Gankers are not committed

Gankers are not comitted to EVE Online the same way their victims are. So when you side with the ganker you are siding against EVE Online.

But what is ganking? Its the act of non consensual PVP in high security space that results in a loss for the victim

People who are in to this kind of thing do not invest much time or money into the game. They are the equivalent of a grifer on a minecraft server who just logs in to grief. If he gets banned or players have the tools and/or spaces to be properly defended against his actions he moves on to the next server or game.

He / she is actually making sure developers do their job. When developers turn a blind eye to ganking and griefing the perpetrator make sure people go play elsewhere.

So thank you gankers, you are probably the best at stopping ganking and griefing by simply killing the server and or game where it is allowed. Have a niz0r day.

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Show us on the doll where the bad tornado/catalyst touched you.


You first

The last two gank attempts on my ship failed miserably.

How so?

Overconfidence. You can see the results of many failed ganks on zkillboard when you find a long list of catalysts (etc.) killed by CONCORD and/or the potential victim and no accompanying loot pinata.

Not sure how reliable zkillboard is in determining how successful a gank is. Maybe you got a link to something.

But it seems lots/most ganking is not for profit in the first place

What happened in your case?

Most ganking is for profit. But you’re right, some is just for bragging rights and some is just for the lol’s. What ship did you lose? (couldn’t find anything)

Its possible to never have been ganked and still be making arguments against it

There are lots of ways to avoid gankers, but ultimately how (and how cheaply) you fit your ship can have a huge bearing on whether you’re targeted in the first place.

When you said the last two ganks against you failed miserably but didnt elaborate that raises some suspicion

Suspicion about what?

Well, opinions are one thing, facts another. I’m not a fan of the ganking gameplay mechanics and the various game design problems that support it - I think it’s overall bad for the game and have discussed the numbers and data for this in the past. (But it turns out the numbers are a lot harder to pin down than you might think.)

That said, gankers, ganker corps, and ganker alliances have had long presence in the game. More so than a great many indy and mission corps that have fallen along the wayside.

CCP doesn’t turn “a blind eye” to ganking and griefing - they actively support it, encourage it, and have stated that it’s good for the game and aligned with their vision of EVE.

You can argue about ganking all day (in fact all decade) long, and people have. But to assume the devs are ignoring it, or that gankers don’t put a lot of time and energy into managing their ganking and stick around as a result of it, is just flat out against the historical facts.


I disagree. Gankers are committed to maintaining the dystopian setting and backstory for EvE by reminding the player base that they are not safe, anywhere, as intended by Hellmar.

I don’t see the entitled safespace carebear helping to maintain the rich and dark backdrop that makes EvE so alluring. Just a bunch of whining on the forums.


One of the issues is that if CCP one day figures out that high sec should probably be high sec, they will likely try to accomplish this in a way that actually makes things worse.

It’s called “nerfing”. And it’s doubtful anything will be done to either further curtail gankers or nerf high-sec.

CONCORD is on zkillboard. Click any of its “victims” to gain some insight into the ugly world of ganking.

Sounds like more than a few are in fact… committed.


We will only truly find out if ganking is fixed

Fixed how?