Why, CCP?

Why does CCP seem to be catering to gankers by removing the mid slots from the Procurer, making it harder to tank and easier to kill?

Probably because everyone hates Procurers. Miners, gankers, CCP, everyone. Except you, apparently.

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Procurers used to be the bread-and-butter of my industrial operations because it was the tankiest and hardest to get killed by NPCs.

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Right. Now you have a plethora of options which are more tanky than Procurers were, and have better yield to boot. Why not use one of those instead?


You do have an excellent point. Now the Retriever is actually viable in highsec given that I’m smart and stay aligned to something.

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Totally agree, HS rats should be made much much more dangerous


Wait what? As if gankers weren’t enough of a challenge?

Although all frigates all the time does get old, fast. It’d be nice if the Guristas would send cruisers and battlecruisers occasionally.

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Yeah and the higher bounty would help with the tedium, but you do know that CCP will send diamond rats…

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Eh personally I dont find Gankers a challenge, just that regular rats are a waste of processing power, diamond rats dont need tanked cos I just move. Rats worth fighting but not in Null would be nice is all.

Lol you ask for more challenge and they give you maximum challenge

its been said before, and i’ll say it again. that was the whole point with this is to change up what people are using, give better alternatives, but also to make people choose if they want more yield, more tank, use different ships…

one single ship out of 6 shouldn’t be the best for tank/yield/safety etc… there should always be consequences or choices to pick the best one for what you are doing…


Right, this whole game is based on trade-offs and optimization, right?

should be.

when a newbro enters rookie chat and asks what the best ship for mining is… Procurer/orca/rorq shouldn’t be the answers… the answer should be what is the newbro looking to get out of mining?


Exactly, the response should be what are you wanting to optimize for, tank, yield, or capacity?

So you know that if you are stationary where your ship is pointed makes no difference to warp time and is only a visual as at that point the game sees a ship as a sphere for it’s calculations, right?

No No No You want Hulks. Are you serious about mining or not?

Can I have your Procurers as you are going to replace them? …As a reminder how ccp ruins everything, of course.

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Why does a new troll poster suddenly come out of nowhere, making clown threads left and right?


Learn to fit better and learn to EVE kthx.

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Because this:

Hook, line, and sinker.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

I can neither afford nor use a Hulk.