When did they buff barges/exhumers again?

Came back and now see you can build a tankier 120K EHP mackinaw fit…

Nothing is indestructiable but this would seem to require alot more ganker catalysts than before am i reading this right? Dont think any solo ganker unless in some all offense Talos could do it and groups likely much higher to take down too…

When did this happen?

About 6 months or so ago. I still see barges and exhumers getting popped by 6 Catalysts every single day on Zkill…

Yeah no doubt but its gone from one dude or maybe two easy peasy to 6 which is a slight change at least. Id gather alot of them are also yield only fits still too.

Yep, there are plenty of idiots who still fit for max yield…

What are you talking about? This was a huge buff for gankers. I don’t care about your stupid spreadsheets, or your mathematical flim flam.

People told me to be angry about it, so I’m angry. GRRRRRRRRRRR CCP hates miners. CCP is ruining the game.

Also, you might want to check out this post by Aiko (scroll down to the part where she starts talking about the buffs).


but it was, I can no longer fit two webs and scram on my hull tanked procurer! Now the stratios that jumps me has a chance of burning out of range and warping off before my counter-gank can arrive on grid!

Huge buff to gankers! it’s very unfair.

and the freighter-speed align time on the procurer has made it useless for practical purposes. The proc being the fattest of the miners is fine, but a solid 8x align time compared to everything else in its class is a little much. It makes the procurer too obvious of bait as it’s way too slow and yeilds too little for practical mining purposes.


The advantage of the Procurer and Skiff nowadays is that you can buy them for dirt cheap. Sell your old barges to my lowball buy orders on the market. I’ll take em.

Always go into playing EVE knowing if gankers want you dead. They will have the manpower to blow up anything in HS. zkill stats aren’t all of EVE.
If my mining frig makes more than what I paid for it and more than current market price to buy the exact same ship that’s perfectly ok. Mackinaw is my favorite exhumer but after flying t2 mining frigs I don’t mind a skiff and spending 1-3 mins unloading more.

No ship is ungankable everyone should know this hopefully

I had heard skiff and procurer nerfed plus procurer so slow not useable now. And with more reductions in shield coming soon in August.

Retriever seem best price point, not expensive can make decent tank and earn isk back quick. Mack i can make pretty tanky and nice cargohold too but i saw last night someone get ganked by 39 destroyers plus orca too. No thanks

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Many times, repeatedly, over the past few years.

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