How has piracy been nerfed over the years?

Thanks all who stayed on topic. I’d like to quote the various results below, and below that is the original post. This can now be a handy reference for any discussions related to piracy (of any kind) buffs/nerfs.

I’d like to make the unfair request of @Xuixien to re-recall the 16 point list he had of how high sec piracy has been nerfed over the years. It was an excellent post that got swept up with trash and deleted.

Anyone else in the community have something that in their opinion seemed like a nerf to piracy in general, please feel free to share. Not interested in debating whether-or-not something counts, the only thing on topic is just compiling a list of changes that people believe were nerfs. I think it’s important just to capture these points as-is for posterity, controversial or not. This results in a narrow, focused discussion space, which satisfies the purposes of the forum. I’m not going to be silenced by wanna-be thought-control speech-police. Y’all still can exercise your freedom of discourse by pressing the “Create New Thread” button.

For transparency: anyone that tries to say “nope not a nerf” and spark endless debate about the veracity of anything in this thread: debate is not on topic so go start your own thread, instead. That means I will aggressively mark these attempts as off topic. Readers are welcome to do the same.

Also for transparency, I’ll ask for the thread to be closed once the list is reconstructed.


The biggest nerf I would have to agree with is the scarcity that not only effected the number of targets but the quality of the prize.

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The removal of insurance payouts for CONCORD events would be one.
Making CONCORD absolutely invincible and untankable would be another.

Making skills available to purchase from the character sheet instead of having to go purchase them in low security systems hurt lowsec piracy.

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The only nerf I remember is when CCP added in warp vectors to put a cap on bumping.

Also considering the BS buff that makes Large Shield Extenders, Armor plates, and bulkheads more effective on battleships. This would also be worthy as a nerf.

These are the two most very recent ones that are most important to me.

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The alternative was not enjoyable, you know that. Everyone with a shred of historic knowledge knows that the m0o camp was not enjoyable for anyone but them.

And just so that you cannot flag this: Can flipping was removed by removal of can mining. :slight_smile:

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Warfare links changed to only apply on grid.

Third party reps are now a criminal action.

Auto-pilot distance to gate reduce from 15km to 10km.

Unable to re-ship in space while you have a combat flag.

Corporation ‘friendly fire’ switch added.


There have been no nerfs to piracy that haven’t been added along with huge buffs to piracy, and that’s why new players like me are put off of paying for a subscription. New players just end up paying for pirates subscriptions because piracy is too easy.

“New player”. Sure :smiley:

Also people seem to be confused between piracy and ganking.

Not surprising as most of what EVE has known as piracy has fallen away due to the nerfs.

One of the big ones was the mission hub thing. Hysera used to be a good low system for pilots due to the missioners coming in. That dried up once that change went down.

And the absolute shafting of low sec. One of the reasons ganking is so prevalent now is due to war dec nerf and that piracy is simply unsustainable as a career choice.

There are a few systems that have camps now, but not many.

In fact only one is camped with any consistency except maybe weekends you may find more.

The act of ransoming even has fallen by the wayside and that is a shame.

In the early days, I didn’t even have a lot of killmails as I much preferred ransoming.

You don’t gotta sell liquid ISK :smiley:

I would love to be a -10 scallywag again. However, that playstyle is long dead I’m afraid.

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I thought ganking was when a group of pirates ganged up on an unsuspecting pilot in Highsec New Eden.

Ganking is PvP where one side cries and claims to be an innocent victim.


Ganking can happen without the tears though right?

The people who like the word “gank” are the crybabies. We accept the term since everybody understands it now. If there is isn’t a crybaby then it is just a “good fight” or “honorable pvp”


Also I think weirdly a limiting factor is multi-accounts.

People are able to do more both ways, but it has led to less interaction.

Most corps require multi-boxing as a requirement to join.

Best part about gate camping is chilling with the homies, talking random stuff while waiting for that gate to fire.

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It was claimed that mining barges were buffed. But…that certainly wasn’t the case for Procurer owners. Procs went from 4 mid slots down to just 2, and the align time was increased. I got rid of my Procs shortly after that.

I do miss my bait proc. Not a handy in that role since the decrease in mid slots.

I think the biggest issue is people conflate piracy with “ganking” and then conflate “ganking” with “griefing.”

It’s all nonsense.

I think the biggest nerf to piracy is any sort of removal of risk vs reward to incentivize folks going out to low sec. Why should they travel to low when they have high sec isk faucets?

I’m a huge proponent for removing all mining from high sec. Moving all level 4 missions to low. And only allowing abyssal filiments of > or = 2 being activated in low. Binging back the old war dec mechanic. And removing COSMOS sites from high.

High security space should = little money.

I truly believe that these changes would drastically decrease high sec suicide ganking.


I started Eve quite a while ago, definitely before the peak. Before wormholes came out. It seemed like there was some mining going on in highsec, but everybody I knew went to lowsec regularly to make isk - maybe running some highsec missions when there wasn’t anything better going on. The nullsec choke point gatecamps were immense, but people regularly wandered out to null just to rat and stuff. I guess there was also the problem that half the time you were war decced in highsec so you couldn’t just set up a mining op and watch Netflix. It was easy for the hostile parties to figure out if you were online and find you. Part of me is surprised that locator agents are still in the game.

I don’t know if there was a specific game change that disincentivized this. Or maybe it is just that everybody found their niche and stuck there?



You just exposed yourself again.

I guess you gave up trying huh?

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