Gank Just For The Kill

So I’m fairly new to Eve Online,I’ve been playing for about 6 months now. I know about Ganking and “Don’t fly anything you can’t afford to lose”. My question is, why do gankers gank a 50 million isk ship in high sec. I understand a 500 million or more ship,but,come on. Is it ganking just for the kill? To get your characters name on the zkill boards? I’m completely confused. I got no bad will towards gankers or anything else in this game. I’m a big boy and if I don’t like it, I can quit. But, I do like. I just don’t understand the dynamics of ganking a 50,60,70 million isk ship that’s all.
Hope this comment/question doesn’t start a big dramatic thread. (I know some folks in this game are easily offended)
Anyway, I’d like to hear your responses…

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A lot do it just for the kicks, even if it does not make financial sense. Don’t let people getting a crossed hair bother you.


A gank ship can cost 1-2mil isk. If the loot you drop and the salvage from your wreck can be sold for more than that, they are making profit.

You also may have been doing something you shouldn’t have. Perhaps mining somewhere someone doesn’t want you to, or making and selling items someone doesn’t want you to.

The reasons for doing anything in this game are as varied as the players themselves. Ultimately, unless the person doing it tells you themselves, there isn’t much point in guessing why.

Instead focus on becoming more difficult to gank.


Oh no, it wasn’t me. I like to look at zkill boards and I noticed on there some of these ganked ships 50 -75 mil isk, being ganked. And the thing is, most of these lower value ships were being ganked by several ships. Not a 1-1 scenario,but, we’re talking 8 on 1. I just couldn’t wrap my mind around it. I guess maybe I might be too old…Here’s a for instance,

The only thing most miners are guilty of is flying an untanked Procurer or watching Netflix.

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Why don’t you just ask him? We can’t read his mind.

OP’s an LSG alt.
This is a troll thread.


Codes favorite things to gank

  1. mining ships
  2. freighters
  3. blinged mission runners
  4. autopiloted ships particularly shuttles

I’m not sure what an LSG alt is,but,believe me, I’m no TROLL. I just couldn’t understand, why.

I just thought I might get some insight from more experienced players.

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Then why do you not ask the one you are asking about directly?

Like I posted, I was just looking at the zkill boards and was curious, THAT’S ALL!

Yes, but why did you not ask the one who actually created the kills?
You say you’re being curious, which is fine, but why do you not ask him ? :slight_smile:

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I really didn’t think about it. I THOUGHT that’s what the forums were for. To ask questions. My bad. I won’t post anymore in the forums.


Nowhere did I say you can’t ask here.
The question was why you didn’t ask him! :slight_smile:

Now that I’m into this, I believe you actually should send him a mail asking,
pointing at this thread, and ask him to respond. Or if it’s okay if you post his answer.

Then we all know. :slight_smile:

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Solstice is just asking a question. He’s not trying to force you off the forums. He would like to know why it is it had not occurred to you to ask, or why it might be that you did not want to ask, the person who generated the kill.

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Reminds me of a funny scene with Black Pedro.

Iirc we were talking about industrials we’d need to have things produced and he asked himself “loudly” in private chat what we could do to find one, while I was already typing in local asking around if someone might be interested in a job.

Flabbergasted, he posted “or … just ask!”.

It’s always funny how this most obvious thing to do doesn’t occur to people. :slight_smile:

I think it’s the lack of vocal tonality. If one is used to questions asked with a genuine interest in the answer, that’s what they’ll read. If people are used to questions asked with an accusatory tone, then they will interpret the question as a rebuke.

Forums can be harsh places, and it’s easy to misunderstand folk without the verbal tones we’re used to. It takes a little extra patience and empathy that can be in short supply on the internet.


It’s called emotional prosody. : D

Without it, the brain fills in the blanks, which also means that the person’s interpretation of the text reveals information about the person itself. :slight_smile:

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You do it for the salty tears and potential hatemail, nothing warms my heart more than when a gank victim cries <3

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