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Wish i had never said anything at all. Please remove.

I’m selling JFs for 10-11 billion right now. A huge markup over this time last year.

If that’s due to Alphas ganking them, then so be it. I’m all for it.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Well, looking at the fits those freighters had and what they were carrying, then they basically made themselves into gank magnets tbh. Everyone knows the CODE leeches are running around such systems in large numbers now. They were pretty much asking for it with using like 3 cargo expanders…duh!

Using Alphas to gank is great sure. It whets someones appetite toward it greatly but to consistently use an Alpha to gank is meaningless unless you wish to do it simply for the sake that you “can”. Other than this you train it to 5mil SP and farm it as an omega and THEN go ganking.

Like most things a person can do with an Alpha clone is find out that that omega restriction is hardly such and to stay alpha really nerfs your own future gameplay unless you want to make it hard for yourself as some do enjoy doing.

So OP I think you need to realize that most of these, though they started out as Alpha likely wont be alphas at all nor will they likely stay alphas past 6months or so.

Ganking has been on a steady decline for years now, I don’t see how it is “out of balance”.

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Wow - two Macherials took down an untanked JF in 1.0 space. That’s gotta hurt.

Those aren’t Alpha clones.

Did you look at any of the killmails you actually linked? If you did, you would see by checking the losses of those attacking Jump Freighters, that they are flying ships, and using modules that are prohibited to Alpha clones. These are fleets of Omegas being mutiboxed by one, or a few individuals, to hunt Jump Freighters.

This proliferation of multibox fleets is a direct result of Skill Trading and Skill Extractors, and has nothing to do with Alpha clones. They allow anyone to use SP farming to run as many accounts that don’t require ongoing training) as their machines and reflexes can handle by selling the unneeded SP to pay the account. This was pointed out by highsec gankers and others as an obvious outcome of the change, and now the chickens are coming home to roost.

But really, come on. Jump Freighters not only have the most EHP in highsec, they have a magical teleport button to transport them away from a bumper, suicide point or gank fleet, before they can be aggressed. They can be piloted with 100% safety in highsec, unlike some of the other ships, so I don’t think anyone needs to be shedding a tear for pilots that choose not to do so.


I love soloing Jumpfreighters in jita xXDXDXDXD so much fun

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I can see why - a couple of ships on an untanked JF + a neutral looter - that’s a lot of ISK

TL;DR: The OP is a moron.

Edit: Which is almost surely why he wants the thread deleted at this point.

HTFU OP or GTFO…on second thought…just GTFO, you won’t be missed.

also if its 1 person, they are probably using a broadcast program that was banned quite some time ago.

Tee hee.

It is perfectly possible to multibox 10 or more gank accounts without input broadcasting just like it is perfectly possible to multibox 10 miners without input broadcasting.

I’m sure these gankers are petitioned near daily by butthurt hauler pilots and CCP has thoroughly vetting their game play. Further, the gankers aren’t shy about how they multibox often streaming their shenanigans. This is all above board.


I run 30 accounts without input broadcasting so ez, I love dunking 20bil jfs all day


Vidio or it didnt happen. derrrrrrrrp


Closed at OP’s Request.