Ganking and quitting

Because it’s not a game, it’s really a pain in the arse and paying $$$ for that is absolutely insane. Omega pilots who are not having fun PvPing and ganking are out of their mind.

I downloaded X4 yesterday and realized that’s the game I’d rather be playing. It has everything EVE has, does everything EVE does and have it and does it much better and without the toxicity to boot. I really had a fun time playing it.

I’m not waiting years to start having fun in a game so I don’t think I’m even going to log into EVE to collect the SP anymore. I’m going to uninstall and win.

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@Basil_Poledouris Can I have your stuff?

I am loving EVE at the moment.


Well, let me be the first to say, “can I have your stuff?”

For real though, I hope you have fun, no matter what game you play.

Also, nice name.


Of course you can, my friend. I’ll contract my starting frigate, two civilian afterburners and 150m3 of Veldspar right over to ya :grinning: Have fun, buddy.




I’ve always thought of myself as one of the ‘good guys’, but I suppose that in our own minds we each think that we are because acting in a manner that we admit is inconsistent with our own values isn’t a thing I think people would do.

To put a finer point on it, I never killed anyone the entire time I played Eve, nor did I have any intentions of changing that. I mined, scouted, and basically managed and distributed resources for other people to use. I helped newbies track down lost drones and MTUs, helped them recover from losses by running missions with them for a time or giving them just enough ship to do it themselves, depending on how much time I had to spend.

My experience, though, sounds like the exact opposite of yours. The gankers in my area respected me. I wouldn’t have put it past them to kill me if they could, but they were otherwise pleasant. They’d greet me on occasion, and I’d feel bad if I were docked up and AFK so that I couldn’t greet them in return.

In the dark underbelly of lowsec, some of the spoopy groups were actually fairly friendly to me and mine, even though I can assure you we were not particularly capable or numerous to present any real threat.

In my experience, what people like is someone who’s not selfish, who’s consistent in keeping their word, and who doesn’t knock or try to eradicate they way they play. In Eve, the people on the other side are your content. They’re who you interact with, and who you’re trying to beat or outplay, at least for a day.

I know Darth Vader’s got you really annoyed, but remember if you kill 'em then you’ll be unemployed.

Outside of blowing up my ship, Gankers and low-seccers have mostly been pleasant and they don’t tend to focus on beating me up or giving me a hard time. I was able to have and defend structures there, thanks to help from groups most would identify as ‘the bad guys’. I was judged more on my character than what I did.

Being nice and surviving in Eve was not that hard for me. Maybe that’s because I wanted to be nice to everyone by default, even if they play very differently from how I do, or would. The other players in Eve can’t hurt me, and I can go on caring about them as people no matter what they do in that universe. Some of them appreciated that, and I could tell that was the case by their choices and behavior, even if being an Eve badass dictated they could not say so aloud.


X4 has Walking in Station! :grinning:

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Another self-flagellating, ego-feeding thread by someone who fundamentally believes in the perpetration of “victimhood” in video games. Just reminding everyone that the OP is someone who places the act of taking someone’s game piece on the same moral ladder (even if one or two steps removed) as rape and murder.

Here’s what it all comes down to: these people will use the “sociopath” argument because it’s literally the only thing they can latch on to. The moment you start arguing against that argument, they win (even if it’s just a forum victory), because “trying to convince you that they’re not a sociopath is exactly something that a sociopath would do.”

But it’s not really an argument.

It’s not anything, actually. It’s just the expression of opinion, which is something their minds do automatically in order to rationalize away the sadness, anger, and grief that they feel after a loss event. The human mind employs many tricks like that, which allow us to get through the day without curling up in a corner somewhere, and thinking obsessively about the impending prospect of death.

Let them do it. Ignore it, and don’t argue against it. It’s internalized to them just like a religion would be. You’re not going to convince someone who believes in a god that that god doesn’t exist, and you’re not going to convince them that players who kill other players in video games aren’t necessarily bad people in real life. Gank them. And when they yell out something about “griefers” or “sociopaths,” tell them “so?” or “and?” They won’t be able to respond with anything substantial after that, because violence is an integral part of this game’s experience, and you don’t have to justify it to anyone but yourself.

When the debate moves on to another phase, such as when they say “well then the game needs to be changed to not allow sociopaths to derive a favorable experience from it!” you can pressure them to substantiate their viewpoint, which they won’t be able to do, because being a “sociopath” isn’t actually a criminal offense. At that point it becomes a matter of logic, which isn’t something these people are well-versed in, as is evident from their reliance on appealing to emotion.


Can anyone explain to me why people who don’t like PvP keep playing PvP games?


I’m going to eventually have to check out that game.

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Just don’t mine. Let other idiots do that. EVE is a Players-vs-Player game. If you’re not destroying other players’ ships you’re playing it wrong or, like me, don’t have the skills or ships to actually do it.
I won’t be playing EVE until I start PvPing so I’m staying Alpha until all the skills have topped up then I’ll train into a PvP ship, buy it and start playing EVE.
Meanwhile, while I wait to play, I’m staying docked up and learning all sorts of useful things.

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I really love, how playing the “bad guy” in a ROLEPLAYING game is seen as some form of anti-social behavior. Honestly, you people who cannot distinguish fantasy from reality, are the ones who need some help here. Yes, a game where you are flying around in a spaceship, while being an immortal clone is FANTASY!


So the trolls are out in force as of course they are when any miner dares to question anything.

If you’re expecting me to rise to the bait of your idiocy then have fun waiting because it’s simply not going to happen. Having said this some people have made articulate and salient points, so here’s some follow up on that.

Quite. Well said.

You’re absolutely right, and I’m happy to admit this. The difference is the choices that I choose to make.


Same here. I too believe in ethics and honour.

I’d also agree with you here.

No problem, I’ll message you in game.

Thanks, I appreciate that. And I was the same as you about the trolls who would creep out from their bridges.

I hang on to that as a truth. I know some throughly decent and amazing people in this game, people from null, low sec and high sec. I’ve even known the odd ganker here and there who has been pretty decent too. There truly is good and bad wherever you go.



EVE can be summed up to this: Destroy That Ship. It’s not sociopathy, it’s the proper gameplay in this game.
Take Conan Exiles for example. That game was made so players could virtually slay anyone they want and pretend to be a barbarian. EVE is not complicated, it was made so players can blow up ships.

And ^^that^^

Because they fool themselves ( or others have fooled them ) into thinking things that are simply not true.

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Careful, that sounds like the PvP-readyness fallacy* to me. You will never be ready for PvP if you do that! Start doing PvP right now.

*Does anyone have that link with ‘things to do in EVE’? I’m pretty sure the PvP-readyness fallacy was one of the ways that quickly lead to quitting EVE.


Why should everything be profitable, I do lots of things that cost me money but I do them because I enjoy them. Beyond that it’s a game that is all about competition and conflict so I don’t see an issue with it.

Having said that some folks just give off “bad vibes”. People who are so trollish or negative they just can’t behave themselves not on the forums nor in games. They’re the kind of people you want to avoid being friends with because they just always cause trouble, mostly for others.

The thing is they feed on reactions, again both on forums as in games, so just block and ignore them as much as possible. Certainly don’t make a thread like this because you just fed them and made yourself more of a target.


I’m not ready for PvP now :joy:

:rofl: Right, spend my time and money to be some other player’s content and part of his zKillboard, suuuure. NOT
I’ll PvP when I’ll at least have a chance to match the other guy’s dps, tank and intel and not before.
Gotta be nuts to throw away ships at a target that overpowers you by a factor of 10 :roll_eyes:

I may quit logging in if I see that I’m waiting for something I have no chance to get but then where’s the foul? I wouldn’t have lost any time or money plus I’d win EVE.

There are two things you need to do well in PvP. Character skills, but also skills as a player.

Go do PvP now with cheap ships, lose the lot of them to get to know the different aspects of PvP before you have the skills to fly something expensive.

Else you will have to lose a lot of those expensive ships to learn these player skills. It’s much cheaper to learn that in T1 ships and you can already do that now. :wink:

That chance comes much earlier than most people think. Especially, if you band together with other players. Of course, if you show hints of anti-social behavior and don’t talk nor create bonds with other players, then you should seek help so these sociopathic tendencies can be resolved.

(The final point is obviously a joke and people can play however they like, but that is literally this thread)