Alpha clone suicide ganking - plague of EVE

Just seen a ‘great’ picture today:
5 capsules with similar names and crime status docking at station, than undock in stock coverttes, died from concord and warp off.
I’ve check zkillboard and…

~57k EHP Exhumer just died to ganker who drive 5 alpha clones on a dumb cheap 12 mil catalysts.
And related to their killboard - he’s repeating this all the time every day.
So what he’s punishment? 15 min crime status? Nice joke, CCP :rofl: :rofl: :man_facepalming:

Alphas should be banned from PvP in hi-sec. Cuz obviously nobody doin PvP in hi-sec, but current limitations give such people carte-blanche for mayhem without consequences.

A lot of mesures was offerd so i just repeat most popular again.

  • Block safety switch for alpha clones.
  • Add cumulative crime status timer.

You CCP doing so much updates in everything from industry to mining and ship rebalance but cant make such simple change for years…


Firstly, banning alphas from pvp impacts everyone, even those that play perfectly within the rules, including those for example, that might need to defend a war. Why do they deserve that?

Secondly, how do you know they are alpha gankers?

Thirdly, if you know they are alpha, did you report them (or just come here to whine in the forum)?


young entrepreneurs


War isnt free PVP, when you can attack anyone at your will.

How i know?
Simple. Who will pay a monthly omega fee to 5 accounts to gank people in hisec?
Right, nobody. And why it ever needed if T2 blaster catalyst prefectly applies to alpha?

even nowadays that is trash you can get a fight in 5 minutes in a LS plex
imagine coordinating this ■■■■ to gank a useless HS miner
thats why i never did that

Because if you don’t want to be banned, you don’t go around the rules. Multiple accounts aren’t allowed under the EULA if even one character is on an alpha account, to login.

If you want to do so within the rules, then the characters need to be Omega.

There is certainly something simple, yes.

So no evidence? Just a flawed, illogical argument so you can come and cry in the forum instead (and not for the first time).

Defend in a war, not be the attacker. How do alphas take part in defence under your stupid whine suggestion?


There was a legit ways to bypass this.
Anyway, it could be different players.

I mean only free PVP, not duels or wars.

No. There are ways around the restriction on the client. None of them are legitimate under the EULA if a single player is controlling the characters.

So not:

Which is it? One player or multiple.

If multiple, you still want to punish a group of players that must then be clearly playing the game within the rules and in line with what EVE is about and allows, just to make the game safer for others?

Duels cost nothing. They are “free pvp”.

Please don’t give CCP anymore bad Ideas. :rofl:


I just want fair game.
When you kill 300 mil ship with 12 mil ship and only punishment you get for this - 15 min crime status, it’s stupid.

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Go play a different one then. EVE doesn’t represent itself as fair.

However, every player can make the same choices. It is fair in that sense. There’s lots that anyone can do to avoid being ganked. Ganks cull the weak, lazy and incompetent and the game shouldn’t be made easier for for them. They should just get better at it.


They cost your acceptance.
By War - you given right to shoot your contender.

This is not actually free PvP

eve is not fair dude
do you think the feral boomerang kid survived that long because it was fair
hell no
he was a bad ass



There are 2 parties in a duel. One has to make the offer. It costs them nothing.

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And other can reject it.
CCP even add auto-reject in setting. If you didnt know :smirk:

Yes, I’m aware of how the game works.

You don’t seem to be able to put either a solid argument for what you want alphas to be able to do or not; and certainly haven’t provided any evidence that alpha ganking is a problem.

From the look of it, you are arguing to limit alpha gameplay, because of what Omega characters are doing.



This dun be a good trolly thread


Alphas already a lot of limitation.
Why not 1 more?
Alpha clones is not for free ganking in the end.
But it become such role because of CCP ignoring

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