Alpha accounts should be able to set up red safety in Highsec

Dear all,

As most of you already know, GM IceCream is gone from CCP.

It is time to revert the only Pay to Win mechanic implemented in EVE online → you have to pay in order to activate your red safeties in Highsec.

Once upon a time there was a young @Tec8n0 living in Highsec. He got ganked… and out of curioisity he decided to try himself such amazing mechanic.
He created an alpha account to test the waters first and amazingly he was dunking ventures in no time!

Thanks to ganking our young @Tec8n0 began to enjoy the game more than ever before. Nowadays he is a proud member of Goonswarm Federation and recruiter in Ascendance.

Alpha accounts are important to test the waters and to ensure a new generation of Highsec Elite PVPers.

It is time to allow alphas to shoot whatever they want, no more pay to win, no more clowning.

Thanks! :ice_cream:


I am Techno and I approve this message.

Praise The CODE.

Let me know if you need cheap mining permits, Ill hook you up with sweet deals.


Respectfully, I disagree. There should be a separation between what an Alpha and Omega can do in game, and this is one barrier that deserves to exist. HS ganking is only “winning” in the sense that you can get Goons to supply your equipment. I don’t see a reason for the alts used to be free also. Enabling red safety for Alphas in HS merely frees up certain Omega clones for other activities. Aspiring gankers can explode ventures just as readily in LS as they can in High, and I would argue the game loses more new players because they get ganked than because they are unable to gank in HS.


I respectfully disagree with your disagreement.


+1 Let the newbros have some fun again.


The newbros can have some fun when they go Omega.



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Nope. Since ganking is high-skill elite end-game pvp (:wink:), it should be Omega only. -_-


That is not what the advertisement said. It said I could forge my own path, go forth into New Eden and … others things but it didn’t say I needed to pay for Omega to have fun. And I have had fun so far. A GM even gave me two ships and modules to match and said “have fun!” so I did. :smiley:
But I agree with this thread.

Why should they have to pay for a mechanic accessibility?

It also said that free access is limited access and that you need to pay the sub to experience all aspects of the game.

Also Red Bull should be sued, because I never got wings after drinking it. Lawyer!!!


Because you don’t get to play the entire game for free.


Its not a pay to win system if it prevents people from useing an Exploit, in order to harass people by simply creating new accounts or characters.

To be perfectly honest. As per my proposal, the consequences for harassment and Ganking in highsec should be far more severe and have lasting character consequences. Such as automatically being set to -10 sec status, and being auto locked out of entering any highsec system with -5 or lower sec stat. In addition to being podded along with your ship destruction, every time you undock with said negative sec status in “Highsec”. As well as NOT being able to delete any character with a - Security status. (Yea that’s right lets close that loophole.)

After all, this is “Lawful Space”.

If we are to keep in line with this, then we must assume the rules of civilized society apply here and criminals should suffer a punishment equal to the crime.

In EvE there are consequences. You choose to commit criminal acts in Lawful Space, you deserve criminal level consequences. And Premeditated Murder, as a means to Steal what doesn’t belong to you last I checked is a “Capital Crime” Punishable by the death penalty in most “Civilized” Societies.

Be thankful my above suggestion, isn’t yet actual in game, and don’t push your luck.


Used to be like this until miners like you took it away from them!

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lol “miner”

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Would love any indication from CCP that “being a space pirate” isn’t being eradicated from the game. I don’t particularly care about Alpha clone safeties but I’ll take it if it means CCP isn’t eradicating the word “pirate” from their game.


“lol” indeed. :sleepy:

So, Star Wars old republic pay to win mechanics is fine for you?..last i heard that game is not doing very good…

Paying for a subscription is not pay to win.


With regards to harassment, I cannot say, but this is a different matter altogether than ganking. I’m not sure why you mention them in the same sentence. Actual harassment (which again is a distinct from ganking) is a EULA violation, it can be petitioned to CCP. Ganking meanwhile is one of many legitimate, CCP-endorsed playstyles.

With regards to ganking, we already have criminal level consequences. It’s called the Global Criminal Countdown, and if we undock in a ship before those 15 minutes are up, CONCORD destroys our ship.