Is Ganking Too Easy?

Is ganking too easy?

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Also InB4 the Gank :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


An all-sec ganking thread ? Interesting.

Of course ganking is far too easy for the alpha players. The typical omega player has it far too hard, especially those who have multiple omega characters hanging out for hours on a well traveled 0.4 gateway. What a foolish poll. CCP will never make ganking easier, they are just catering to the freebie carebare crowd who know buying into omega is a huge mistake.

you mean Low Sec ? so … no ganking !


is this not part of the problem though we all know low sec to null is dangerous so those with no inclanation to be involved with it avoid it at all costs and also know the risk when going. the fact that a large portion of players dont go forced those that that want to gank into high sec because we all got wise and stopped going to low/null sec. the game mechanics work in favour of the gank in low/null so people adapt and dont go but the gank mechanic is also now weighted into high sec also.

@Pariah_Omen It depends on the target.

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You need to leave a “Dont know” option because some pepole dont know?

This needs a “Perfectly fine”.

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Go try it, tell us what you find.


Take one gun slot away from the Catalyst and grab your popcorn.


They would flip out. :joy: :rofl:

tbh since they give everyone insta warp to gates and stations it kind of a working mans its not near as easy as it used to be. profit margins and alts that scan cargos.

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To which 38% who have never done any say ‘Yes’. Lol.

I have done it. Easy ? Hmm. Exasperating…definitely. People who have never done ganking have no idea of the amount of time spent NOT actually ganking but chasing around for targets etc. The actual gank is maybe 30 seconds out of an entire hour sometimes. Maybe more on a good day.

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Anyone can go fit a destroyer and kill a venture or retriever.

Not anyone can find, kill, and loot multibillion ISK freighters, bling ships, and more. It’s a career just like Incursions, WH explo, NS building, and so much more.

That’s clearly not true. In my experience, 90% of people fail when they attempt to gank a Venture, and 90% of those who succeed are unable to kill anything larger. Of those who make it that far, another 90% will not last more than a few weeks.


Why didn’t you quote the entire second sentence? I literally say this. :joy:

Anyways, ganking life is tough logistics of it all and so forth.

Ganking has been nerfed far beyond what it should be.


Getting ganked is a skill issue, plain and simple.


Abolish CONCORD.

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