Ganking from Alpha account SHOULDNT be allowed

Ok first Ganking from Alpha account SHOULDNT be allowed

Suggestion - 1

Just like everything else with Alpha account - you cant have high skills and fly all ships and etc. But Alpha account shouldnt be allowed to attack someone in High Sec…Final

Listen to my reason.
Ganking is fine and i expect it to happen. Because normaly there is consequence.
But Alpha account have non except losing some low isk, because firstly Gank Ship in a frigate or cruiser is cheap.

Once the guy has to low security he just recreate an account and relearn low skills to do Gank again and again. So Ganking or rather attacking other players has Alpha account shouldnt be permited to only Omega account.

If you want to Gank do it with Omega, at least you paid for an important caracter that normaly you want to Evolve, not just Alpha account you can recycle fast and easy.

Suggestion - 2 - Give Thetering to all Ships in High Sec.

I just been Gank again yesterday. Its fine i dont care, because like i said i anticipate it.
I fitted my ships for it.
But God D… when i Undock from Jita, and i get Gank even before the 5 seconde screen finish to be black and i dont even see the explosion and already in my pod flotting.

I mean for me i need wait 5 sec to see outside. But other people outside do they already see my ships has soon i do Undock. And with that said, how does it work really, cause i sometime Undock and still in station to wait in a Queue to undock i guess, because sometimes get longer and need press Undock again and again.

Stargate at least you spawn on the other side in a radius around the Gate cloacked for 1 min. So at least the loading is done and you see what your up against.

Stations, nothing like that. Give Thetering to all Ships in High Sec.
At least until i can see and have control of my ship… Super stupid that i cant even have control to activate any module or else, but i can be locked and shoot at.

Just like in real life - if i get out with my car from my Garage. My loading screen is my door opening…right. But has soon has it is open, i see whats to come and can chose to accelerate or turn, because no car or no people that i will hurt.

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I agree with restricting alphas from using safety red, but not with anything else. Undocking you have a 30 second invulnerability until you take an action.

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Ganking is the one of the best use of alphas. At least there is some actual content there.

On your other point, you cannot be targeted for a short while after undocking until you press something (except ctrl-space stops your ship but does not break Invuln).

If you haven’t already, make an insta-undock on any important/busy stations you use.


This wont ix the problem, but i agree red lock should be disabled to alpha’s.

honesty why not just make the jump and prevent criminal activity in high sec out right? we all know that eventually they will just omega status and do it all over. So lets just call it a day and say “stop the crap in high sec”.

Something i have been advocating a while.

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lol, defeated by an alpha, come to forums to whine.

Classic EVE Forums.


What makes you think the ganker was an Alpha clone? Given they were most likely doing this for profit they need to multibox meaning they are almost certainly using Omegas.

Regardless, even after a single illegal attack you get a kill right you can make public or use yourself to turn off their CONCORD protection, regardless of clone status. I’m not sure what more risk you can add as a consequence to illegal aggression than that.



It’s well known how easy it is to bypass the alpha restriction on multiple logins. And I sure haven’t heard of that getting changed. As long as it is that easy there are going to be people that abuse it, and ganking is an easy spot to abuse it.

If they are exploiting the solution is not to design around exploits and punish honest players in the process.

Let get back to reality. OP needs to show us the killmail so we can see the facts.


100 million isk for anyone ganking the OP’s ship/pod, as long as it’s worth more than 150 million isk.


This guy here …

… claimed to be a veteran from 2003, but refuses to prove it.
… claimed to be a new player in his very first post.
… claims to be a game developer while constantly exposing his lack of understanding of game design.
… never backs up anything he says.

Don’t take my word for it, his posting history is visible for everyone.


If the exploit can’t be patched out the only course of action is to design around it. I’d rather they fix the exploit too, but sometimes things do have to go because of exploits. How big an issue this exploit is in regards to ganking… sure I have no idea. But burying heads in sand and pretending it doesn’t exist at all would be silly.

Because EVE is a PvP game and it is unacceptable to have space where PvP can not occur without your consent.

That said, I’d be fine with removing the red safety option from alphas. Alpha accounts shouldn’t be viable endgame options for any path, and right now they’re viable endgame suicide ganking options. I don’t think it’s an urgent problem, but TBH I’m in favor of pretty much any restriction on what alphas can do and I’m not going to object if this one happens to be imposed.

Because the ship destruction is necessary to offset the production, gathering rates.


na, other sinks will handle this. besides if thats the case, we should start by nerfing code who have 105 to 1 kda

Um what? This is literally impossible for suicide ganking.

If they had that, it could only be through other aspects of their Corp/Alliance play (eg. at least a couple of their members don’t gank, but wardec instead - or used to, or lowsec/nullsec pvp, clearing killrights, etc.). There is no way it is possible to have a 105:1 kda through suicide ganking.


A pop up should appear demanding Omega subscription as soon as the alpha hits F1 to gank, just like for Lv4 mission agents. :rofl:

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Well, to be pedantic, you could smartbomb a gathering of 105 pods floating next to each other with your single battleship. Well, I’d have to run the math and see if they fit is a small enough volume, but you can score multiple kills before CONCORD gets you.

But in reality you are right of course. In fact, at least while hunting freighters the kill:death ratio for CODE. is routinely 20 or 30 to one against them.

But to get back to the OP, I still see no evidence he was suicide ganked by an Alpha or even a real advantage to do so. It’s possible of course, but it why would you assume that? The simplest explanation is it is just one of your fellow subscribers playing the game as a pirate as this game is suppose to work. If you have suspicion someone is cheating, or even if just want to indulge your butthurt, you can just file a petition with CCP and they will confirm the other player isn’t breaking the rules.

In fact, if you are shameless and without self-respect, you should file a petition asking for your stuff back anyway. All evidence suggests CCP are rather liberal when it comes to reimbursing losses and it costs you so little. Just keep your begging for CCP to interfere in the game to yourself so the rest of us don’t make fun of you.


Try the other way round. Ask yourself how many ships does it take to gank a single freighter.

Your design suggestion is to target a group of players rather than an activity? And you want to pass off as a game designer?

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Zkillboard is not an omniscient tool and only displays whatever kills have been posted on it. So if someone does not post their “NPC only” losses to CONCORD then the end result can be just about anything.

Yes, exactly; and CODE. don’t verify their API, so only losses get posted when another player is on them, or the character has their API verified, or they post them (which they often don’t). Kills they manually post a lot.

Even with that, the kill/death is not 105:1, ir’s in the negative even for the losses that are posted.