Gank Just For The Kill

Because , some people are in need of a special kind of adrenaline, the murder type, and popping a ship that’s supposed to piloted by another human being, simply provides them with that easy fix.

Some may use it as a cause argument about their very likely poor sexlife IRL, but I personally prefer not to go down that road.



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While i’d prefer juicier targets, even a 1 day old alpha Heron do the trick when there’s nothing else. That’s why i don’t blame smartbombing titans when they pop my hound, i just understand them.

butt-hurt detected.

butt hurt. their sex life. get it?

i suck at these puns. :frowning:


Short version: I gank rudely named characters, because of their names.

The whole enchilada: When I started playing EVE, I didn’t know anyone who played. I spent about a year learning the game, moving from social group to social group. I didn’t find anywhere I fit exactly, and I got to thinking about this.

I decided I needed an “enemy”, and that once I figured out who my “enemy” was…I’d find a social group.

Finding an enemy, lol, was “difficult”. I get along with people for the most part, so there weren’t any obvious enemies; but, I did notice that when I would jump into a system and scan local, I would frown over rudely named characters. You know, those names that you can report to CCP and CCP yanks the name, and the character gets labelled Gallente Citizen #_____. That kind of rude.

And then it hit me. Rudely named characters would be my “enemy”. I see no reason to report rudely characters to CCP, I mean this is EVE Online, a game, people can name their characters whatever they want. But!

There would be consequences!

So, I learned to gank, :smile:

I have an alt gank team and war dec crew just for that purpose. The war dec crew takes down rudely named structures.

And I have a wonderful time.

I want to thank every player who created a character with a rude name, you guys made my game, :smile: .

Isk plays no part in my decision making process as to who to gank or not. I gank other players solely based on their own choices.

It is cause, and effect.


I made this same argument on Reddit and it was met with hate. No one cares apparently. They rather have more freedom to be honest. But my point is that wealth is so high that ganks and suicides can be purely for fun. That’s a huge problem.

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this game is not new gamers friendly - thats its why ccp have such crepy numbers of players.
they are to stupid to realize this so dont even try to do about it, and adept or die - this is eve.

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Inquiring minds want to know!

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CODE ganked a miner. It’s kinda what they do.

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Here is a writeup I did on Suicide Ganking awhile back.

The mechanics have not changed much and the reasons have not changed much either.


The salt mine is open.


I can see why you received negative feedback.

Ganking is as much part of the game as anyother pvp or even pve like mining and missioning. Doing it for fun is perfectly fine and couldn’t be further from ‘a huge problem’.

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A PvP game that some play purely for the PvP aspect? :thinking:

Furthermore they play a game purely for… fun?! :open_mouth:

I think an exterminatus might be warranted seeing this much blasphemy. /s

And just to not pass on the opportunity: Them having fun is a huge problem for you? :stuck_out_tongue:



OP’s still a troll and this is just a trollthread. :slight_smile:

it also has no meaningful impact, these people here simply hate minorities.


Well I do have just come out of a really bad case of hemorrhoids, so yea, my butt bled and hurt.

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Holy ■■■■! hahahahahah xD

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One thing I do when moving a longer stretch is check out pilots/corps in local. Some PvP groups actually require that you bring a certain number of kills before they’ll accept you, and they rarely specify any ship type or cash worth. So a shuttle, rookie ship or basic frigate is just fine, and if you manage to get the pod too that’s two kills for the price of one CONCORDED ship!

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What about 10 50mil ships? Just curious.

Everything you need to know can be found here:

The biggest tip I can offer to help you understand is to let go of everything you’ve learned from other games. Attitudes from other games do not apply to EVE. :sparkling_heart:


I read your blog on Ganking. It really gives a lot of insight on Ganking. Great website, by the way. Full of info.