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I was doing an exploration this morning and I came accross a weird thing. In a system (lowsec) there were 6 Retrievers mining and an Iteron were collection jettisoned cans. Look like a mining ops right ? 6 retrievers + 1 Iteron + me makes 8 of us. Weird thing is, I WAS THE ONLY ONE IN THE SYSTEM !
No one were piloting those miners.

Please someone or maybe CCP explain this to me ??!?

NPC mining fleets. You can make them blue to you by raising standings to their corp (and they will apparently defend you), or can kill them and steal their stuff.


Is “Astral Mining Inc.” npc corporation ?

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CCP removed a lot of content vectors from the game and replaced them with grinding, citadels, and arenas, so a lot of players quit playing, and CCP had to create NPCs that emulate human player activity in order to make the game not feel like a desolate wasteland.


Noway that was not the real reason. Those NPC mining barges were added to train Suicide Gunkers on how to pvp effectively without those nasty concord ships breaking up the fights each time.

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CCP SHENANIGANS!!! Stealing ore from players… shame shame shame!

I’m glad James 315 did not live to see this… He would die again.

BTW I saw a james 315 mining npc I think ccp’s ultimate joke. If I find it again I’ll take a pic.

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Please, do. I never hang out in belts.

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