Ganking in high sec - basic basics of this career

Hi, I am new player. I am interested in being a pirate/ganker and have fun from generally pvp in EVE (now I am only pve player and miner). I have a couple of problems and lot of question.

First thing is I don’t know how to find system without sentry guns, CONCORD near the stargate or station and other NPC ships, structures which can shut down me after firing weapons. I would prefer hunting in highsec or eventually lowsec in systems with big amount of players jumping in/out per hour. I tried to attack a corvete or capsule few times in different systems (like Uedama 0.5) and every time I was destroyed within 1 or 2 seconds after shooting to target. I wasn’t killed by other players but by Caldari Sentry Gun and CONCORD. I know I should lock target, shoot and warp out but near gates there are ALWAYS something that can kill me immidately with no chance to escape.

And first question: where should I gank to avoid getting destroyed and have time (few second for warp) to escape from place?

My second problem is looting cargo of destroyed ship. After attacking Venture, Ibis with few milions ISK worth cargohold I need to warp to another place in solar system to run away from CONCORD. I don’t have any time to steal anything from cargo (i mean time needed to approach wreck, loot and warp away) so I have to left cargo flying in space. I can propably go back after few minutes, but someone can steal items from wreck.

Second question: how to deal with it while playing solo?

And next thing. I know EVE is pvp online game and almost everything is easier with another people helping you. In this game there are many corporations, gangs, aliances. Mining, trading, logistic corporations connecting players with similar goals. Ganking solo is much harder than doing it in group of 5, 10, 20 or more ships. I would be happy to find other players who like me are “wanna-be-gankers” or experienced veterans of this art. If you know any corpo which train people like me and introducing them to pvp (from highsec solo ganking to big battles in nullsec) tell me about it.
Also if you are looking for someone to play with and hunt in space together - just lest me know!

Question number three: what corporation (polish would be best, I am not very good at english) could I join to learn being ganker/pirate from other players?

And please don’t be agressive, angry at me for wanting to fight against other people. EVE Online is pvp game with many possibilities, many ways for making ISK and spending time. You can be miner and harvest resources on belts all day, can be industrialist and make things, craft items for sell you can be soldier of aliance taking part in wars in nullsec or being pirate and it is the same OK! I know many people hate them but it is legal and normal style of playing. So help me if you can and if you have any… moral doubts just leave this post. Remember I am new player and want to enjoy the game learning it.

So there are no gates or NPC stations in highsec without sentry guns (and see below for that bit about warping).

So the place to gank to avoid those, is other locations. If starting out in ganking as a solo player, ganking in asteroid belts provides you a grid space that has no sentry guns.

Sentry guns do 176 DPS of omni-damage (equal damage across all resist types) and there are between 2-6 on grid at gates and stations, so you won’t last long there if ganking solo.

Another option is to join Safety. or a similar ganking group and then gank as part of a fleet. However, if you are first interested in solo ganking, looking in belts and anomalies is your best place to learn.

It won’t be profitable at all solo ganking in belts, but you’ll gain skills.

In your ship you can’t do this. Once you go criminal you are no longer able to warp, so there is no avoiding CONCORD (and that would be an exploit anyway even if you could).

CONCORD won’t pod you, so you can only warp while criminal if/once you are in a pod and have already been CONCORDed.

The only real way to deal with that is to have a second account (and possibly a third).

As a gank character you can’t really loot anything. Your wreck will be blue to everyone, even if you loot anything before being killed by CONCORD, anyone can then take it from your wreck if it drops.

If you have a second account however, that isn’t a gank alt, then that can loot from the gank targets wreck, noting that it will go suspect in the process, so can also be shot at if there is anything else on grid (but in many belts in highsec, you can loot and go suspect and most of the time never be shot at, but there is risk in it).

That’s where a third character comes in, where you can use the third character to move loot to your loot ship that has a fleet hangar, and then the character holding the loot won’t be suspect.

However, obviously adding characters, all of which need to be on Omega accounts, adds subscription cost, so really at that point, you might want to be targeting ships that can be profitable, which is hard solo.

Joining a group will make it easier in that case.

Novus Ordo.

Check the ganked list on zkill and look at the Corps that are regularly ganking:

Not sure about dedicated Polish language groups that gank.

All the best.


There is a large community of gankers that can help you out. has some instructive tutorials.


Join the channel: Why Was I Ganked?


… or you can just go to space where Concord and faction police don’t punish you. Lowsec space, Tama for example is where non-stop PvP happens. If you don‘t like to deal with gate guns, then Nullsec, Pochven, wormholes.

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But then this cannot be regarded as ganking. After all, ganking involves destroying a target at the expense of your own ship in high sec space.

I might be wrong but ganking I believe is gang killing, which is happening everywhere but highsec while suicide ganking is the opposite.


In this game I think it’s easiest to just label attacks in hi-sec that result in the loss of the attacking ships to CONCORD as ganking. That’s the act that everyone is always referring to when they start new forum threads daily. Everything else is just PvP. If we start referring to groups attacking a smaller group or single player as ganking then it will lose all meaning, as that is almost every instance of pvp in eve.

For every other game you may be correct, but for Eve, ganking is only in hisec. In low or nul, you just get dead. The reason is that if you use the standard MMO definition of a gank, most kills in eve would fall under that category. There is no fair fight in Eve and if one does happen, it was an accident or a prearranged fight.



[ gang kɘn ]


*the act of dunking

(in a video game) to kill a miner, especially a carebear or AFK whinebaby

-“They are ganking in Highsec - it’s time to go back to the null tutorial.”

-“I am not ganking, I’m just a blobbear.”

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Not gonna read the post, too long , good bedtime reading though. But if you want to enjoy a good gank, there are miners in the asteroid belts that would be grateful to you if you blew them up with a catalyst as mining is so boring, they simply want to die.

First rule of Gank Club You don’t talk Whinebaby

Also be sure to actually understand the rules and the underlying mechanics. Seems like there is a very large knowledge gap about the different types of engagements based on security.

Fly Reckless!

As i’m reading your explanation I can’t help but miss the good old days. What an absolute cluster F of clunky, immersion breaking mechanics.

Such a shame. No wonder everyone stopped playing this game.

I was just going to say ganking in high sec is not a career its an exploit. I get some situations one person should be able to kill another person but exploiting the alt system and delaying concord and general small ship vs battleship/capital ship imbalance is a problem. If I can’t do anything to small ship the small should should not be able do much to me.

look at code, they are exploiting, by drawing away concord.

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You already got this answered in the thread you made.

  1. It ain’t an exploit
  2. CCP said it ain’t one
  3. Cry moar :smiley:

Also yes, a large number of small ships can merk a single large one. Welcome to reality bruv :smiley:


Lies, show me where they say it is not an exploit, show me, instead of talking about it, show it.

Here is my proof

Committing a criminal act and delaying CONCORD response for an extended period.

Commonly involves leaving empty ships or drones in space that CONCORD focuses on before dealing with the attacker. This exploit is not limited to drones or ships and applies to any item or method which might be used to delay CONCORD.

It is also considered an exploit to commit a criminal act and prevent ship loss to CONCORD by any means.

Don’t feel bad, even the CCP GMs get confused about the concord pulling rules.

As of 12/01/2021 from a GM 'pulling’ CONCORD or defensive spawning of CONCORD is currently permitted

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A guy already posted the link. Please read it :smiley:

Your tears will be delicious btw :smiley:

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