So what are the benfits of hi-sec ganking?

(Muriel en Daire) #1

Someone please explain this to me.

For one, Concord will eventually get you (even in 0.5 space). You get a kill right tag. And whoever loots your wreck gets hit too. So where are the pluses in this?

(Maekchu) #2

There can be several.

The obvious one is profits. Ganking can be quite lucrative.

Other people do it for the role play. CODE is an example of a role play group that uses ganking as their main driver.

Some people just do it for shits and giggles. There doesn’t need to be a plus to do. If it can be done, some people might choose to do it just because.

(Muriel en Daire) #3

Im assuming to do this correctly you would need a number of alts to launder the goods?

(Maekchu) #4

If by launder, you mean someone having to pick up the loot then yes. You need either alts or friends.

(Muriel en Daire) #5

Thanks for the info.

(Uriel the Flame) #6

You don’t get sec hit nor standing hit nor anything for looting, you become suspect for 15 mins, that’s it.

(Muriel en Daire) #7

So you loot then hide out for 15min?

(Eric Kalfren) #8

It definitely creates demand - the blown up stuff on both sides

(Uriel the Flame) #9

Yes. You can also switch to another alt if there are so much stuff to steal that it warrants using one. You can have as many alpha alts as you want.

(Solonius Rex) #10

This isnt real life, where you need to launder the goods in order to make them re-sellable. Any loot from a ganked ship is immediately sellable to the market by anyone. There is no in-game mechanism that detects whether an item was dropped during an illegal act, or whether it was obtained or crafted through legal means.

So when you gank a ship, there is a (Some people say) 50% chance of each item being dropped. Sometimes its a small, cheap item. Sometimes its an item worth several billion isk.

If you ganked a guy in a T1 Hauler who was hauling 10 billion isk worth of goods, with a ship that cost only 20 million isk, and you ganked him and used an alt to scoop up the 5 billion that was dropped, isnt that a huge plus? You just spent 20 million isk, and ended up with 5 billion.

Thats one benefit.

Other than that, there are people who do this to make hisec a better place. They are called CODE, and they work tirelessly, sacrificing themselves to make EVE online a better game for everyone. They receive their own reward, which is the knowledge that theyve made the game better.

Thats another benefit.

(Muriel en Daire) #11

Im intrigued.

Thanks for the education. I think Im going to be looking into this a little more.

(Do Little) #12

Gankers generally work in teams - there will be scouts that scan potential targets a few systems out, there may be a “bumper” to pin the chosen victim down until the gank fleet arrives and there will be haulers to loot the field. There may be decoys to move CONCORD out of position and give the gank fleet an extra shot. It can be a very sophisticated operation and it can be very lucrative.

Ganking is an important component of the Eve economy. Roughly 70% of players live in highsec and 7 of the top 10 regions for destruction are in empire space. Without that destruction, there would be a lot less demand for industrial products!