CCP stop those annoying NPC Mining fleets

They are FAR too many and they mine FAR too much.
It’s no logic in belts beeing emptied by npc before EVERY downtime…

Cut them by 90% and all are happy…


I totally 110% agree with you they need to get rid of them completely in my opinion because they rape the crap out of the belts

according to CCP it’s the way of keeping the economy balanced

here’s the problem you can’t get rid of the big alliances and that’s where the money is coming out of delve.

and I think it’s starting to crash the economy and CCP is not sure what to do because they’re economist team just like what do we do we can’t stop players from coming in we want new people to come to the game

I think they need to start tracking numbers are eventually the economy is going to crash I mean look at the price of valspar alone it’s the low it’s been a long time

Here lately I’m starting to think they have Donald Trump as there economist


I’m so happy they exist, they provide tons of ships to shoot at and most of the time they’re just like real miners not even leaving when they’re being shot at! That’s some seriously advanced AI right there!

You shoot them …
… and they don’t move!

Just like real miners!



The irony that the carebears asked for these npc’s because ‘immersion’.

Then the rage that npc miners actually take ore. What? Too immersive for you? :rofl:

You can always shoot them. You don’t even get concorded.


What CCP actually need to do is get rid of belts. And just have ore anoms in every system that respawn. Like null but size and type appropriate to the space.

The npc miner fleets have just magnified the issue of downtime spawners, but some people have faced this issue from players as well where by the time they get online belts are already gone.

So changing to respawning anoms and no belts at all solves both the npc issue and the issue of timezones in one change.


I too find it hilarous with all these tears. Does miners hate guns so much that they can’t even shoot npcs?

Just keep a ship for shooting npc miners. Once you’ve killed the fleet it’s removed from the system. In highsec, these fleets are not even that hard to remove.


A rewamp of the mining system would be pretty nice.

But I think it is as with the PvE system. It’s a huge overhaul and CCP probably don’t have an elegant solution ready. So for now, we gotta live with what we’ve got.

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Should also do that with Ice as well. Moving the ice belts around would hinder the Orca bot’s.


You know how people hate shooting bots because they are back the next day… Well so are these guys but they get their ships from thin air.
Not only that but if you start shooting them they get to the point where you cant mine anywhere near them because they will warp a single miner into where your barge is mining, then drop a battleship response fleet on your head. And yes they can drop those in highsec.
And even if you kill it you get basically no loot, and they dont care because the battleships came from thin air also.

So yeah… There are good reasons to not kill them and good reasons to complain because of how voracious ccp made them.


Well ice already has this. I’m not suggesting finishing an anomaly would make it respawn in a different system. Null they respawn in the same system, no reason to make them go elsewhere. But Ice is no longer timezone warfare as a result.

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That just means people have very good reasons to mine in a corp that’s capable of protecting them, and people who rather want to mine solo and/or afk are … well … clearly not welcome. :smiley:

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BS. And you know it. Getting constantly dropped on by zero loot response bot fleets that require fleets guarding you isn’t going to keep people in the game.


If they are causing rising prices in the local market (where I “mine” my ore) then I care.

Other than that, I don’t give a ■■■■ one way or the other.

If you dropped your bias, assuming that CCP actually wants people to solo/afk mine, you’d probably understand what’s going on instead of assuming I’m the one writing ■■■■■■■■. :slight_smile:

I’m not. What I wrote is based on observation, and the observation is valid:

CCP does not want people to mine solo. Do you have any actual counterpoints, or is “■■■■■■■■” all you have to say? If you want to ignore what’s going on in favour for what you think how things should be, then you’re free to do so … but don’t apply your own way of thinking to me. Thanks. :slight_smile:


The reward is removing the farming miner bots. The loot is just secondary.

Anyway, as I’ve said. I just think CCP should focus their efforts in rehauling the mining system altogether.

It’s kinda hard to get an objective discussion going, since it is in your interest, i.e. miners to remove these bots to easy your own game play. Just as it is in PvP’ers interest to keep the game less safe, when we are discussing how CCP is making the game safer. These discussions on the forums always end up in two sides banging their heads against the wall, since there are way too many egos and no one is actually willing to constructively discuss solutions.

I agree, that CCP needs to communicate if they think the npc miners are in a good spot or needs some balancing.


Link please.


I think you need to actually read my posts before putting words in my mouth and declaring which ‘side’ I am on. Since I very specifically have not called for the removal of the bots. I just called Soltice out for their overly edgy “you suck” posting that they 100% know is utterly dishonest in representing the situation.

But we are!

Shoot them.
Bump them.
Join a corp that protects you and does the hard work for you.

The problem is that those who complain are unwilling to accept any of the solutions. :slight_smile:

Not to forget to mention the mind bending idiocy of believing CCP wants more solo/afk miners in the game, instead of less. :slight_smile:

Well THIS is because the “solutions” are none…

Forcing one that is not willing to give up his (solo) playstyle is not a solution at all it’s simply disrespect…

“MY playstyle is better than YOURS” ?


I mean REALLY???


Nono, the solutions are fine. They’re just “none” to you. :slight_smile:
Your refusal to accept them changes nothing about them! :smiley:

And the “playstyle”-fallacy doesn’t work with me. Your pseudo individualism is worth nothing.

Adapt or die!
You die!

Bye! :slight_smile: