NPC Mining Groups Too Much

Problem with Option 1, popping the NPC Mining Fleet Hauler will incur negative standings and spawn an Attack Response Fleet. Sure, he can warp away and wait a bit before going back but due to those actions, in the future an Attack Response Fleet will spawn every time he lands on-grid with them.

The standing penalties are tiny though…and it will take a long time to turn whites into reds.

How do you know what standing he has?

Also I highly doubt you have any experience with them.

I didn’t say “he” I said "The standing penalties "…try again.

Please try to stay on topic and not make everything personal…

This would actually work to his benefit because he can just warp on grid with these NPC miners, and it’ll trigger a response fleet and force the NPC miners out of the grid.

Then he can just warp back to his station, dock up, and wait a 3-5 minute timer and undock. The NPC miners and the response fleet will have warped away into a deep safe somewhere in system, leaving the belts open for him and his corporation to mine.

Nothing personal about it but please tell us how much of a standing hit is incurred for popping an NPC Mining Fleet Hauler.

Anyway, back on topic you said:

That statement is an assumption that the player has good standing with the NPC Mining Fleet Faction.

I don’t know the exact number…never claimed to know the exact number. Just said it was tiny.

…and if he didn’t have good standing then he wouldn’t need drive them off (which is what I said in my first post) now would he as he would either have to fight, explode or run.

How about less time arguing with me and more helping people here…

Funny, that’s what I said to begin with.

Only thing is you want him to waste time doing a constant dance with the NPC’s due to first attacking them when in fact he can bypass all of that just by ignoring them and move to a different location.

here is one answer for you

The loss is very small, either -0.0667% or -0.08% per ship kill. Fighting the mining fleets incurs no faction standing losses. A capsuleer with good standings with the defence fleet will get repairs from defence fleet if attacked by someone else.

Always glad to help…

You don’t really waste any time. You hit them once and warp away.

Heh, you have no clue if it’s tiny or large which means you don’t know and all you’re actually doing is spam posting ‘Get Gud’ crap.

More importantly, the OP was complaining how all the belts are mined out by NPC Mining Fleets within a 4 jump range from his base of operations, meaning they’re already done by the time he checks it.

By the way, even if you do chase them out of the belt, they respawn within a few hrs.

I literally posted a link to verify my initial point…but you missed that.

I’m suggesting a way to get rid of NPC miners, not “get good”,what are you babbling about now?

…and I wan’t replying to the OP so…

So then you do it again if you are still there…I shouldn’t need to explain that you you…

I don’t care who you were replying to, what you propose is a waste of time and effort for High Sec Mining, Ore Anomalies don’t have any NPC Mining Fleets so they’re much easier to mine and most sites usually have better Ore types than what’s found in regular system belts.

So you don’t care about what i said as “it’s a waste of time” yet the whole point of this thread is about NPC miners…why did you even reply then in the first place? NPC is in the title even…:rofl:

Go back and read the OP.

He/they want to mine at home…blap NPCs and they run away…problem solved. Win for the miners.

Then you didn’t read the OP because it states:

I have a base in High-sec space and it’s in a system with plenty of asteroid belts
we love to mine
all 13 asteroid belts in the system have been mined out completely

…and that’s why they had to travel 4 jumps. They want to stay in their own system but can’t as there is nothing left.

Please stop this…

Yeah, all 13 belts were completely mined out, same with all the systems within a 4 jump range. It’s a rookie based Industrial Corp, not a mission/combat site running Corp.

Anyway, the advice you’re giving doesn’t matter anyway since the OP already decided to have his rookie based Industrial Corp do their mining in Ore Anomalies.

the easiest way to deal with these fleets is to have an alt shoot the mining barges and warp off. the NPC fleet will warp away to a safe and the response fleet will shortly there after follow. they will stay safed up for up to 30 minuets or so. just repeat the process every time the NPCs come back to the belt. if you want the ore then scan them down and deal with the NPC as they will not warp away from the safe so can be easily killed off after the support fleet is delt with