Retriever Vs NPC

I don’t know if this should go under mining or PVE, but I’m throwing this here.

I get Retrievers are not the tankiest of the barges with only 4000 in structure. So it should not be too surprising that in high sec, they die to catalysts that can fire off their second volley (this is where my earlier post about the ECM drones had their relevance) or that in low sec they die to solo people at the gates while the Procurer might be able to just tank out against a t1 or meta fitted attacking group that didn’t bring a logi while it waits for the gate guns to save it.

What about against NPCs? Against the NPC that drops the Orthrus BPC, obviously the barge dies. However, I’d expect it to do decently against the regular rats. It has a full flight of medium drones which can be tailed against the local NPC resist.

One of my corpmates mentioned that if you die to anything but those Mordu’s legions, even if you are in a Retriever, the problem was the lack of a damage control due to you slapping on all the miing upgrades and didn’t leave behind anything for a DC. He said with a DC, even if a low slot had an inertia stabilizer you’d be fine against the local rats. It’s the players you have to worry about.

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Ummm what about this? He replied that guy must have forgotten to launch his drones. He said the fit might not be perfect, but it was more than enough to avoid a killmail. I don’t want to test with out with my own Retriever since while I’m 87.5% sure he’s right, I really don’t want both of us to be proven wrong with my barge.

A Skiff would hold its ground pretty easily. When Triglavian Emerging Conduits were first introduced, I used to run them in a Skiff. For a mining ship it has rather nasty drone capabilities, not to mention an insane tank…

Only the dedicated miners of my corp use those. Most miners here are actually generalists who do PVP, ratting, and Industry. So for the most part, barge is as far as we go.

that’s an incursion rat , and likely several , though zkill shows only one .

jump into that in a barge , and the last thing that goes through your head is … lazors !!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh that’s not normal sansha? Ok cool, I was thinking a retriever should be able to handle a normal NPC but this is one of those super hard ones

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