Having difficulty ganking a Retriever

I’m looking for some advice from more experienced PvP experts.

There is a bot aspirant retriever in the Jita area that absolutely refuses to pay rent. Not to me, not to RIOT, not to some null sec overlord. They are just absolutely stubborn beyond belief. We’ve blown up their retriever dozens of times. I’ll keep trying, but is there anything else I can do? It would be nice if I could capture their pod somehow, and tow them to a prison, where they spend the rest of their natural life in a compressed tritanium warehouse. Or maybe I could just find the station where their medical clone is, and destroy it forever?

Ever heard of locator agents? No wonder you can’t get rid of them…

How do you want to destroy something that is easily replaced? To me it just looks like you are not putting enough effort into interdicting their mining operation. Try harder. Just as they try harder to make you feel powerless.

Thank you for these kind words of encouragement, I will keep trying to bring this fugitive to justice.

you could show him, by buying a retriever yourself, putting full officer modules, and self destructing in front of him.
The lesson will be harsh, but he will eventually learn from it.


You can’t force someone in High Sec to pay you something.

You really are demonstrating the overall lack of any PvP skills that High Sec gankers employee.

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First off if you know he is a bot why haven’t you reported him too CCP?

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Why would somebody in high-sec pay you rent? I don’t get it.

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So they can obtain the right to mine.

But everybody is free to mine in high-sec. Nobody has the firepower to enforce some sort of mining moratorium there. - Which your original question kind of proves.

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Well, I’ll keep trying, we have to bring every rebel to justice.

Rebels? Not sure that label really applies to people who are simply refusing to become victims of your extortion scheme.


Dude, are you serious? Right to Mine? In a HiSec? Really?

When HI sec started being claimed? Did I miss something during last few years?

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Since 2012 they claim the land, edict rules and enforce them with swift violence. Based on those attributes, they look like a legit government to me.

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Your problem is that you do not have a certified ganking permit. Please send 50 mil to me and you will be able to gank freely, capture pods and always kill your enemy.

Until then your actions should be considered griefing due to the fact you suck at pvp.


Get good or get got.

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