NPC Mining Groups Too Much

I find that these NPC mining groups are a bit too much in my opinion, I have a base in High-sec space and it’s in a system with plenty of asteroid belts. My corp is industry based we love to mine, but within 3 hours after downtime has elapsed all 13 asteroid belts in the system have been mined out completely by the Poksu Mineral Group Retrievers and others like them.

I find it really aggravating that wherever I go there’s nothing to mine, I had to travel 4 jumps away from my home system to just find something to mine and even then there was hardly anything left and within half an hour of setting up incomes a full on fleet of Retrievers from the Minedrill corp…

This is putting my industry based rookie corporation on the brink of shutting down because we have nothing to do that is easy and safe for the rookies in our corp. The only reliable source of income is PVE and even that is fast drying up with all of the people around us whom have turned from mining to PVE as well.

Please can we lower the number of NPC mining groups in this game? Because I would love to actually wake up one day and find that the system I use hasn’t been completely stripped of all of its ore.


Yeah, I agree the NPC Mining Fleets are definitely overkill.

An alternative for your new player corp could be to mine Ore Anomalies.


Playing devil’s advocate here, but if you can’t handle some competition from a couple of NPCs, maybe you don’t really deserve to remain a corporation. Either that, or move out and settle in another system.

I know it’s very scary as a new player when the number at the top left of your screen goes from 1.0 to something like 0.6. But EVE really isn’t about staying in the safest highsec player you can find and playing it safe. You need to be able to leave your comfort zone and put something at risk to get some good returns.


While I do appreciate the advice, my corporation is centered around training new players into fit ships so we can hand them off to Warp To Me Incursions. But with nothing to mine and very few PVE sites there’s really nothing to do to keep them entertained while they train their DPS fits or Sniper fits.

Normally we would run mining fleets but just as an example as I was writing this post the Poksu Mineral Group had 4 Retrievers targeting the same rock! And another 6 targeting other rocks within the belt, I find it ridiculous because this system is right next to a rookie starting system, it’s one of the first places they go when they venture out and explore…

And to find that there’s practically nothing there I’ve heard rookie players saying that they’ve become bored and don’t want to play anymore… So really the scope of this issue is wider than just my corporation, it’s killing off newcomers to the game which we will eventually be relying on to keep this game around.

30 odd thousand people have found their place in EVE, these players haven’t and quite frankly nor have I so making them want to quit so early is not good I’m sure you’ll agree.


I don’t really care what your corporation is centered to, quite frankly. If you can’t handle a couple of mining bots, maybe they can do better and find a more useful corporation than your’s.

That’s not really CCP’s problem. Like, EVE has TONS of stuff it can offer. From mining, to production, to PvP, exploration, wormholes, faction warfare, Epic Arcs and pirate missions, etc. There are hundreds of things you can do in EVE.

It’s not CCP’s problem if some kid joins the game, refuses to leave highsec and only wants to mine. If they do that, and intentionally limit their own gameplay, then it’s really no one’s fault but their’s that they get bored.

A lot of people, you included, seem to want to actively avoid 90% of the game just because combat is a little spooky and scary. That’s not CCP’s problem, that’s all on you to grow a spine and start doing something different.


If you have nothing nice or constructive then don’t say it at all alright, everyone has to start somewhere and considering it takes at least a good 2 years of training skill books to have some decent ships to fly with decent equipment such as T2 modules among others it becomes somewhat of a headache trying to find something to do while those skills train.

They want to avoid PVP mostly because in an open world game PVP isn’t a fair fight the winner is always the person who has more experience, they’re not afraid of PVE and they’re not fit for Incursions just yet. So what are we supposed to do while we wait? Just play other games and forget EVE exists, sounds good… We’ll do that.

Also you’re assuming me and my friends are kids when one works for the Union Pacific Steam crew, the other has a job at his local transport agency if I remember right. And I’m a 54 year old retired Navy veteran. (Jnr Rate E6 FCO)

So again if you have nothing nice to say then just go away.


CCP will not comply, they want us to mine in 05, player stations this way we feel up each other as we rub in erotica with fleets and gankers, station owners, and bumpers, all in motion with beams of rainbow colored lasers setting the mode, oh my!

This is why I’m saying your corp members can do better than your corporation. You either (1) don’t know what you’re talking about and are misguiding other newer players to their detriment, or (2) intentionally exaggerating the amount of effort that goes into improving your gameplay.

It doesn’t actually take 2 years. My alliance has programs that get people up and running in 2 weeks. If you think it takes 2 years of mining in highsec, no wonder people get bored.

I really don’t care. Brag all you want, but this isn’t helping you cause, especially if even with all that, you don’t have the spine to leave highsec and are whining about a couple of NPC miners, lol.

Here’s something “nice” for you.

EVE has a ton of stuff it can offer to players. It just asks that you grow a spine and are willing to leave high security space for it. NPC miners are only really a problem in the highest of high security spaces, where they compete with dozens of other scared, risk averse nerds (like yourself).

If you leave that system and go expand outwards, you’ll find better success.

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Mhm, see you’re one of those big corp types that do nothing but play EVE 14 hours a day and literally do nothing else beneficial for society. I was trying to be polite but you have been nothing but rude and it’s not that I don’t have a spine it’s just I don’t fancy losing everything I own to a bunch of PVP’ers who know every single detail about this game.

You say there are hundreds of other things to do in EVE but they’re all in low sec space, when I say rookie I mean people with corvettes at their disposal and little more than that. How do you ever expect them to survive an encounter with a pair of battleships and battlecruiser escorts in something that barely has enough HP to survive a hit from a destroyer…

Thus I have flagged your post for spam and I will politely ask that you leave this conversation right now because you are not helping at all, all you are doing is insulting me and my friends, insulting my corporation and making us out to be cowards when you have been playing for years you know what to expect, you know everything about this game inside and out. You have experience to speak from but it’s killed you and made you into an upstuck asshole.

Seriously, get a life and stop shitting on people who have less than you.


Cute personal attack.

Fun fact: most of the people playing EVE are absolute trash at the game. You’re not going to lose everything you own to a bunch of PVP’ers who “know every single detail about the game”. The mere fact that you have deluded yourself into thinking this is true is just more evidence that you don’t actually know what you’re talking about.

Like I said, my alliance has plans that get people up and running within 2 weeks. That’s because you can make so much more isk and get so much more support being part of a corporation that actually knows what they’re doing, instead of one that’s so scared of even the mere threat of losing something, that they’d complain about NPC miners.

It’s cute that the number one insult that most people resort to is “get a life.”

That being said, I’m telling you, rather bluntly, that NPC mining is fine, and that if you are having trouble dealing with a couple of miners, you should seriously reconsider your position and go try something else. Move a couple of systems over, ask for help from others in local, find a mentor who can help you grow a spine, anything really.

The point is, you haven’t done anything, and have just resorted to complaining about a mechanic that is really so insignificant in the grand scheme of things. You can solve this issue by taking initiative and responsibility for yourself and your corpmates by just moving beyond your highsec safe havens.

First off, you make me out to be some whiny ratbag who just constantly complains on the forums even though this is my first post in over 8 months, secondly you make these groups out to be incredibly small when they are stupidly large, thirdly I am still learning the game, I never claimed to be an expert, and I have not promised my recruits a life of wealth and prosperity, if they want that then I’m sure they can go out and get that. I am not the type to force people to stay in my corp if they want to leave then go ahead and leave I don’t care…

I have merely said to them that I will teach them the basics like ship operation, fleet structures, basic industry, and so on. So that when they eventually join a low-nullsec corp then they will have a rough idea of what to do and the rest they can learn from other people who have more of an idea of how to play.

But I can’t teach the basics if there’s nothing basic to do… My corp is not the best out there, you’re absolutely right! But I never claimed it was to begin with, yet here you are bragging how your corp is so good and so rich and powerful that it’s almost like heaven when in reality you’d probably ask the rookies to move their stuff into your citadel, kick them out, steal their stuff and kill them as they try to leave. Which then causes them to lose interest in the game and quit…

Those lowsec-nullsec types they will backstab you in a heartbeat if given the slightest opportunity I know how they work because I have lived in nullsec before for a good 8 months and I’m the complete opposite, what is the issue with that!?

Am I not allowed to show people the safer side of play until they are ready and willing to explore the dangerous side? You are the type of person who would rush people into nullsec even though they have no clue what to do, you claim to get them set up in 2 weeks, but chances are they will still fail and when they fail you wont give them another chance instead you will look at them with no hope, kick them out and kill them until they quit.

Because you sound just like that type of person, now me on the other hand, if you fail I will be more than willing to replace what you have provided it doesn’t bankrupt me and we can learn together what the do’s and don’ts are. That’s all part of the fun…

See my aim is to make this game fun, not a grind and I aim not to make the game look so complex that people would rather go play Star Citizen even in it’s current state. What is so wrong with that? These rookies are looking for friends, not people who only play to exploit the ■■■■ out of them so they can make money off of their hard work. I offer them friendship, and you act as if that’s a bad thing… Why?


Don’t waste time responding to him, just flag all his inappropriate replies.

As I said earlier, maybe have your new player corp start mining Ore Anomalies.


I never actually thought of that, I completely forgot they existed will probably hunt around and look for some.


Option one
pop the npc hauler, they all warp off to a safe space and just stay there. They stop mining the ore for the rest of the day. if you can not alpha it, attack warp to sun and then scan it down in its safe.
you will take a small standing loss, but one mission for the npc corp and you can kill 10 of them.
A skilled alpha can scan the fleet down and kill it.
watch some youtube clips and give it a try.

Option two
There is enough ore in eve. There should not be an endless supply because you want to afk mine in your home system for hours. Want to run a mining op, go on a field trip with your crew to your nearest .5 , scan the system, or warp to the moons and see who has ore. check bio of structure . most corps are fine with sharing as long as you are a polite guest, and tip at least 5% of what ya mine, and it is a lot better than the 1.0 ore. Mining ledger makes it alot easier to work out, no need to drop your own structures, but that can be done for a bil. You could even make it a corp goal, and hey your players learn something new.

There are options for you, but it sounds more like you expect the game to change rather than put in some effort. Think there are no opportunities where you are? you may be correct. move to a system several jumps out from a hub. once you go 5 or 6 jumps outside of a hub, things open up and there are alot more opportunities. just pulling up the agency here in my local system 3 jumps from dodoxie. and I see 11 ore sites within 3 jumps, and an ice belt. too many asteroids belts to count, and yes some are mined out, but there are plenty more.

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Then switch over to training within Resource Wars. Yes the reward is poor - but it provides a solid environment to teach through mining within a fleet objective, under a limited time span. The progression of the sites moves from mining/expedition frigates into barges then exhumers. With a corresponding escalation of support ships. Keep in mind limitation of racial support hulls.

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@Maverick_Adtur Don’t pay no mind to Scoots, he’s not a devil’s advocate, he’s a contrarian. He just likes to argue lol. He often misses the point.

Your point is you’re missing the narrow window when to mine and when NPCs wipe it out. The advice is semi-sound, but any “noob” corp should be able to aggressively handle this. It will require you just getting on a schedule and wiping out the belts before the NPCs do. A few miners should be sufficient.


ccp will NEVER get any money from me to sub.
they add fleets of mpc miners to F people that do enjoy mining.

typical bloated vet ideals, F the new players, its our game, if you dont like it move on…

kiss my grits !!! I play the free version when I have time to kill, which is rare.


you can also move to an area where there isnt npc miners ?

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Basically that’s it, just gotta expand the search parameters.

Also make sure there’s no active FOB in the system too.

It takes less than a few minutes to drive a NPC fleet off the ore. You can then just go back to mining or hunt the hauler/NPC mining ships for profit…

It’s very easy…