Terrable NPCS

Hello all. it is me (alic) a nobody tbh. The meta i play in eve is at risk of dieing or all ready dead. A combination of heavy handed nerfs to ore re-gen and excessive amounts of NPC mining fleets hoovering up the belts in every lowsec system i can mine in. This would not be a issue if i could throw my 10 alts in a fleet and take care of the NPCS, but we cant. Not only is there no reward for fighting them off. its to risky. So now they just spawn, and spawn, and spawn… everywhere. mine everything and leave nothing for people like me that run bait fleets to get a fight. The same thing happens in highsec how ever its actually posible to get rid of those NPCS. (sometimes 2-3 different npc corps mining in the same system btw) this does 2 things. Reduces lowsec content. and reduces the ore supply of those lowsec ores, Lower supply is good i get that. but killing content is not what we want. Might i suggest a heavy nerf or even complete removal of these anoying NPCs that add nothing to the game? Or give us a way to deal with it? Sure. you say we “can” fight them. but its resinably not posible. Infinit waves. unfair comps. ect. and you might say… i could just anchor a athanor and mine that. I could. But i dont want to play that way. No strucs. Ontop of that, i much rather mine normal ore not moon ore. as it stands. CCP has removed. heavly nerfed. or overly complicated any meta i found entertaining. this is pushing me to quit, and many others most likly. What are your thoughts on this,?

Can I have your stuff please?


I run a huge mining operation in highsec. I’m up to 46 miner alts in my corp.
I’ve run into the npc miners a handful of times, but I just kept mining.
It’s not like they whine on the forums or in local that you’re stealing their rock. They don’t care, I don’t care. I make profit regardless.

In the end, you’re being given a choice.
Adapt and overcome
Quit and lose forever

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If you are already having trouble finding ore what incentive do people have to venture from high sec to low, all this does is incentivize null corporation to move in and they have the numbers of player needed remove NPC locust with ease.

Answer: As Null Corps spread all over due to ore distribution DNA this will magically delicious have people join player corps.

Reality: more people will lose interest in the game because frankly there are players who will never join anything, also the quality of player corporations (especially bloated blob corps), are not the havens as some may think because if you get killed to much some corporations kick you because you know the glorious kill board must be shiny.

Not running operations when the corporation feels like disrupting players with roams, or gate camps, or stand by fleets, now many people won’t understand why this is something people don’t jump to do but many people want to find shiny as well which ratting provides, sure pvp does too but if they want to encourage more pvp in null and low then by all means increase the percentage of what drops and this will get more people hunting other players.

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Tbh that’s what’s driven me from null.

I’m a producer and miner. That’s just what I enjoy doing. Being required to go into pvp when I’ve not skilled for it is dumb.
I get they need superior numbers, but they don’t reimburse players that don’t lose hundreds of millions per fight.
Even players that do lose that much don’t always get reimbursed. In my last corp, we had a member go to a fleet op in the doctrine munin, the fc whelped them on purpose, only their friends got reimbursed. It caused a few people to quit the corp and find other places to be.
Of course, that could just be poor management, but I’ve seen it happen first hand on multiple occasions.
On my first ever character, I was rorq mining with the fleet. Several other rorqs out as well. Mine died, I had to eat the cost.
The next day one of the other people in the alliance was solo rorq mining during red time, volta killed him and he was reimbursed.
Another time, during a rorq mining op, I had a freighter out to haul the ore in so rorqs could keep going, odin’s call came in, killed my freighter and several hundred million in ore. I had to eat the cost, but they reimbursed a couple hulk losses.
Null is only nice to you if you’re rl friends with your alliance leadership. Otherwise, you’re just a warm body they will use and throw away.
The same alliance kicked a guy for rorq mining with the fleet, he got killed by goons, they stole billions worth of assets from him, as he was lending bpo’s to his corp for their production lines, then killed him as he was trying to leave the area.
These same people stole bpo’s from me, after having promised to return them when they were done. This is a test alliance, by the way.
I will never ever suggest people go to null for any reason other than to use those corporations for reprocessing and manufacture. For anything else, they are worthless and costly.
They’re even worse now, during the starvation phase. If you mine in the wrong alliance system, it’s a diplo incident between your corps. You can and will get kicked. Even though nearly everyone is deployed for the war, they still have time to care what ore you mine. They’d rather see the index drop than another corp get more ore than them.
I agree. If they want to encourage pvp, make it more than just a duck measuring contest. Who can lose more and keep throwing feces at the fan.
I see no benefit to pvp. It’s just loss. If you win, cool. Great zkill.
You Will lose your killmarks though, because you Will lose your ship at some point.

I mean, keep pvping. Keep buying my stuff, but don’t ever talk about how superior null is. Especially with the ore and ratting nerf, it’s nothing special.


well the whole thing i wanted to cover was the current state of lowsec and how dead it is. everyone allready knows how dead null is now thanks to CCP. But iv now deployed and mined in all 4 types of space, J space, H,L,N. Whats the best to mine at the moment? Highsec… suprisingly. may not have the “best” ore but it actualy has ore unlike null or low. I dont know why CCP structured it like this. it makes no sense to me