Bring the old Skiff & Procurer back

I’d like to see the ‘new’ t1 & t2 versions of the boat rescinded. When I take one out now, I feel as I might as well be mining in a freighter for all the fitting options the few slots offer. It is a sluggish brick with its only real virtue is that in some situations it may take as long to die as it does to move.

For example, a few years ago when Trigs first made their appearance one could fit up either of these boats with an active tank, and sufficient dps, to actually handle the trig groups hitting the belts by first killing reppers, then the neuts, then the pins, and finally the dps npcs, and then return to mining. Or, if it looked like too big a crowd to contend with, just the reppers and pins, and warp out. Point is the boat offered options, a ‘niche’ to play within.

Those ‘trig’ days are gone of course, but there are still reasons to want to ‘fit’ a boat if it can be fit at all, and though it rarely comes up, the ‘fitting’ process is not an inconsequential source of application for some players.

Failing that, please take a moment to tell me why a small mining freighter with no cargo room, should not only be slower than an unpropped catalyst, but guaranteed due align time constraints to hang around until it’s time to die, and until that hour strikes, just be quiet and drive the boat in ‘granny’ gear from rock to rock. …from a non-gankers pov.

Of all the seemingly anti-pve passive/aggressive messages the past few years (intended or not) this barge/exhumer example as been the loudest received, for me.


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I read your post but I have no idea what you want.

Sure, I understand.

To put it in simpler terms than the posting title and first sentence; imagine CCP limited your forum actions to half the vowels and consonants other forum participants are allowed.

Wouldn’t you feel that impacted your game options just a bit?

Basically nerf the mining changes made to asteroids and barges etc

@Bitterbread_Andwine the point to the changes was to make it more meaningful to mine, and what ship to use. Learn to use other ships/mods you may see better results

Thanks for the advice. Am pleased that the nerfs were not after all the result of collateral fallout of bot abuse coupled with inadequate economic management.

Off now to look at T2 Exhumers other than the the three I’ve already wasted a good six months on trying to make into useful solo boats. And with your permission, I’d like to borrow that “…more meaningful to mine…” phrase one day, it’s classic.

If you’re mining solo and find the Procurer and Skiff too slow, why not fly a Retriever or Mackinaw?

While these two may not have the same amount of hitpoints and drone damage of the Procurer and Skiff, these other two ships are more agile, still have enough survivability, with more yield and a much larger ore hold.

Wouldn’t that be a better option?

Procurer/Skiff is more when you really really need that extra combat capability because your mining fleet is frequently harassed by hostiles and you wish to have more combat capabilities to fight them off.

As a solo miner you’ll likely get killed anyway, so a more agile ship could be a better choice.

While the Hulk and Covetor are even more agile, their small ore holds and lowest survivability makes them less suitable if you’re not flying with support from a Porpoise, Orca or Rorqual to compress and fight for you.

No, because we all have the same options. If someone else’s options aren’t impacted, then he could just make the same choice as them.

Well yes, hands-down the Mackinaw is the only reasonable choice of the available options for solo hi-sec mining. I agree.

Not worried about gank, I wouldn’t play Eve if it didn’t have PvP, it would just be ‘another game.’

But as I said at the top, I want the option back to be more than a doomed-brick. We had that option once, I want it back. That’s all – so much forum time in the past has been spent on agility, align-times, cloak-warp, speed-tanking, etc., that I frankly imagined the post would be ignored, I just wanted to get my input there so I wouldn’t have the regret of not doing so.

The resistance to it is interesting.

See, this is why digression is never helpful. I posted for the return of a lost option and am left unsure where we sit now.

Where we sit is that your feature request likely won’t happen. CCP made their changes and despite a lot of confusion in the community about why the Skiff and Procurer were seemingly nerfed, nothing has been reverted.

CCP would normally wait a lot longer after a change before adjusting anything, so your one more voice, is likely not going to be the tipping point that makes them go “hey he’s right. Let’s unchange them”.

Sad reality, but not much to do but adapt.

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Can you explain this to me as someone who wasn’t there when that nerf happened and despite I read the changelog those ± CPU/PGU told me nothing.

I mean, before there was highest yield, lowest tank, lowest cargo barge for can-mining, lowest yield, biggest tank, medium cargo barge which was also possible to use as combat ship for PvP and PvE and then something in middle with highest cargo, medium yield, and medium tank.

From what I heard from miners (I don’t mine myself) they complain that after the nerfs there is no incentive to use the first two options as they are significantly worse in their advantages than before. Is this true?

I just don’t understand your response because those ships had their roles and very used on a 30:20:40 ratio before (ie covetor/hulk : procurer/skiff : retriever/mackinaw). I am not entirely sure what the ratio is right now, but it seems to me from various posts on forum (like OP’s) or ingame that the differences between the three are now much lower hence the meaningfulness of the choices is also much lower. But it is just a feeling for which I have no basis for, so could you clarify this in more detail?

the ships are fine, you can actually tank the other 2 exhumers now these days, and the skiff with the right fit, and under orca boosts easily gets 150k ehp(oh and implants) …I fellow pilot also gave me a skiff fit weeks ago, a little blingy, but without orca boosts but overheated it has 600k EHP LOL.

Yes, you are right I agree. Just didn’t want to suck it up silently.

Had to edit – I let myself be dragged from the point and mixed my boats up.

But like you said, won’t happen tomorrow, if not forever.

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