Ganking Bots

A little while ago I got ganked in Jita by a single Tornado. No big deal though as those who can’t PvP without war decs can do nothing more than gank in High Sec.

What was interesting is that the ganker logged off directly after the gank took place. As she didn’t appear in the local Jita chat.

Is it possible that gankers have found a way to use Bots to gank with?

Could a macro be used to set an area of influence around a bookmarked location that if any ship passes into the area of influence then the macro would activate the ship to lock onto the target and then attack it?

Show us the killmail.

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It was an AI bot, it perceived you as a primary threat.

What were you hauling exactly?

What was interesting is that the ganker logged off directly after the gank took place. As she didn’t appear in the local Jita chat.

Is it possible that gankers have found a way to use Bots to use bots too gank with?

Is that the connection? The person ganked you and logged off? Being a bot doesn’t mean you disappear from local. It’s possible the person’s home station was not in the system after being podded?


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You probably meant to write “as ganking is an appropriate way to engage those who cower in NPC corp”.


I’m not sure how you jump to these conclusions. I’m looking at the killmail now of your “salvaging” Corax and the ganker was podded. It’s very likely his medical clone is set to a station in another system, which is why you wouldn’t have seen him in local.


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Though the mechanics differ as to timers/circumstance, there should be no way for an aggressor, legal or not, to instantly log out, or dock up to log out, instantly.

In other words, what you state to have happened, cannot have happened, as you remember/state it,

If they aggressed you illegaly without a wardec, their ship should have been wrecked by CONCORD, and then pod been unable to dock or log out, according to relevant timers applied to those circumstances/events.

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That’s not entirely true. You’re correct in saying that and an aggressor or in this case a criminal with an active weapons timer cannot dock. This is because you cannot dock when you have your 60 seconds weapons timer.

What you’re wrong on is the logging off part. You 100% can log off while criminal and with a timer, but your pod will remain in space until that timer expires.

Revision: I just saw that you clarified about the logging out, but I’ll keep my comment intact to clarify more.

The fact is that the gankers pod was killed so it’s most likely the case where the gankers medical clone isn’t set to a station in Jita.


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But OP states the aggressor disappeared off Local immediately after destroying them.
That should not be possible, in any circumstance of aggression.

Ergo, OP is not remembering or recounting this occurrence accurately, as it is not possible that what he says, happened, unless there is an exploit I am unaware of.

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OP will have to provide killmail for us to ascertain this.

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I found the killmail but I’m uncertain if I’m allowed to publicly share it here without being reported. I can confirm he was killed by a Tornado, and that the gankers pod was destroyed by players.

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Ill buy that as valid explanation, unless OP provides a killmail to the contrary.

As you said, disappearance from Local could well have been from player destruction of ship as criminal, and pod subsequently, thus obviating concern on timers.

Lina Soikutsu

That’s the gankers killboard. You’ll see it there.

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