Is Ganking Too Easy?

I want the 4 HS empires to duke it out like in the old days!

I think there is a difference, because we have seen people fail and be unable to gank ventures before. You can get a sense why, when you just look at all the adorable newbro gankers trying things out with the ‘free’ omega currently.

They got no concept of security status & concord response times(or what happens with concord on grid), no idea what gateguns are, fire rate etc. It comes up fairly often with people who start out ganking ventures, since without a second client they can do little alone. ‘Why didn’t the venture die? =(’

I have seen established players fail at the simplest ganks on T1 indys in Uedama, simply because they didn’t research the relevant mechanics first. Your second sentence holds up, but the claim that ‘Anyone can go fit a destroyer and kill a venture or retriever’, does not.

Why stress the difference? Because otherwise it lends credit to the myth how easy ganking is and nobody needs to expend any effort to do it. Like most EVE careers, you need to do your basic homework first, or you might even fail to kill a venture.


You need them more than we do!

You cant solo a retriever.

“Is Ganking Too Easy?”

People posting endless threads about ganking is what is too easy.

It seems to be working though. They play the long meta game and slowly but surely seem to have ganking nerfed time and time again until it will be completely gone.

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CCP has some preferred level of ganking. So the ruleset has evolved as gankers have gotten better tactics and excellent ganking ships like the attack battlecruisers were introduced or other ships were rebalanced.

There are basically 20 year old systems for counter play so there is now limited stability and ccp has to intervene. A player based solution with a revamp of the crimewatch/kill right system would allow ccp to be more hands off.

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This is a very biased poll. It only asks whether or not ganking is too easy. But what about other forms of non-consensual PvP griefing? Are wardecs too easy? Is camping low-sec entry gates too easy? Is baiting mission-runners into attacking you as a suspect too easy?

The answer to all of these questions, just like with regard to ganking, is of course a resounding “yes.” The baseline is that such griefing-oriented activities shouldn’t be possible in video games, but since in EVE they are, it means that they’re all too easy. This is simple and straightforward logic that nobody can deny.

Quite the reverse. It is probably too easy to avoid war for most of one’s alliance by corp swapping, etc. Of course, that is something practically every larger alliance does.

The correct question is:

“Is avoiding PvP too easy?”


Great, now I know the numbers I no longer feel that I had failed.

Feelings > Facts


people use the word when something is very true and they agree

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by Frospacker August 21, 2023

You can, but it requires almost perfect conditions

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we will have to test this out, under similar conditions yet legal fire so we won’t turn criminal.


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Not if you pay attention to local, utilize d-scan, and isn’t afk.

If you get ganked, the only person to blame is yourself for not paying attention.

Plain and simple.

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Not joking but this tool can help stop about 90% of ganks. Especially if you avoid the hot spots of ganking.

So I am going to say Ganking is rather difficult because you spend a lot of time trying to find a target - then even more time planning the ambush - then more making sure they don’t escape so on on on.

I am exhausted just talking about it -

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