Alpha suicide gank bot fleet

(Dragon Boy2) #1

Lost my occetor from a 20 ish man alpha clone fleet, the issue is they were all bots same name same picture. I’m not complaining about suicide gankers but they should at least need teamwork and not be able to be done with one person and 20 bots just feels wrong

(Foggy Bernstein) #2

Your one acct against his twenty accts. Who’s side do you think CCP will back up?

(Dragon Boy2) #3

I pay so hopefully my omega account, instead of 20alpha clones

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(Foggy Bernstein) #4

Last I checked, you can’t log in twenty alphas at the same time.

If that’s what’s happening, you have a case. But it’s more likely he’s running twenty omegas for an SP farm and ganking things to pass the time.

(Dragon Boy2) #5

VM you can run as many alphas as you like, just need a good computer

(Phat Phreddy) #6

Let’s see the kill mail.

(slobo slobovitch) #7

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(ISD Sakimura) #8

No, if an Alpha account is logged in it will not allow any more logins. Even if you manage to login with them it is a bannable offense.

(Black Pedro) #9

Alpha clones can’t fly the stealth bombers that were used to kill your DST:

These were Omega accounts used by a multiboxing ganker. You can watch how he does it here:

But to your point, why should pirates need to fly in massive fleets while haulers don’t need any teamwork at all? Forget the fact most fly solo, many of them don’t even seem to be at the keyboard at all!

(Drx Drx) #10

His loss is on the first page of occator losses on zkill.

Characters that are in bombers are omega because alphas cant use bombers, the rest could be alphas, we will never know.

If that is one person multiboxing then the question remains how he managed to activate guns on all those characters at the same time.

Could you explain pls how he does it cos i dont wanna watch that crap?

(Black Pedro) #11

It’s a minute. Just watch it.

He plays the game with his Eve clients arranged in a cascading fashion. The modules and guns on the ships are pre-activated and he fleetwarps them onto the target, then goes through the windows locking the target with a single click. He can get through his 20 clients. in less than 8 seconds it seems.

I’ll quote the text from his Twitch channel, but if you want to know anything more you will actually have to lift a finger.

Jason Kusion

Hello friends, I’m Jason Kusion of the CODE. alliance.

I have been playing Eve since Feb. 2014 and have spent more than a year with CODE. Recently I began running 12 accounts to gank everything in highsec from miners to freighters. I hope you enjoy the explosions!

I do not use isboxer or any other third party program to manage windows, commands, or other input. The cascade of windows and custom hotkeys is all I have done to enable me to control 24 accounts at once. What you see is what you get!


How Many accounts is that!?
20 are typically DPS and 4 running various support roles.

How can you pay for all of those accounts? Are they Omega?
I stopped training new skills on most of my characters a long time ago and they all skill extract to cover plex costs. Yes they are Omega.

What is the scanner tool and where can I get it?
The scanner tool you might see just runs my clipboard through evepraisal and displays the results in an easy-to-read format. I will get a link for it eventually…

What are your PC specs?
i7 8700k, heated
1080 Ti
32GB RAM, heated

What a loser, why don’t you get a life?
I manage to work full-time, maintain a healthy relationship, and kill more spaceships than your entire alliance. My life is plenty full right now.

(Dragon Boy2) #12
(Daoden) #13

Sorry to say but he isn’t a bot, just efficient enough to run them all

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(Dragon Boy2) #14

■■■■ good for him then just seemed fishy to me they were all the same avatar and name flying t1 destroyers

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(Gerard Amatin) #15

Bots are throwaway accounts though, since they get banned often. The effort this guy has done to have multiple characters with exactly the same avatar and almost the same names is a givaway that he’s probably not a bot, even before you start investigating in who the guy is and how he plays.

If I were to create a lot of bots, the last thing I would do is to give them all the same names so CCP could ban them all at once.

(Xuxe Xu) #16

Kusion strikes again.
Same “family” name, but not all the same name.
Very similar portraits, but not exactly the same.

So OP - Now that you know your attackers were neither alphas nor “bots”, how do you feel?

(Dragon Boy2) #17

Fine didn’t loose much, only brought it to the forms because I thought they were bots. At least that guys is getting his moneys worth. Seems to be having a lot of fun

(Solonius Rex) #18

You could always join him. Then you could go on the forums and see someone else accuse you of being a bot, and have fun with them.

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(Xuxe Xu) #19

Good, glad you’re ok.
I was actually kind of wondering if you were going to admit you were mistaken… I know it’s the forums…but it could happen…it’s technically possible, anyway…

Do you not feel you are getting your money’s worth?

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(Dragon Boy2) #20

I’m just glad he got me on my way to Jita and not on my way back