Attracting New Players

If a friend or co-worker asked you about EVE Online would you recommend they try playing it?

  • Yes
  • No way

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I introduced my son to EVE about a year or so ago and he’s doing just fine with wormhole exploration, escalations, and all kinds of other activities…


I recommend it to people I think will appreciate the challenge and enjoy the freedom provided by the sandbox experience, in addition to the setting. I don’t recommend it to gamers who are less comfortable with those aspects.

Some of my friends are extremely casual gamers who essentially faceroll through their games to relax. New Eden would frustrate them to no end. I have other friends who would only enjoy the game after it kicked their ass for a few weeks, and then they’d come off the ropes swinging and ready for blood.


Yes and no.

EVE isn’t for everyone. I’d even say it isn’t for most people. And I try to match the game to the players.

I’d recommend EVE to someone who enjoys going against the tide and respects liberty, is creative with out-of-the-box thinking, set’s their own standards/goals and can tolerate delayed gratification and recover from unexpected adversity.

E.g. People who play games on the hardest difficulty on first play through, make their own ‘levels’ for their friends to play or enjoy rimworld.

I would not recommend EVE to someone who is looking for a run-of-the-mill MMO, with a story driven themepark and/or predictable and repetitive processes, seeks instant gratification or is materialistic.

E.g. Completionists/speed runners, mainstream RPG players, ‘free-build’ players, FPS and MOBA players.


of course
why not?
is the best a largest space MMORPG in the world


I would help & warn them with many parts of Eve Online that I know about first hand based on trial and error as I’m not some evil pirate capsuleer. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I advertise for eve every time I log into wow. I just sit there on proudmoore trade chat and macro an ad.
Maybe more will come, now that blizzard is in a legal ■■■■ storm, and devs are tweeting about how it’s all the players at fault.

I can’t recommend EVE Online to anyone as the state of the game stands right now unless I know they are, like me, nuts for Sci-fi and space games.
Last time I talked to my son he asked me to get connected to Discord and join him in Hell Let Loose. I will do it next month and skip my Omega payment to pay for Hell Let Loose and not pay Omega until further notice.
I asked him ( again ) to join me in EVE Online and his answer was “meh”. I can’t blame him. There’s not much fun to be had in EVE, it’s a very unforgiving game, too many losses and very few gains and rewards.
I asked a couple of friends to play EVE with me and they just…laughed. :confused:

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I voted no.

I started in a complicated sandbox
I’m now in a NPC-polluted easy themepark

IMO ofc.

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I play EVE just about every day for an hour or two but I don’t see why I should recommend it to anyone.
The game has some major issues, most of which the ability to keep new players for diverse reasons which means the persons I would recommend the game to wouldn’t stick with it longer than a month.
I love this game but a large portion of the players aren’t the kind of players I’d want my friends to bother with.


I would not recommend EVE to someone who is looking for a run-of-the-mill MMO, with a story driven themepark and/or predictable and repetitive processes, seeks instant gratification or is materialistic.

I heavily disagree with the predictable/repetitive process part. The rest is a very good assessment. There are many mundane nearly AFK status activities in EVE which is just the name of the game for practically all MMOs.

Thanks for the comment.

I understand what you’re getting at, EVE does have repetitive gameplay, but it isn’t the meat of the game. Anyone who comes to EVE looking for that repetitive gameplay will be all the more upset when the unpredictable happens.

Check out this for example:

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@Lactarius_Indigo can you mail me what he said that you were afraid to post for fear of getting banned?

I can try, I’m not sure if I have it at this point, but there was another person who might and I will ask. It was a bit long.

Why do you want to attract new players?

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