Mining is already a redundant, boring, and slow way to make ISK. NPC miners just make matters worse. Aside from immersion there is literally NO purpose for them in the game. Remove them, reduce them, or make it so they only appear to be mining, so they are not ruining mining for player (Especially NEW players). Get your act together CCP…

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But players want immersion.

That’s not very immersive.

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Neither is it immersive that Blood Raider rats sit idly next to HZO mining ventures. Neither is it immersive that Triglavians, which invade empire space and challenge CONCORD can idly shoot and roam around gate grids while CONCORD and empire navy ships circle around the gates.
So, CCP doesn’t care about immersiveness to the last consequence simply because the people responsible for that regularly get dragged away from such projects to work on other garbage.


Very petty immersion. and thats not a good trade off if its ruining the game for people.

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You don’t seem to understand.

Players asked for precisely this. For npc haulers flying around and npc miners in belts to make the universe ‘feel more alive’. For immersion.

The fact that they actually mine ore, haul it to station and have defence fleets is also further immersion.

I mean, if you don’t like them mining your ore you could shoot them…

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you dont know what you are talking about. go away troll. players never asked for NPC miners to steal their ore and cause the belts to be barren from NPCs alone. get lost. ired of you trolls creeping on everyone’s post just to disagree and get attention.

Yeah it was asked for. And there’s more than that.

Npc miners were an awful idea but this is what the ‘gimme themepark immersion’ asked for, amongst other things. And to be fair, miners have been mining too much anyways.

But don’t worry. You can blow them up to stop them mining your ore.

Always puzzled me that Trigs, FOB rats & diamond rats don’t attack NPC miners.



No, players asked for more immersion, not necessarily for this. Considering that NPC mined in the past without players ever seeing them, it is actually immersion breaking that they suddenly mine in normal belts like capsuleer scrubs. What would have created more immersion were new signatures or anomalies that you can scan or gain access to by being on friendly terms with respective empire corps. You could gain access to mineral riches for your own and for the NPC corps. More immersion would have also been to introduce new ways to interact with the empire corps, such as working as prospector for them to find more mining space for the NPC mining fleets.

These NPC miners do not generate more immersion. They are a cheap way to fake immersion and cause nothing but issues, and in null sec they are exploitable and useless at the same time. Exploitable because you can trap them in bubbles and they go completely dumb because their routines were interrupted and they get stuck, and useless because they were confined to normal belts where no one mined instead of going for ore anoms and moons.

As said: This is not what players asked for and it is not bringing more immersion. It is just cheap, fake and annoying. Granted, they have one redeeming value. The ESS traps were quite funny.

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Ive literally linked a thread where someone is asking for npc miners and mentions them actually mining ore.

Anything npc related is a cheap way to fake immersion. Even your special sig idea is fake immersion.

The only real immersion is what you get from player to player interaction.


I described how they could have mined ore in an actually immersive way. In a way that lets you actually interact and impact the empires and help them, without causing nothing but annoyance. The topic that you linked asks for what I described and not what we currently have.

Hardly. Interaction with players is not immersive, it’s boring and bland and most of the time it is nothing but children throwing and sand and turds into each others’ faces. That’s not immersive, that’s what I call kindergarten.


So the mistake you’re making is what immersion is.

An immersive experience is an illusory environment that completely surrounds you such that you feel that you are inside it and part of it.

‘kindergarden’ or not isn’t really relevant. Being part of a living breathing world is better managed by player to player interaction and will always feel like cheap imitation when done by npc’s.

This reminds me of a guy who claimed to be a military vet who was running a corp for newbros. He claimed they were forced to struggle because NPC miners would keep mining all the ore in the 1.0 security system he refused to leave. He tried to talk mad ■■■■ and pretend to be an internet badass but it was hilarious because he was being defeated by a bunch of NPC miners.

Pretty sure he quit the game after that.

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CCP can adjust the settings that determine where, when and how much the NPC miners harvest. At the moment, they are reducing ore availability to create scarcity so it is quite reasonable for NPC’s to be mining more - unless you’d prefer them to simply nerf the belts as they did in Nullsec. On the flip side, the ore you mine is a lot more valuable than it was a few months ago!


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