Ganking and quitting

I was going to post this is a thread that has been closed while I was writing this.

But I feel quite strongly that I wanted post it to put my feeling on record. I hope writing this doesn’t get my wrists too slapped by @ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode < gulp >

I feel that I ought to include the quote that I was responding to because it doesn’t actually mention the thread title (of the thread that was shut down - definitely not trying to open that up again, honest) but it does refer to ganking.

So on the surface there’s nothing wrong with this statement and @Gerard_Amatin is entirely right that profitable ganking, which is definitely a strategy that some players deploy, makes economic sense.

However I genuinely don’t believe that this is the case for all gankers and whilst we could argue about what percentage do only gank when it’s profitable, there is clear evidence that some pilots kill people for purely psychological or ideological reasons or because, as people, they are so full of hatred.

Somewhat hilariously while I was actually writing this, and I’d looked up several example of kills that were stupid economically, I was mining Ice and I got attacked by a well known pilot and her foul little group of < ahem > 'friends’

If you’re curious, here’s the kill mail:

I feel no shame or stupidity because I fly a pretty good Skiff set-up with high amount of EHP but when you’re hit simultaneously by 19 pilots most flying Amarr Coercer Destroyers and who, clearly, have a spy working for them in the system, whatever set up you have, there is very little that you can do about it.

Easy come, easy go - the fact is that, when I’m confronted by people like this, I feel no sense of anger, just a deep sadness and pity because they are so broken inside and yet they seemingly cannot recognise this in themselves.²

Either way, they will not win. I will not quit.

When I read @Chribba’s chapter in the book, “Internet Spaceships Are Serious Business - An EVE Online Reader”, entitled, “The Art of Selling Trust” it was a revelation to me and it remains a source of inspiration and strength. I think he’s a total hero and he’s definitely my EVE role model.

For years, I’ve tried to play the game as a good guy (just last night I was giving free stuff to newbies…) and I’ve always been told by the misanthropes and sociopaths that I’m doing it all wrong. I really struggled with this because the way that I play feels right to me - the only PvP I’ve ever done for example was during the Frigate Free for All.

The more vicious and nasty players are to me, the more I become steadfast in my desire and resolve to be a force for good in the game. The more they kill me, the more I will pick myself up, dust myself down and move on.

I will, never join the ganking side to become someone who blows up unarmed mining ships, delusionally telling themselves that this is some kind holy mission and they’re brave. They’re not.

Like graphene the more they hit me harder my resolve becomes.

To quote Ben Kenobi, “If you strike me down Darth, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.”

I will never give in to hatred or to the dark side.

I will always be a voice for positivity and hope in the game.

And even if I lose all my money, all my wealth and end up flying a starter ship worth a 100 ISK, I will, never, ever quit.


1 . For the record, at the time of the attack, I wasn’t AFK, I happened to be actually looking at the screen as they warped in en masse but they locked me from warping and with 19 of them there, there was nothing I could do.

I refuse to name the pilot who is the lead orchestrator of what happened. To do so would offer her some dignity which she does not deserve and oxygen to feed her insatiable ego. I’ve blocked her here and in the game because I’ve wish to read a defence of her tactics and her philosophy of hatred.

I’m sure that the haters here will take glee in ignoring this but if you do want to respond to this post I’d prefer you not to name her either. Thanks.

2 . Role playing, like acting requires people to draw upon elements of their personal psychology. Not my opinion but a matter of documented fact. If you want to be truly evil in EVE, consistently and for a sustained period, you need to have something in you to draw upon.

I prefer to live in the light.

Gankers are more than welcome to claim hell as theirs.



Not all ganker motivations are either profit or negatively motivated. They also do it just for fun, in a game that allows (and in many ways encourages) it.

Nice. Hope it works out.

Non-consensual pvp is and always has been a core part of “loss has meaning”. It’s in the game by design, not by the evilness of gankers.

There’s nothing evil about one playstyle anymore than any other.


You are so completely wrong about everything. You confuse me.

Greed is not a virtue.
Strip mining the environment for your own selfish wants is not what good guys do.


You have already begun the slide. The wall of text is indication.



Many people approach the game using the same models they have in real life - with similarly depressing outcomes.

CCP gave us an expansive universe, where we are free and immortal. People then choose to repeat mundane activities (such as mining) over-and-over for marginal rewards. People even go out of their way to join player-run corps where petty tyrants can make arbitrary rules and abuse their underlings.


Or maybe they’re just playing a role in EVE Online because it’s fun.

Foul? I’ve ganked with Aiko and the folks at Safety… They are a friendly bunch of helpful people.

The word you’re looking for is “scout”.

What? Do you feel the same way when someone shoots you in an FPS game or blows up your Command Center in StarCraft?


Good, keep doing that.

Good, keep doing that.

So Aiko doesn’t deserve human dignity because they… blew up your space boat pixels?

These elements exist in yourself, whether you want to admit to it or not.

But probably not.

Yes, yes they do.

I’m glad to see my coercers are being used to perform miracles such as this.


Since pseudo psychology is the name of the game let me do it
Ja Ja

In my analysis the gankers display a nom pathological and quite normal behavior , they are like kids playing with toys , the sound of the weapon and the bright explosions fill them with joy and thats very common in well adjusted human beings .

The carebears on the other hand show incurable masochistic tendencies, they like to be ganked , to the point of having sexual pleasure in it. Some say that the gankers are sociopaths and sadistic , and criticize the ganker on his moral values or pessoal characteristics .

In reality if the carebear really thought the gankers behavior is damnable they could easily deny the pleasure by using simple tactics like , shrugging it off, saying nothing , pretending to be afk. But they do this? Nein . Nein . Nein . They cry , Offend the ganker , in a futile pursuit of being offended back . They like the gank per se but they dream being called a pus#& or little a bit&% for maximum ecstasy. Unfortunately for them that occurrence is hyper rare and the max they get is being caled a ilegal miner or a bot aspirant which cause just a moderate trill .

Some other type of carebears display a clear case of Munchausen syndrome, while they really never suffer a lot of loses , and the kilboards show one or two ganked ships they exaggerate the number and pretend to be depressed or sick about the game to attract sympathy from other forum users .

I dont deny that maybe groups other than the carebears may sometimes display some twisted behavior but ill like to close remembering that eve online is not the only game in which that happens , take chess for example and that psico Magnus Carlsen who goes all around checkmating opponents that don’t stand a change and clearly know the game far less than he knows , wen he could offer a draw every game. Disgusting behavior


Yeah clearly, anyone that doesn’t want to be the predator and comes to this game knowing it’s reputation, must be either submissive or masochistic.

The only thing to decide for victims is - are they a sub or a do they just enjoy humiliation?

This post will probably be flagged, and rightly so. It’s just an example of the absurdity of psychoanalyzing any player based on playing a game within it’s rules and design.


You are playing the game the wrong way and the gankers are gently trying to nudge you back to true EVE gameplay: Destruction, the sole and only correct way to play EVE Online.
The Devs put these various activities in the game, mining, manufacturing, exploration… to attract suckers who become the right playstyle’s cannon fodder.
Don’t be a Sucker and stop what you’re doing, what you like to do and start playing EVE the right way: get into a ship, go hunt a capsuleer and destroy his ship using whatever means are at your disposal. That is the only correct way to play EVE and if you can’t afford or have skills for a t3 ship with all t2 modules then don’t undock because you’ll be the hunted.

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Oh dear, i keep my victims corpses, what a monster… I’m going to eat people at the next fan fest…


:rofl: Environmentalism in a game! These nuts are really everywhere guys!!


If you start to think someone is a spy please send us their name , we have plans for them :blush:

And well said to your post some good points and like someone said that hit a nerve, I could have wrote down the toxic pilots who would answer and been right .

Remember there are many decent pilots out there even the odd ganker but it’s always the toxic one’s who stand out .


Pfft: Code.

Which is why people should understand why people run solo, yet people flame them all the time.


First of all… You win Eve Online when you quit. So we actually all losers.
Secondly, making assumptions about why people do stuff, is a mostly destructive behavourial that will lead to chaos, no matter if it´s eve or real life. It could be a training fleet, it could be pure evil, it could be the fact that its somehow their system and they dont want anyone to mine there what so ever, so you´ll never know why.
Eve has many similarities with real life, so dont get pissed if anybody throws obstacles as you and you dont know why, keep up the good guy you have been, there are many ones like you. If everybody was like us, genuinely helping each other, Eve would not be Eve. It needs to be dangerous outside. Only within chaos you can develop yourself to your full potention. So be strong my friend…


That position has already been filled.
You messed up so don’t blame others for it. You messed up playing a game where gank-or-be-ganked is the crux of, thinking you could do this or that in a paper-thin ship is the delusion you are paying money for each month.
Nothing you do in this game matters. The only thing that matters in EVE is gank or be ganked. You agreed to that when you started playing, even if you didn’t know or was induced in error, it remains the fact and those gankers showed up to remind you of that.

Ganking might be mundane, but the rewards are invaluable.

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That should pretty much be a pop-up message in the tutorial, at the start, and also every time you log in, until you elect to turn it off. But of course, the truth would kill the crying game called EVE Online.

Luckily for CCP, a sucker is born every minute.

Slam dunk.


Hardest thing anyone will ever have to learn NOT to do, I’ve learned how to but always putting it into practice, harder then steel.

My default mode in RL in my years of experience in life is people often do the wrong thing against what’s in their own interest and often do what they think is in their interest but is the wrong choice.

It’s not to say people are dumb but like most people on the planet have never been taught to be stoic and rely on facts rather then what they feel (emotions).