I gave EVE a try --cannot recommend to new players

I gave Eve a try starting almost two months ago. I cannot recommend to new players for a few reasons.

Eve really tries to much to strongly encourage new casual gamers to join a corporation, even going so far as to allow gankers to operate with impunity & high organization in areas newer gamers play as well as blocking major space lanes with an ill-conceived alien invasion.

Eve also applies their rules to all players equally including criminals. Which is quite sad to me if you’re an in game criminal no you shouldn’t expect to get the same sort of courteousness as a regular player.

In short any potential gamer looking for a casual experience should look elsewhere. Way too much commitment/involvement or grief from veteran players. This game should be a hard pass for those without a significant time commitment to it.


I am a bit perplexed by this. Criminals are players too. Why should they not be treated as a “regular” player.

Looking at your killboard, it seems your strategy of mining next to Jita in a paper-thin Covetor is sub-optimal and made you a very attractive target to criminals. Those hunters are playing the game as intended, and it is up to you to learn and take actions to make yourself a less attractive target. The game isn’t going to do that for you.

If you aren’t looking for a game where you interact competitively with other players, then maybe Eve isn’t for you. Good luck finding a game more aligned with your tastes.

But I also wouldn’t say your experience means Eve is not for “casual” players. It’s just not for people looking for a single-player progression game. You can be “casual” and not lose mining ships in highsec pretty easily, if you make a little effort to understand the dangers, mechanics, and the risks and rewards of the game.




I noticed also that new players really want to take part in fleet activities recently in invasions, but fleets usually are composed of people in fits that alphas and new players cant fly, even older player sometimes doesnt have trained a lot of skills to use ships effectively. Its hard to train quickly, without spending cash…

Judging from how CCP handles the game, I think its a scheme to make more money of players. Invasions particularly. Last thing missing from the shop is a hefty bribe that allows to circumvent the standings penalties for a time, and become invulnerable to both sides of invasion, for people like industrialists and freighter pilots.


Eve isn’t a single-player progression game?

Well, I’ve been doing that in-game for most of the 12 years I’ve been here…


I’ve been playing for about 10 days,lost 8 ships so far and these are the lessons I’ve learn’t.
1.Insure your ship.
2.Never travel with cargo on your ship if you can.
3.The tutorial is very basic and generally not helpful,you spend a lot of time clicking and trying to understand whats happening,e.g trying to train your char.
4.This game is well established with long term bottomfeeders/pondlife who will go out of there way to ruin your efforts and this is not said out of malice, its just fact in the PvP enviroment.
5.Never spend real money on this game.When you get ganked by players,(destroyed and loot your ship) which will happen,in a round about way you are just being mugged plain and simple.
I don’t believe in spending really money for a game only to lose it to Bottomfeeders.
6.The map is huge and you will want to explore unfortunately this where the game falls down.All the stargates in 0.0 or less have campers 24/7 so your stuck in the kindergarden areas.
Some will prob say join a Corp(Guild) but I doubt the players already in a Corp will want to babysit a new player travelling around and why should you join a Corp anyway.

All in all you just potter about doing quests,trying not to die and lose too much.For me a couple of hours a day is all I will invest,certain not worth real money , unless you really really want to.

For those who will come here to defend there actions, rebuke anything I have said -NFI


No you haven’t.

You are well aware of the risks and points of interaction the game provides and take actions to minimize your unwanted interactions with other players. That’s fine, and that’s the game, but if you join Eve with expectation you shouldn’t have to do that, or that you should be immune to the actions of the other players, you are going to be disappointed like our friend the OP there.


The trig side always welcomes alphas.


EDENCOM too, but they want to get into better fits after seeing them, and seeing fleet being efficient with older players, and its difficult.

1.) not really required, and faction/T2 ships its actually dumb to do so…learn to mitigate your risk.

2.) Again, learn to mitigate your risk, scout things out, and dont carry more than you can afford to lose.

3.) better than when i started. back then you got a rookie ship, and the game didnt even tell you how to dock up.

4.) As is any game where you start fresh, be more social and polite and a Veteran is sure to take you under their wing, but not with this attitude…in EvE this attitude means your fun to shoot instead.

5.) uhm, yep…if your buying plex with cash and selling it expecting to P2W, well you have another think coming.

6.) EvER hear of get thrown from the horse get back on and try again…i guess you like to be pandered to and have a mommy to change your diapers and clean up after you too.


You lost 4 Covetors in a 8 hour period. All in the same system and all of them in the same Asteroid Belt. If you touch a hot plate, i expect you to learn from it and not touch it again.

As a pirate myself you could easily avoided this by changing your mining area to a less crowded one where less ganker operate. Or change your ship into a Procurer which requieres a lot more Manpower to kill thus making you a less atractive target esp. because lots of Gankers operate solo or in Wolfpacks of T1 Catas. Another way is join a corp where something like an Orca is giving boost via Command Modules and RR Shield Repair. I failed some attacks because an Orca was helping with Shield Repps by paying attention.


There are basically 2 kinds of game.

  • Theme parks, where the developers produce the content and the players consume it. Problem is, players will always be able to consume content faster than developers can produce it.

  • Sand boxes where developers provide a few basic tools and the players entertain each other.

In Eve you are always interacting with other players whether you know it or not. If you mine, the value of your ore is determined by other players in the market. If you buy ships or modules - they were manufactured by other players.

The game has 2 fundamental simulations - military and economic. Destruction and production support each other in a virtuous cycle. People buy the resources you harvest to make stuff to replace stuff that got blown up!

The real game is strategic and mostly takes place outside the client. Politics, diplomacy, espionage, campaign planning for alliances. Market analysis and production planning for small industrialists like myself. That’s what keeps people engaged with this game for years - in some cases decades.



That depends entirely on what content there is. For instance, missions can be infinitely expanded upon with new concepts, reliance on environment situations and other events for special missions, special missions depending on the regions you are in an so on. I have come up with a number of PVE concepts that provide region-specific, individualistic and unique activities that won’t feel repetitive soon. Even if they were “repetitive”, missions provide entertaining, challenging, varied and easy to consume activities for far more players than there are players complaining about them vocally or silently.

PVE is not more or less repetitive than any form of PVP. It’s always the same clicks, always the same patterns, always the same outcomes.

Sand box MMOs do they even really exist anymore.

Ryzom (Saga of Ryzom) was a sand box game, more than this game ever was.

It had troubled times, even went bust twice and was rescued (that’s how much some people love that game). They made it Open Source and over time the players altered the game, I can’t even call it a sand box game anymore. Seems most players don’t actually want sand boxes they prefer more main stream theme parks.

I wouldn’t call EVE a sand box game either but then I never have, used to refer to it as a sand box style game. Don’t even refer to it as that now.

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  1. why ? Since 2006 I’ve never insured anything.
  2. Having cargo or no cargo will not stop people from killing you
  3. The tutorial gives basic info only. You don’t need any more than that. Learn by doing.
  4. Ganking you is an accepted part of gameplay. Learn to avoid it. People are pondlife because you don’t like Thier playstyle ? I think people that mine in systems next to jita have less that average IQ.
  5. Again learn the game. Just because you to lazy to learn and adapt don’t blame other for taking advantage of your laziness.
  6. Are you for real? Every gate has campers 24/7? You checked every gate or you believe what some other know nothing 10 day old newbie told you.
    There are many many corps willing to take on new people and help them find a path in eve. I take on new people all the time and help them progress and show them what eve has to offer. One of them has left me to go join a friend of mine in nullsec and he is loving the current war.
    You experience here is down to you don’t expect for everything to be handed to you. You learn nothing by being lazy.

You dont lose ships at all? There are scenarios where insuring is a must, like PvP with tech 1 ships.


I insure everything (and T1 fittings to keep costs low). My losses aren’t monetary in this game–it’s just obvious to me that in this game from multiple angles the developer has decided to cave into a veteran pro-griefing faction.

And if we’re being honest CODE isn’t a normal player corporation. They’re affiliated with the GMs–once I was disconnected then was warping on reconnect (WTF?), then another time Concord shows up on belt prior to CODE which was strange not a shot was fired yet.

Another time ship was lost to Trig invasion–again another “feature” added by the game developers to “spice things up” for this particular style of play, and again very much pro-griefing if more NPC this time vs PC.

The developers obviously are very much attuned to the wishes of veteran players but this game stinks for new players from these observations who don’t wish to commit a substantial amount of time to the game.

Yes I lose ships but I never insure them. Don’t see the point in having money sat in insurance that I can use else where.

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They are a normal alliance and no, they’re not affiliated with the GM team.

once I was disconnected then was warping on reconnect (WTF?)

This is normal, if you’re disconnected in space your ship warps to a random point 1 million km from wherever you are when you disconnect. On reconnection the ship will warp from that point back to where you were when you lost the connection.

then another time Concord shows up on belt prior to CODE which was strange not a shot was fired yet.

Also normal, players can spawn Concord at will if they want to, and are prepared to lose a ship to do it. They also hang around after a gank if not pulled away by the gankers.

If Concord are on grid when a gank happens they will respond if closer than 150km, if they’re 150km or more away they may as well be on the moon, Concord will respond in the same time as if they are elsewhere in the system.

This time depends on the security status of the system and can be manipulated to gain a few extra seconds before they turn up.

  • 0.5: Roughly 19 seconds.
  • 0.6: Roughly 14 seconds.
  • 0.7 : Roughly 10 seconds.
  • 0.8 : Roughly 7 seconds.
  • 0.9 and 1.0: Roughly 6 seconds.

Concord Manipulation 101

Time To Kill, Concord Response Times

Both of these are worth a read if you want to know more about Concord mechanics.


Again, see the part about how joining a corp is/can be a time commitment and this is one of the pre-ordained outcomes from the developers to avoid this sort of griefing.

The issue is the griefing not that there aren’t options available to avoid it: all of these options require an increasing commitment to the game. For those willing to contribute a lot of time it could still be worthwhile. For those seeking a more casual game as I stated this is definitely not the place for.

Many corps including mine have relaxed atmosphere where we do what we enjoy and help out fellow corps members where possible.
There is no tax. Everyone is free to play whenever they like and any group activities are optional.

You were looking in the wrong places as there are many like that in eve.

Gankers are as much of a problem as you let them be and all instances to me or corp members have been because of not paying attention.
You can never avoid them 100% but to say that they are a big problem is an overstatement. Don’t mine in places packed with people. Find somewhere a little more quiet.
Pay attention to local and who is normally there.
Find out what ships they fly what corps they are in Thier history ect.
Not all the ways to avoid but sitting in a belt while not paying attention will get you ganked sooner rather than later