Gank Just For The Kill

(Plec Beddelver) #41

I read your blog on Ganking. It really gives a lot of insight on Ganking. Great website, by the way. Full of info.

(Plec Beddelver) #42

Makes sense to me. Thanks for the insight.

(Galaxy Pig) #43

We’re here to help. :slight_smile:

(Plec Beddelver) #44

AHA!!! Because Concord is so fast to respond, hence the need for several ships to participate against the one…That turned on the light for me. Great article. Thanks

(Plec Beddelver) #45

Thanks for the insights. I know to some of you, it seems like common sense. Aside from playing my kids Nintendo,years ago, this is the first time I’ve ever played a game like Eve. So, thanks again for the information on ganking and education about posting in the forums.

(Uriel the Flame) #46

When you have time you might try some strategy games like Civilization V and VI or city builders / industry simulators / manager games, they really help “forcing” your brain to get used to analytical thinking, without the boring atmosphere of being in a “learning” environment, you just develop mental skills while having fun. :bulb:

(Plec Beddelver) #47

Thanks, I think I will check around and see other games. I’m now retired and I thought this would be better than taking up golf. And I really enjoy Eve , I just can’t wrap my head around some of the dynamics.

(Qia Kare) #48

Many, many players of Eve will help you if you show a willingness to learn, even players who shoot at you.

For as much grief as we like to give them, the PvP crowd rarely turns away a player asking for education on mechanics or tactics, even if it is seemingly in their best interests to keep you ignorant. If you don’t meltdown at a loss and try to take it out on them with a verbal tirade, people I’ve encountered are only too happy to help you do better next time after they’ve exploded you. Sometimes you don’t even need to ask.

(Galaxy Pig) #49

Welcome to the mean MMO for grownups! :smiley:

(Aiko Danuja) #50

We gank on principle. If you fail to obtain a permit, then you are not legally permitted to pilot a spaceship in New Order territory. Isk is irrelevant. The only that matters is whether or not you have a permit.

(Lfod Shi) #51

There’s nothing to it. Someone out there wants to blow you up. If you cross paths, they will try to do just that. You have three options. 1) Blow them up first. 2) Fit your ship to survive their attempt. 3) Don’t be there when the fight starts.

My favorite if #3. I really like being sneaky… plus I’m terrible at PvP combat.

(Jonah Gravenstein) #52

^^ I too like #3

I remember a pearl of wisdom that you dropped on us long ago.

The ratting itself is PvE. Getting away with it is PvP

(Ho Ma Fan) #53

actually yes…
fun at another person’s expense is not cool. That’s why we want to eliminate non-consensual PvP in Hisec.

it’s a sick F#ck that gets evermore enjoyment the more his victim suffers…

(Uriel the Flame) #54

@Ho_Ma_Fan You really need to learn the difference between game (fiction) and reality. The only sick (and toxic) person here is you who take a game all too seriously, at the expense of others who just play it as intended. This is a PvP game, you give consent the moment you install the game. :facepalm:

Here’s an advice for you and people like you:

(Ho Ma Fan) #55

I’m light enough, Mr Flame; thanks.

I just don’t want to engage in non-consensual PvP - and WHO says that I “give consent the moment install the game”?

There’s plenty of areas in the game that logically infer consent upon entry.

Highsec should realistically not be one of those areas and there should be severe consequences, as in RL, for harming the innocent.

\Merely looking to make the game evermore realistic.

(Qia Kare) #56

Eve is sold on the premise of being a PvP game, not unlike Battlefield in that players shooting players is an expectation. It does not have to happen, but it is the design intention and people who are well informed will decide whether to play Eve based on the reasonable expectation that they can shoot people.

Eve goes some extra distance to provide non-combat things to do, and I don’t go so far as to expect that every person who plays Eve will want to fire on other players in a direct confrontation. I do expect, though, that people who play Eve accept that being able to shoot things is a fundamental requirement for the game to meet its premise, and that some of the time they’ll be the ones shot.

Not every interaction I’ve had with others in Eve has been good. Sometimes it’s been pretty rotten, and I’ve fumed over it for a while. Usually, though, it’s just people playing a game, and sometimes I’m the loser in a contest of skill. I lose ships sometimes, but people don’t try to wring tears out of me when I do. Sometimes people tell me what my mistake was, and I try to do better next time. At least half the people trying to kill me want to help me afterwards. The only reason they wouldn’t is if I decided to give them salt, in which case I would be the toxic player.

Eve is a dark world, but the people in it are just fine if you treat them well. Treat them badly and you reap what you sow.

(Arthur Aihaken) #57

As a PvP game, EVE sucks for the average player.

(Lfod Shi) #58

The game says that. It’s kinda the whole point of EVE.

(Jonah Gravenstein) #59

CCP say so. As do the golden rules of Eve

Eve is a PvP game. Just as with any other PvP game your consent is implied by the very fact that you’re playing it.

Here’s a couple of extracts from the New Player FAQ.

In EVE Online, any player may attack any other player if they choose to, no matter where they happen to be. This is because EVE Online is essentially a PvP (Player versus Player) game at its core.

The essential core concept of EVE Online is that it is full time PvP in a sandbox enviroment.

(Daichi Yamato) #60

What you dislike is what eve is built around.

Hisec is still pvp space. Would you try to remove pvp from a dota match? Or fortnight?

The sickness is you joining a game that you hate and wanting it to change its core principles to suit you.