you cant figure out something?

i think you have issues. You appear to be very negative in every debate merely bringing up supposed issues that anyone can think of a simple resolution.

Learning PP Is a matter of experience. You don’t spend hours training. You spend a few minutes, then give them a few ships, which they lose, and then you tell them what was wrong.

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