Creating a New Player-Friendly Environment in EVE Online #idea #imanewplayer

Dear fellow capsuleers,

I wanted to share my perspective as a new player regarding the EVE Online experience. If you believe that new players play a crucial role in the economy and growth of EVE Online, then please continue reading as I aim to be concise in conveying my idea.

Firstly, I want to express my gratitude for the warm welcome I received in the game. The EVE community has demonstrated maturity, with players communicating in a professional manner or immersing themselves in roleplay, enriching the universe with thematic interactions. The user experience in terms of interface and learning resources is fantastic, considering the vast array of options and gameplay styles the system offers, all masterfully condensed by the designers.

Encouraged by the support I received from the customer service, I wish to share my perspective and idea with the community to make it more relevant and potentially bring about implementation. However, I must admit that I was initially hesitant due to learning about how some suggestions aimed at new players were received by veteran players, and their resistance to change. I understand that everyone has a history, and history often involves conflicts. Nevertheless, let me now get straight to the point.

EVE Online is not new-player friendly due to its extreme punitive nature.
Additionally, EVE Online is a paid game.

These two points, seemingly insignificant, are probably the main reasons for the high churn rate of new players and their premature departure before giving the game enough time to learn and progress, even after investing in PLEX or personalized promotions.

The game’s punitive nature becomes evident when players seek a more relaxing gameplay experience, such as mining and other activities in high-security space. The possibility of being attacked and facing penalties in high-security space affects the volume of players engaging in PvP, as it deters both new and old players from participating in low-security space where PvP is more common. In high-security space, most players are looking for a peaceful learning experience and are not interested in PvP.

The direct consequence of this is financial, as players work hard to earn enough to purchase their ships, only to find that someone who might be seeking mere amusement to troll and disrupts their experience. Alternatively, players may become apprehensive about trying thrilling activities like hauling, turning their journey into a nightmare for unestablished new players, driving them away from the game.

No one enjoys losing, and modern games strive to create mechanics that mitigate losses, minimizing frustration. I understand the importance of loss in EVE Online, as it drives the economy. However, considering the balance between highs and lows, as a new player, I have a simple suggestion:

Enhance the INSURANCE service by introducing the option to cover your ship and components up to 95% or even 100% of its value. This change will alleviate the fear of loss and encourage players to explore PvP and low-security areas, increasing the dynamic gameplay of ganks and attacks for those who enjoy it while allowing others to coexist peacefully in high-security space. Numerous ideas from the community can be shared to refine this system and boost the economy. Only data will determine their effectiveness.

With time, you could consider reducing the frequency of attacks from players in high-security space, making the experience more attractive to new players.

I sincerely believe that by implementing such improvements, EVE Online can become a more inviting and engaging universe for all players, fostering growth and making it a thriving community for years to come.

Fly safe, and thank you for considering my input.

Best regards,

Okay. I had to stop reading and start a response right here.

EVERYONE playing EvE that’s not a dev and maybe the odd game reviewer is playing solely for their amusement.

Based on what, though? What is the value of a ship?
That’s been the big argument on insurance - and it ain’t gonna end anytime soon.
Right now, the value is considered the mineral cost of the hull.

Attacks from whom - players or NPC’s?

Players decide who they will attack and when.
You’ll need to ask the individuals to stage fewer attacks.

If you mean NPC’s, you’ll need to be more specific.

No worries, and thanks for considering this feedback.

–Helpful Gadget


That is excellent to hear! It means the game is not trying to deceive any new player, and they know what kind of game they are getting into up front. That to have a relaxing gameplay experience, they must make tradeoffs. Perhaps mining next to Jita is a bad idea. Perhaps mining in a 0.5 system is a bad idea. Perhaps maxing your low slots with Mining Upgrade IIs is a bad idea. Perhaps flying an untanked T1 hauler is a bad idea (or worse – a cargo expanded T1 hauler).

For if the shock is 10x bad for being a newbie, how bad would it be if someone were deceived and, later, found out the hard way the true nature of the game: PVP all the way through?

There are even the 8 Golden Rules of Eve Online. No one has to like the rules, but that’s the nature of the unforgiving universe: the rules every player must take at face value. They can embrace them and overcome them, or wish for a different rule set. This is like wishing for a different game. Rather than try to make Eve Online a clone of every other MMO out there, players are encouraged to seek an MMO that matches their expectations.

Eve Online being niche is not surprising nor a bad thing: It’s 20 years old, no one is surprised by this revelation.

Do you have statistics? Because many people have claimed this, but no one has hard evidence.

Such people would be operating under false pretenses. The game is PVP at its core, and CCP states this in their New Pilot FAQ:

In EVE Online, any player may attack any other player if they choose to, no
matter where they happen to be. This is because EVE Online is essentially
a PvP (Player versus Player) game at its core.


The only thing worse than being blown up and losing a ship is setting one’s expectations wrong and spending money on the wrong game!

Every loss in Eve is a learning and growing opportunity. There is no “losing” Eve Online, only “winning Eve Online” (a euphamism for leaving the game for good). You’re an immortal god, a capsuleer. ISK can always be re-earned. Anyone can go out and mine rocks, haul goods, shoot others. The question is: do you have the mental attitude to handle everything the universe can throw at you?

It sure would suck to have the wrong attitude, dump a bunch of money in the game, and find out later that one’s mentality is incongruent with the dark, brooding, moody atmosphere of a game as a whole.

People who don’t “enjoy losing” (which is not losing, it is failing) should not play Eve Online. It’s never going away. The core gameplay is as follows:

  1. Research and plan
  2. Prepare
  3. Attempt
  4. Fail, eventually
  5. Learn
  6. Take learnings and go to step 1.

If someone thinks step 4 is simply wrong then they are wanting to change the core gameplay loop of Eve Online. This game is not for them. Other games let players accumulate resources endlessly and progress bars go only up and to the right. Many Eve Online players find those games shallow and meaningless because the successes are so much more meaningful when genuine failure (which is not losing) is an option.

This is already happening thanks to CCP changes the past decade. Many good players have left, and high sec is a barren wasteland now compared to then.

Remember, High Sec has laws because the game is designed to have both law-abiders and law-breakers. It is a balance totally skewed to law-abiders at this point in time, given the history.

It is my hope you stick around, embracing the universe as-is (which is liberty and freedom) and not wanting to force everyone into your desired universe (which is authoritarian).


Sounds like a competitive PvP sandbox is not for you, which is fine as it’s not for most people pretty much by design. Everyone has their own preferences, requirements, likes and dislikes. It does take some time to get used to (and accept) but by the time a newbie makes a post about how a game should specifically cater to him we’re already past that point.

Note that you don’t speak for newbies in general, you speak for yourself (and “most people” who don’t like competitive PvP sandboxes). Lots of games out there for you to play, just not this one.


“I just figured out a way to make this game much more enjoyable for everyone! CCP, please remove high-sec PvP, so that players who seek a more relaxing gameplay experience can enjoy the game instead of quitting, which will surely make EVE more populated, profitable, and successful.”


You’re right, but ■■■■ happens. Drink quafe and move on

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stop with this obession about helping “new players”? Its kinda creepy and boring? And end up driving them them away. Just make a solid game and the players will come.

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