Alphas and highsec pvp

Alpha accounts should not be allowed to switch thier safety to red in highsec. Period. Im all for ganking to a certain extent. But literaly every system in any major pipe has loads of alpha gankers.

Some of these guys I hunt. The ones with the expensive pods who I think are omegas. But looking at the killboards there low sp, unsubbed leeches should not be allowed this type of content.

Think about it. Your encouraging non paying players to kill paying subscribers in there expensive haulers and pve boats. Risking losing a paid subscriber. At least make these moose knuckles pay for the content.


So ganking should be a pay2win exclusive?

So they only quit if they are ganked by a non-subscribing player? Or is it ok when they quit because of a paying player?

Since we are on the topic, how do you even know that players quitting because they lose a ship to gankers is a problem?


I dont have any stats on that, but it seems logical that some amount of players are leaving over that.

You pay how much for an Orca (not to mention the training time), then your first trip to a hisec belt you get ganked by some alt in a cheap Cat.

I wouldn’t blame a player for leaving.

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You need considerable amount of talos (which is not that cheap) to bring down a well fitted orca.
You also need to multibox omegas to bring down an orca using a catalyst.

Look at the loot drop of this one.


I believe the suggestion was that a glut of gankers leads to a glut of ganking, and a glut of ganking will lead to quitting. Surely even you can admit that there is such a thing as too much ganking?

Besides, one of the best arguments I heard regarding ganking was that quitting after was not so much about a rage quit. It was about the inability to extract revenge, particularly meaningful revenge. Blowing up one of their line of 30 disposable cats is not every satisfying.

The OP makes a good moral point I think, although I am not aware of the actual scale of the issue.


Couldnt agree more.
Alpha needs more limits not less.
See it as trial period not legit playable character

how do you know these gankers are alpha? or do you mean tornado gankers that kill with alpha strike im confused or do you mean folk that kill alpha characters.

you hunt gankers ? that sit on a gate to gank, not much of a hunt there. also do these gankers have expensive pods its not clear from what you have typed.

how can you tell from the killboard if they are low sp characters ? or alpha /omega is there a notification somewhere that i have missed.

also everyone should have access to all content including ganking from hour 1 any restrictions would be un evelike

i would encourage everyone alpha or omega , ganker or otherwise to kill expensive haulers and pve boats , its great fun :slight_smile:

how do you know these “moose knuckles” are not already paying for eve.

if a ship loss causes you to quit a game that revolves around ship loss then maybe eve is just not for them.


Just last week I saw a Talos chase and take down an Orca in hisec. Don’ t know why Condor didn’t respond. Doubt it was a war attack.

[quote]Look at the loot drop of this one.

Yea, Uedama has been very bad lately.

thats incorrect, a glut of afk carebears overloading their ships leads to a lot of ganking , the targets come before the gankers

how many times are these people being ganked lol , most folk learn after once indeed most learn how not to be ganked before they get ganked once.

a moral point ? that an alpha eve player is not allowed to join in basic gameplay for some reason even though an alpha has much less damage and options to gank than an omega as well as being restricted to one account unlike omega who can field fleets of alts.

the scale of the issue of alphas mass ganking is about 0 give or take not very much.


“A” single talos chase down an orca lol that would be a wardec/ duel or killright thats why “condor” didnt respond. did you check zkill i doupt it , thats if it even happened at all.


Only if you contend that gankers are on the intelligence level of animals and cannot help themselves but to fall into a blood lust on sight of a defenseless player with high value cargo.

Once is enough to start checking things out and learn you will never get revenge. And that will immediately lead one to ask “Then WTF is the point of EVE? Real life is already a cycle of being kicked in the teeth and nothing you can do. Its not what I want in a game, is it?”

Ganking is NOT basic gameplay.

You seem to have as much statistical evidence as I do. I know you think you can make up for that with confidence alone, but I know better.


That might be. I don’t know the pilot.

I do know there were gankers in the system that night, a lot of ships went down. They tried it on our corp fleet but we had cruisers ready and they went for easier targets.

Love how people right away say “if it happened at all” when a situation doesn’t fit their view of things. :crazy_face:

Bingo! :+1: :+1:

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Healthy amount of ganking is good. Look at the killboard stats of loot dropped on these moose knuckles. Id argue it is the most lucrative and risk free gameplay in eve.

These multi boxers use the same safes, warp ins, station docks. So yes you can sit and wait for them to go flashy and catch a hurricane or a pod. Pods are the best.

But for the alphas there is no revenge. Killrights? Forget about it

if that was the case then this being eve everyone would be doing it, as a ganker i know hardly anyone in eve actually ganks and the numbers keep going down every nerf.

how do you know they are alpha and whats the differnce between a kr on an omega and an alpha account, i dont see any.

also what would you consider revenge, the destruction of the gankers ship ? their pod

we agree here \o/

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I think you should have to gank for at least 6 months, before you can express an opinion about ganking. That would help ensure that posters are people who have a clue what they are talking about.


Many more are leaving because the game is super boring. It would be more interesting if there was more suicide ganking. Especially for alpha and new player this is an interesting and lucrative endeavor. New players should be encouraged to gank farmers, this would improve retention.

The math on that story doesn’t check out man.

Yeah, if you manage to get ganked in Highsec you probably did something very wrong anyway. It’s part of the game to protect yourself against that, and there are many many tools available to do so.


It just happens that thier are many dumb pilots in HS… like an orca carrying a billion isks blueprints or a blingy cruiser probing anomalies near a jump gate.


Right? I mean, when I started out as an Alpha getting killed just trying to learn the ropes was so much fun! And that week I lost 5 ships really set the hook for my EVE playing future.

Orca’s go for around 2bil now at the major trade hubs (around 1.6-1.7 at more remote locations but it’s close enough).

OK, maybe a single Cat isn’t enough with Concord support. Maybe 4-5 Cats representing 50-60mil. But a single well fit Cat certainly can take out a 50mil+ Retriever. Nevertheless, it’s still the same point.

That hurts when you’re a new player.

Not everyone has a corp fleet to support them.

Pay attention, don’t AFK, and don’t make yourself a valuable target worthy of ganking. It’s that simple…

And 4-5 Catalysts can’t even take out a single properly-tanked Skiff, much less an Orca…

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