Alpha accounts should be able to set up red safety in Highsec

@Yasminka_Duchovnavik Miners like you disgust me.


I remember reading that, yes indeed. :face_with_peeking_eye:
And of course that I don’t expect to play the game for free. 90% of the “free” games on Steam-like platforms aren’t actually free.

I’m not interested in suing anyone or seeing any lawyers or courts.

@Syzygium But thank you for responding to my post even though it wasn’t meant for you. I appreciate your response in the stead of that of a CSM but I understand that I’m insignificant so I apologize for quoting you @Brisc_Rubal. Won’t happen again, sir.

Remember what Hateless said, kindly do your homework on that.

besides the former arguments, many people forget that Alphas can absolutely participate in HS-Ganking, they just cannot fire their guns. But they can:

  • report possible targets
  • scan ships and use the third-party tools to estimate fit/cargo value
  • remote-sensorboost the inital tackler
  • salvage the field
  • loot the gankingship wrecks and bring the remains back to the ganking base

It’s not like a new player that really would like to get into the HS-piracy business can’t help a corp that do it and get a glimpse about how it works and if he likes that as a way to play the game. If he gets a fair share of the loot, paying for Omega should be the smallest of his problems.


Would you take a moment to peruse the financial statements from the last time this was allowed up to date. You may notice the long recovery period, and where the real afk miners are - no no it not in HS just for info. There so many reports the last one the north stood out - before the war - during the war and the results of mining after the war. without mining there are no ships to gank in - it a fine balance. This suggestion contravenes that balance and as your post states Eve are a place of social experiences. Yet feel it fine to mess with other social experiences - I think not - just go do the roaming and see the killboard suggests u may be on the right track just the wrong region.

Final input Faction Warfare are mostly frigate and loads of pew pew (cheap). If you suggest a subscription to this fine social experience are pay to win you have many many vets to convince otherwise as most of us do a bit of everything to prevent burn out. So there an err in this post suggesting a short term free alpha account primarily used for ganking or reprival (be it an alt). Again not in the best interest of the social experience and from what I gathered in the past few balancing effects are not what the devs want.

I gather subscription exist with a long skill que to let the player experience everything - so subscribe get outta alpha and be part of the social experience for a long time to come. Pretty sure all these reports and recruitment adds would appreciate it most - an alpha account that may or may not be here in 3 months time - since the sp ceiling has been reached are not in the best interest of the true experience.

I have no problem to pay Omega, I’m sure I will. I think I don’t need it right now as I’m learning all in t1 and it’s complicated enough to remind me to walk before I can run, but as you pointed out, Alpha accounts can already do a lot.
I’m not interested in Ganking though. I will slowly work my way to Lowsec and see how much of a pain in the butt I can be for the locals of a system I choose to make Home. Eventually work for a Nullsec corporation as a Miner/Industrialist. So if I want to do that, Omega is a must.

Go to low, null or wormholes to have as much fun as you want if your alpha

No thank you. There is no concord there to protect me!


Lol ok… so you want to just gank not actually pvp.

My advice …pay a subscription then!


You’re not my supervisor!

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I think the main reason this was changed is to prevent players from creating disposable alpha accounts to gank new players or other low value targets in starter systems. With the 1m free sp from a referal link you can pretty much skill into a basic ganking catalyst and get started.

This was bad for the game, as the new players affected by this might just quit the game.

It did not happen a lot, but it happened and it sucked. I think this was a justified nerf for hi sec.

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This is a bad argument. While it is true that one alpha catalyst can only gank badly fitted ships and Ventures, this can still be done easily by a -10 omega too. There is no point in trying to have positive security status in order to gank Ventures.

I am not a Miner. This is a forum alt with some random BS skills. As I have said before my main is in Goonswarm. I am posting on this character because I am playing Devils advocate because while everyone will defend the depravity of EvE, very few if any are willing to prepose things to assist in the defense of the PvE’ers.

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Which is why my preposal, also includes Poding, and Gate Lockouts based on security status. As in, if you are in a highsec system with a sec status that is too low for that system, concord will blap and then pod you into oblivion, just for being in that system. And once you leave, you can not get back in until your sec status improves.

Meaning you’ll have to spend some time “Pveing” in lowsec before you will be able to commit criminal actions again.

Being a criminal “in civilized space” should have consequences. Not be the most rewarding profession.

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Why am I not surprised that a NS miner thinks HS is too hardcore?


Muting forum alts is great, means you only interact with genuine people able to stand by their words and beliefs.

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I am not an NS Miner. This character does Planetary Stuff and is a throwaway alt.

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Planet Miner!

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If you want to engage in ganking paying customers in high sec, you should pay. We don’t need swarms of consequence free characters thrown at paying customers.


Literally was already a bannable offense, so this was a non-factor.