What’s the point of ganking people? Like obviously there’s the bragging rights to scoring a huge kill. Plus I’m sure you can occasionally hit a bounty lottery if someone has some large bounty on their head. Also I’m sure it’s just fun. But is ganking a reliable source of income? Is it just to loot whatever may be in their cargo hold plus salvaging their ship? Or is there something else to it? Like I know the first 3 reasons are enough for people to enjoy doing it. And that’s plenty reason for it. But I’m curious in finding out what I want my career to be. I know I wanna pursue combat with some exploration thrown in. So far all I’ve done is mostly belt ratting and missions running. So I want to know how you can make money from a combat specialization, and what’s the most lucrative way to go about it. Ganking seems to be huge part of Eve so there’s gotta be a money aspect to it. I’m just not sure what it is? How do you use a combat focused character to make the most money possible. What activity is going to be a good mixture of fun and efficiency?

Some relevant info in the following thread.

I think of them gankings like an Eve version of an old Western movie train heist.

I like to find sites as well like rated and unrated complexes

Some of them are too hard for a new player to solo, so find someone who’s been around a while to help you out. You will eventually see what sites escalate and which don’t. You can also find sites just like you do with the probes. Relics are real good money too

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Yeah lol. I got crushed in a combat site the other day. Wasn’t expecting it to be that hard. I watched the DED vids on youtube and people make it look so easy.

Also, I’m no stranger to exploration. I actually just transferred my Astero to my new character from my previous exploration based character. This isn’t my first character. I just haven’t played this game in quite a while. And I never really got far. I think it’s cause I always played solo. And tried to do everything instead of focusing on one or two things. But I always come back. Something about Eve makes me want to like it. But I’ve done exploration before and I know there’s good money in it. It’s just tiring after a while.

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Also, that post is about High-Sec ganking. It had some info. Just not what my question is. Like I understand there’s money in it. I just don’t get where it’s coming from,

Is it raiding your kills cargo? If so, how do you know what they have and if it’s worth your time/effort?

Is it waiting on people with large bounties?

Is it Salvaging their wrecks?

Like which part of the ganking is process is going to give you money that you can steady count on? All of these things seem more like a lottery. And that’s even if you win. There’s always the chance you’ll end up going from the ganker to the ganked. And if you sink a 60 million isk ship plus all your expensive modules. That’s gonna eat any profit right up.

Ok. By ganking I assumed you meant suicide ganking, i.e. something that can only happen in higsec. The word “ganking” is mostly used in this context.

But yes, most value is from looting the target. For suicide ganking, one possible strategy could be using ship scanners to check the cargohold of haulers before destroying them.

Other tactics of forcing non-consensual PvP could be gate camping, ratter hunting or explorer hunting. All of those have different tactics to pull off. All mostly have in common, that the profit is made from securing the loot of the targets.

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The money comes from the loot. You need a three account setup minimum. One char is scanning every passing hauler for cargo and fit a jump out. If it’s worth ganking, the second char kills the hauler on the incoming gate, and the third scoops the loot.

You can technically gank every 15min, in a busy pipe you may get a target every 30min to 1h. I’m not ganking myself but knew a ganker (he is not playing anymore) with a profitable business like that.

This is only one setup, there are more. Another is bumping, ransoming, and scam dueling freighter pilots.

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There are modules that allow you to scan other people’s cargo and see what they are carrying. You can put that into evepraisal and it will tell you exactly how much the cargo is worth.

Some people use t1 haulers like iterons with full cargo capacity fit and haul billions.

If you know who to hit and how to hit, it can be very lucrative.

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If you suicide gank in highsec, you really can’t lose any money, unless you are doing it wrong. You will lose a ship, of course. But there is a character named James 315, who is something of a suicide ganking enthusiast, and he has set up a clever crowdfunding system to finance suicide ganks. Send him your loss mails and he will reimburse you for the value of your ship, more or less. Check out for full details.

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