Ganking and quitting

Ganking is part of Eve - No where is safe. It’s part of what makes Eve interesting and it should remain, though agreeably it is far too easy in high-sec. The consequences upon the ganker are less than they should be.

There are two simple solutions - increase the security status cost for high-sec aggression dramatically or make all of Eve null-sec. I’d be fine with either. This current implementation of the “middle-way” is the problem.


I’m training up an alpha alt to start doing FW to gain some basic experience. Only once I have some sort of an idea on how it works will I start PVPing on Xanth.

There’s a difference between “waiting for skills” because you have starter SP and really need to get more fitting or cap skills to actually fly your ship and “waiting for skills” because you “only” have 40 mil SP and you’re not maxed out yet.

I agree. The first option is OK. But if you wait until you can fly T2 with lvl5 skills you will never be ready for PvP. If by the time you may have those skills (and haven’t quit the game yet), you still cannot fly your ship and lose a lot more ISK when you try to pvp.

First, there are no “cheap” ships unless you’re talking about starter ships. Every other ship costs something either in time or money and “cheap” is subjective. 2mil could be cheap to you but it isn’t to me.
Second, I won’t learn anything by watching my screen, powerless, while I’m webbed into place and my ship is hit like a piñata.
Third, I’d rather lose a well-fitted t2 or t3 ship when hunting down a target and giving a good fight.
Sitting in a POS ship that cost me 50mil and waiting to be hamstrung and having to like it… Nope, ain’t never gonna happen.

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It’ll come when It’ll come and not a minute before.

With If’s I can put Paris in a bottle… So far, no one, not one person in-game has talked to me, no pm, no message nothing and if I make the first step then I’d automatically be suspicious. But that doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. Bottom line is: I’m not undocking until I have all the skills for t3 ships and those juicy modules unlocked ( the ones that actually DO something )

The true sociopaths are people who force people like me to engage with a corrupt, violent and amoral society.

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Having looked at the killmail, this is just a bunch of people playing the antagonists to your protagonist story. They are known to be heavy on the RP side and you have voiced several times about your “virtue”. This is literally what the game is all about. Player stories.

I mean, we even have a glorified paper weight all about that.

So how are you going to react to this act of violence from these fanatic defenders of the code? Will you stand up to the princess and seek revenge?

In this discussions, I always ask, do you play chess? A famous war simulation where it’s all about beating the other, with strategy and violence.

If you undock in EvE you are basically on a giant chess board.



Those are going to be expensive killmails to teach you pvp basics that you could also learn in a ship worth 2M ISK.

Have you tried taking the first step yourself? I wanted to learn how fleet PvP worked and after I got the basics in EVE I applied to one of the big newbie-friendly null corps. In addition to always having people around to fleet up with, I’ve learned a lot there about pvp. Not much about solo pvp though, but I’m sure there are corps for that too.

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These two couldn’t be further apart.

Belts are respawned. Then so are the minerals. Then so are the ships.

So no one loses anything in eve, except time.

Says the guy calling people sociopathic. For playing a game…

The career missions don’t hide that it’s a harsh game.

It’s people that don’t read the text.

It offends their fragile sensibilities.

It’s not enough that they have their space and way of life, and you have yours. They must get into your space, change your way of life to suit theirs and then eventually have you kicked out.

Says the guy calling people trolls for daring to question him.

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I don’t know if you know, but for a considerable portion of society, the answer to all of those questions is a resounding “yes,” so much so that there were (and are) significant political and social movements to “address” this “issue” with people literally marching in the streets by the thousands to try to get games (and also to some extent movies, books, etc.) censored and/or banned. Maybe the situation isn’t quite as bad as it was during the Jack Thompson era, but it still exists. These days it has taken on a slightly different vibe, however, as they’re now attacking media on the basis of being “oppressive” (to women, minorities, etc.) instead of “corrupting to children.”

You’ll never have that chance. Your attitude has ensured that you will never be successful in PvP later on without making a significant effort to reprogram yourself and completely change your attitude. You’re wasting your formative period in the game by building up a terrible attitude, instead of using this opportunity to incrementally build a tolerance to risk and loss.

What’s going to happen is that in a year or two, when you can fly that nice T3 ship with the elite modules, and you undock it thinking “finally! time to go kick some ass!”, you’re going to run into someone like me, and as that first volley is hitting your ship and 80% of your shields are gone in one hit, the smile will disappear, and you’re going to start making incoherent groaning noises and shaking like a heroin addict during a withdrawal. And after the experience is over 37 seconds later, and you’ve gone to the bathroom to take care of your now-upset stomach, you’re going to think about how that didn’t feel great at all, and you’re probably not going to do that again. This will sour your mood for 2-3 days as you keep mentally going over what happened, trying to rationalize it away, and ultimately come to terms with it by remembering the accumulated EVE wealth that you still have left, and how it justifies you still being in the game.

But the cringe moment will stay with you forever.


you have to love these “trollable” threads. For the OP, mining in space can get you killed. That is EVE. Ganking, however occurs when anyone finds it fun to see things blow up whether it makes economic sense or not. The devotion to zkill also promotes ganking of anything that flies. I respect tactical killing for profit but have disdain for ganking for zikill totals. my opinion. such as it may be.
I do with CCP could find a way to invuln new players against player attacks while they are still running the tutorials.
(meaning they are on an active tutorial mission)

Already bannable offence.

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I won’t learn nothing in a piece of sh- ship with modules that don’t do anything. I’m not worried about losing ships, that’s the game, but I won’t be the chump getting ganked in a mining barge or hauler because I would’ve thought all careers in EVE are viable. Quite the contrary. The only play in EVE is to destroy the other guy’s ship before they destroy yours and I won’t be able to even start doing that in weak ships with few skills. That’s tantamount to spending time and money for the other guy’s benefit. I want to play EVE for my fun not the other guy’s and that means losing a bunch of expensive to learn to hunt and destroy then at least I’ll have fun doing it.

No. I’m asocial and I don’t want to be on Discord and I don’t want to be begging for company and don’t want to be looked upon with suspicion as “the new guy” and I don’t want drama in my games. Maybe not all valid reasons for many but valid enough for me not to take the first step.

Nothing wrong with playing solo!

You’re not yet aware of all the things you could learn when you try pvp in cheap pvp ships.

On the matter of non-pvp ships: all careers are viable, but they aren’t all interesting for everyone. You don’t have to mine if you dislike mining and don’t have to fly haulers if you don’t want to. There are good alternatives to either of those.

But, if you want to do well in PvP you really need to get out there eventually and start losing ships until you learn how not to die.

:rofl: That sounds pretty bad. Thank you for telling me what will happen now so I don’t waste that two years waiting for something that won’t make a difference. Since that’s the case I don’t see why I should even keep logging in. Time to move on to another game I guess.

I’m downloading it right now.

Thank you all for convincing me that EVE just isn’t the game for me.

Farewell o/

The experience and exposure to PvP is no different in a 3 mil frigate compared to a 300 mil t2 cruiser. Before you can do well you first have to get basic experience, might as well keep it cheap.

It’s just basic logic, I’m going to get experience using an alpha alt where I fully expect to die 98% of the time and I’m fine with that. To me it’s like buying experience and I’ll try to buy that at the lowest cost possible.

once a new player accepts a mission and either inadvertantly leaves the “rookie” system or flies to a market hub. they die. perhaps, instead of an invuln, they get a notice that they are about to leave “training space” might be the answer

By the way, all of this talk about “learning” by “throwing cheap ships around for practice” is a load of rubbish too. This will only help you develop some mechanical skills. True learning entails an immediate exposure to actual risk, and necessitates actual strategic/tactical/critical thinking. You have to have something on the line right away, and fight to win instead of fighting for the sake of fighting.

I’m not sure I believe this, is not most of the above a chat between Alts?

On the off-chance someone is being serious, then some of you need to do a little research into PvP in Eve, and some methods of getting into it. Last time I checked, the Isk-Tank and the SP-Tank weren’t working, and I’m not even sure the Tech2+Minimum tank ever worked.

You can have a PvP viable character in about 700 000 SP, or with not much more work one with T2 Racial guns on DAY 1 with the referral scheme. (Both Alphas too.)

There are a range of corps that will train even new players with new toons into PvP at very little risk/loss to the new player but a Green/Red killboard. :smiley: Adrenaline based training works even in a Video Game.

I’m not on much at the moment, but please feel free to message me here/in game and I’ll point in the right direction.

Frigate solo PvP is still where it’s at! :stuck_out_tongue: